‘It’s cynical gambling to shut down licensed products’: Marvel reportedly focused on major X-Men characters swapped across races and genders, will entice fans with fox characters at first

Ever since Disney acquired the rights for the X-Men, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has gradually brought mutants into the fold. After briefly teasing Kamala Khan’s mutant gene in Ms. MarvelMarvel Studios has now openly revealed that Namor in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is also a mutant.

A poster of the X-Men

Not only that but Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness saw a variation of Professor X from the Fox Verse as well. Now that Deadpool and Wolverine are returning to the franchise, the path of mutants being part of the MCU has been firmly set. Rumors have already started circulating about which characters might appear in future projects, indicating that the MCU might make some changes here and there.

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Marvel Might Change Race And Gender Of Mutants In X-Men

There have been some rumors that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is focusing more on race-swapping certain mutants in order to show more diversity in the characters. They would focus on changing major mutants rather than minor mutants to create a bigger impact on the audience. While as standard the franchise makes merchandise based on the projects that would come out, some made and in-progress toys have been seen to have different races.

X-Men in the comics

You could say that Marvel could use already existing mutants to attract audiences only to then switch them to these new versions. This bait would be handy for studios to then bring X-Men fans to the MCU, only for more diverse and inclusive characters to be represented later on.

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Marvel’s plans to attract audiences

The source added that the purpose of character/actor baiting is to market the characters, which Disney is interested in. We talk about “jobbing” in professional wrestling when a big, established figure who is gaining popularity is used to promote, market, or at the very least make a new character that wrestling promotion wants to push more digestible. In the future, expect this to become even more evident.

X-Men on a comic book cover

Fans may therefore need to be prepared for more bait and switch in the ongoing MCU story. They also appear to be aimed at increasing the representation of LGBTQ people in the X-Men franchise. It seems that the title “X-Men”, which drew criticism for the use of the word “Men”, has not changed yet.

There have also been hints of gender swapping in order to create some form of balance between what could be commercially successful and accepted by fans. Disney and Marvel have recently taken major roles in diversity and equality that they previously lacked, and perhaps this X-Men rumor could be a result of that as well.

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