Ryan Reynolds wants Taylor Swift in Deadpool 3

The return of Hugh Jackman like Wolverine did Ryan Reynolds Dead Pool 3 one of the most anticipated films to date. Fans can’t wait to see him now that they know he’ll be in it. Following Logan in 2017, it was announced last month that Jackman will once again play Wolverine in Reynolds’ Deadpool 3.

While Jackman’s return is obviously a big deal, there’s another rumor going around about a significant appearance in the upcoming movie. Many rumors of a cameo in the film centered on Taylor Swift, well known for her friendship with Ryan Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively.

In a recent interview, Ryan talked about the upcoming movie and whether Taylor will appear in it.

I would do anything for this woman

Ryan-Reynolds and Taylor-Swift

Ryan-Reynolds and Taylor-Swift

The Deadpool actor expressed his excitement about working with the Grammy Award-winning singer when asked about it. Reynolds said, “Are you kidding me?” I would do anything for this woman. “He’s a genius.” Unfortunately, even if the Deadpool actor would like to see the legendary singer in the film, it seems unlikely.

Taylor Swift’s Easter Egg

Taylor Swift in Too Good

Taylor Swift in Too Good

Swift’s involvement in Deadpool 3 has been rumored ever since Reynolds released the movie’s teaser video. As observant viewers noticed, the video was shot in the same area as Swift’s “All Too Well: The Short Film.” Many people saw this as a sign that the pop star would appear, but Reynolds denied those claims. “Our house would be that setting if we were to shoot the next Deadpool movie there,” he said.

Ryan opens up about his kids’ relationship with Taylor Swift

Ryan and Taylor Swift's children

Ryan and Taylor Swift’s children

Reynolds opened up about his daughters’ friendship with Taylor, who is known to be close to his wife Blake. The actor said his kids enjoyed Taylor’s songs and explained how they initially thought of her as “just, you know, like an aunt, like a friend to mom and dad who’s very, very close, almost like family”. The actor explained that his kids thought Swift’s singing was just a favorite pastime until they saw her perform live and realized she was a big star.

Ryan also talked about Taylor’s recent album, Midnights, which was a huge hit and is now topping the charts. The actor also revealed plans to host a dance party for Taylor Swift’s “Midnights” with his family.

Shawn Levy, who previously collaborated with Reynolds on the action comedy Free Guy, will be directing Deadpool 3. The long-awaited return of Hugh Jackman as the legendary Wolverine will also be featured in the highly anticipated film. Reynolds said, “We just had to sell it to Kevin Feige, which didn’t take long, and the next thing you know, we’re there.”

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