Deadpool 3 Could Potentially Set Up Mister Fantastic As Kang’s Descendant With John Krasinski’s Future In Doubt

Phase 4 of the MCU was an earth-shattering foray mirroring the potential excitement of Phases 5 and 6. Amidst the chaotic ending with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and the beginning of the multiverse saga, Dead Pool 3 makes a subtle but explosive announcement with its accompanying X-Men and Wolverine entry. Even as Marvel prepares full steam ahead for the tumultuous event to come, theories abound as to the potential repercussions of what the future holds for fandom and in-universe characters.

Ioan Gruffud
Ioan Gruffud

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MCU Plans To Introduce Kang’s Descendant Into Dead Pool 3

Gone are the days of Easter eggs and simplistic cameos. Given that the MCU has grown into a fully-fledged multiversal universe exploring multiple possibilities, often within the span of a single character’s story, it’s no surprise to assume that every project here can include dimensional tours. parallels, altering stories, erasing worlds. , and a cobweb of interconnected narratives within groups of superheroes. One such band that has now come under microscopic scrutiny is Fantastic Four.

Entering the infamous superhero team has been a matter of ‘when’ rather than ‘how’ ever since Marvel tied the Infinity Saga storyline together. The “how” has been clarified since Kevin Feige intends to pick up the F4 story mid-narrative without going into the already established original arc. The “when” is a little trickier given the multi-dimensional facets that now play into the MCU’s world-building. And there’s a theory that a multiversal variant of the group leader, Mister Fantastic, is likely to be introduced who also has a family connection to one of the future variants of Kang.

Dead Pool 3
Ioan Gruffudd’s Mister Fantastic Is Rumored to Return Dead Pool 3

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So far, we’ve seen many iconic portrayals of Reed Richards on screen, including Ioan Gruffudd, Miles Teller, and the newest and shortest-lived of them all, John Krasinski. Although the latter contributed more to Doctor Strange 2Krasinski’s star power and ensemble cast, Krasinski’s short-lived role also embodied enough sparkle to make him even more of a fan favorite than he already was. The MCU fandom then quickly jumped on the bandwagon to call for Krasinski’s return and while it’s been a far-fetched dream, Marvel might have something else in the works.

Why is the Reed Richards variant essential in Secret Wars Bow?

Recent rumors suggest that one of the actors from Mister Fantastic, aka Ioan Gruffudd, could return to take up the mantle from Reed Richards once again in Dead Pool 3, Not less. The Phase 6 movie that’s already making waves for being the first to officially transition from Foxverse to the MCU is once again finding a place among the headlines to hint at the possibility of a multiversal crossover. If Ioan Gruffudd actually goes to the sets of Dead Pool 3the film will be an MCU x Foxverse x Fantastic Four mega event of the century.

Kang and Reed Richards' Family History Collides in Multiversal War
Kang and Reed Richards’ Family History Collide in Multiversal War

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But in getting into the intricacies of this theory, it would also be important to understand why Phase 6 would bring a variant of Reed Richard who also has a connection to Kang into the mainstream narrative just before the MCU’s launch. The Fantastic Four. In the comics, Mister Fantastic has a family connection to the Conqueror. A variant of Kang who lived on 31st century Earth (and was also a scientist) discovered the multiple universes stacked on top of his own and, having eventually encountered all of his variants, gave way to multiversal warfare. This 31st century variant of Kang, namely Nathaniel Richards, happens to be a direct descendant of Reed Richards.

Considering that a multiversal war with Kang the Conqueror at its center is brewing in the MCU and that the Fantastic Four will soon land, it would make sense that a variant of Mister Fantastic could play a vital role in lighting the first fuse in the future. war.

Dead Pool 3 premieres on November 8, 2024.

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