The world lost a hero today: Legendary Batman actor Kevin Conroy dies after battle with cancer

Kevin Conroy, the 66-year-old actor popular for portraying the DCAU superhero character Batman, sadly passed away on Thursday, November 10, after a brief battle with cancer.

The actor was the voice of Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, for over 20 long years. It started with the Warner Bros. animated series. in the 1990s, Batman: The Animated Series, and went on to star in numerous other DC animated projects, and even portrayed the superhero in an Arrowverse crossover titled Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy

News of Kevin Conroy’s death was confirmed by Diana Pershing, one of the actresses the premiere worked with. It’s truly a heartbreaking day, not just for DC fans but for people around the world as the world is robbed of one of the most talented artists of all time.

Kevin Conroy dies at 66 after battling cancer

Kevin Conroy, the actor who had perhaps one of the most significant imprints on the legacy of the Batman character, has died aged 66 from cancer. The tragic news of search tomorrow the star’s death has been shared and confirmed by Diana Pershing, the actress who voiced Poison Ivy in Batman: The Animated Series.

Pershing announced the news of her friend and co-star’s death on Facebook, noting that Conroy had “I have been sick for some time.

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Batman voice actor dies at 66
Batman voice actor dies at 66

“Very sad news: our beloved voice of Batman, Kevin Conroy, passed away yesterday. He was ill for a while but he really spent a lot of time cuddling up, much to the joy of all his fans. He will be sorely missed not only to the cast of the show, but also to its legion of fans around the world.”

Several other actors, including some of Conroys co-stars and colleagues, like the Batman: The Animated Series producer Paul Dini and Mark Hamill who played the Joker character opposite Conroy’s Batman, paid tribute to the duty tower actor and mourned his loss.

A Brief Look At Kevin Conroy’s Legacy As The Batman

After his role in the WB animated series in the 1990s, Conroy voiced the formidable character of the Dark Knight for at least 8 more television series and about 12 animated films. He has also played the role in various video games, including LEGO DC Super-Villains and the Arkham series.

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Conroy had a significant impact on Batman's legacy
Conroy had a significant impact on Batman’s legacy

Being the only Batman actor to be open about his homosexuality, Conroy had also posted a moving yet inspiring story titled Finding Batmanwhich is a deep narration of his experiences and struggles regarding his career, as well as a description of how the character of Batman has acted as a landmark not only in his professional life, but even in his personal aspects.

Conroy’s most recent, and sadly, his last stint as Batman was in the DC video game called MultiVersus.

Legend and visionary, Kevin Conroy was an irreplaceable performer and one of the most talented actors to ever take up the mantle of DC’s most famous superhero.

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