‘Never say never. I’ll get them together’: Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy has promised Real Steel 2 will have Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

Since the dawn of OTT platforms, it feels like the way we consume our entertainment has completely changed. Cinema visits dropped dramatically after the Covid-19 pandemic, and OTT platforms grabbed the wide range of audiences to watch any movie from the comfort of their homes. These days, more and more people prefer to wait for movies to arrive on OTT platforms rather than going to the cinema to experience them. While this may have led to a drop in viewership, it has also helped the industry in more ways than one.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds with director Shawn Levy at The Adam Project premiere
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds with director Shawn Levy at The Adam Project first

One example is the resurgence of old movies that were released a long time ago, which new viewers can now enjoy more easily. One such example is Hugh Jackman’s 2011 blockbuster and fan favorite Real steel.

In an interview with Shawn Levy, the film’s director free guy and the next MCU movie Dead Pool 3the sudden resurgence in popularity of real steel encouraged him to do the sequel real steeland this time he promised to cast Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman in the film!

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in Real Steel 2!

After Netflix popularized the OTT entertainment model, there were many instances where people witnessed the resurgence of long-forgotten movies. These types of instances have become commonplace and have also helped the industry rejuvenate films that may have failed to catch the public’s attention. With the recent resurgence of real steel on Netflix, director Shawn Levy showed interest in a potential sequel.

Hugh Jackman FandomMovies
Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds

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During an interview with ComicBook, Levy talked about his next film free guy, which starred Ryan Reynolds. During that conversation, he also acknowledged the attention fans were giving to his previous project with Hugh Jackman. He said that with such an amount of positive response from the public thanks to Netflix’s absence, he was considering the sequel to real steelwhich he promised would reunite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, both of whom have worked with the director in the past.

“Well, I’ll say this, Hugh and I definitely feel, we never stopped feeling the love for Real Steel, and it’s almost like the volume has turned up. Hugh and I were literally together last week to talk about it so I would never ever say on that a sequel for Real Steal Plus I’m friends with Hugh I’m friends with Ryan I’m gonna get them together Whether it’s in Real Steel or some other movie, I will be directing these two amazing guys and dear friends in a movie together.

Well, it seems Shawn Levy is a man of his word. Without real news of a Real Steel 2 in the media we have the next Dead Pool 3 looking forward to Levy delivering on his promise to unite Reynolds and Jackman on the next cinematic release!

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are ready for Deadpool 3!

Ryan Reynolds wanted Deadpool 3 with Hugh Jackman
Wanted Ryan Reynolds Dead Pool 3 With Hugh Jackman

As confirmed by Marvel Studios, Reynold’s Deadpool is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the upcoming Dead Pool 3, and he brings with him a friend with adamantine claws. Hugh Jackman returns to reprise his role as Logan, aka The Wolverine in the film and has promised fans are ready for a wild ride with Deadpool and Wolverine sharing the same screen.

Shawn Levy said he would bring them together, and he did, but not in the way he imagined. But hey, no one complains about it, do they?

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Dead Pool 3 in theaters November 8, 2024.

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