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A Tiny Home Christmas (TV Movie 2022) – Cast And Crew


In the main roles of A Tiny Home Christmas are interpreted respectively Rebecca Dalton, Christopher Seivright and Kent Sheridan. Fans can’t wait to see Rebecca in another Christmas movie this season.

Christmas is the perfect time to watch holiday movies, many of which are tied to this year’s holidays. Everyone’s hearts are warmed by the magic of Christmas and reminded of the importance of the holiday season after watching the movie.

It’s about spending time with your loved ones, celebrating the holidays, forgiving and forgetting past wrongs while you’re together. It’s about happiness and love, and one such tale is A Tiny Home Christmas, in which a young woman does her best to save the construction business her family owns while recovering. with an old boyfriend.

A little Christmas at home

A little Christmas at home

The cast of A Tiny Home Christmas (2022 TV movie)

During the holiday season, a film called Tiny Home Christmas will be made available for viewing. It tells the story of a young woman who wants to help her family survive their construction business by working on a pilot project in which she would build a home for the homeless.

Rebecca Dalton, Christopher Seivright, and Kent Sheridan will feature prominently in the film as important cast members. Kent, on the other hand, is a character who hasn’t been seen in any other Christmas movie before, unlike Rebecca and Christopher, who aren’t new faces in a Christmas movie.

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Rebecca Dalton as Blair Callahan

Rebecca Dalton

Rebecca Dalton

Rebecca Dalton has had roles in a number of Christmas-themed films, including ‘A Perfect Christmas’, ‘The Santa Squad’, ‘Christmas in Paris’ and ‘Christmas Wedding Planner’. Similarly, she was cast as a recurring character in the Hallmark-produced television series Good Witch. Additionally, she appeared as Tara in the show’s second season, which aired in 2015.

She continued from season to season in the same acting role. During the same year, she also landed a role in the TV movie Total Frat party as Katie Littleton. This role was also filmed the same year.

“The Santa Squad” and “Christmas in Paris” featured her in leading roles. His next big role will be that of Blair Callahan in the upcoming film A Tiny House Christmas. Blair is the woman who will team up with her ex-lover and former co-star of a popular home design reality show to create a tiny home for the needy over the holidays while saving the business from building his family.

Christopher Seivright as Mason Hayes

In the movie “Tiny Home Christmas,” Christopher Seivright will play Mason Hayes, who is Rebecca Dalton’s potential romantic interest. He is Blair’s ex-lover and they will work together to build a house for the homeless in the community. The fact that the incident happens during the holiday season, however, lends credence to the idea that the enchantment of the season is working in their favor as they rediscover their feelings for each other.

This isn’t the first time the actor has appeared in a movie centered around the Christmas season. He has appeared in films such as Northern Lights of Christmas, Planes and Trains of Christmas, and Christmas Trees. Private Eyes and Carter are two additional films in which he appeared as an actor.

Kent Sheridan will be seen as Jim Kalahan

Blair’s grandfather, Jim, is the one who tells her that the family might have to declare bankruptcy. However, the idea that her granddaughter should build a tiny house seems to be a beacon of hope for the family business and its current situation.

Sheridan has never appeared in a Christmas movie before, so this one will be a first for him. Suicide Squad, Georgetown, Mayday, Chesapeake Shores and Sugartime are some of the other works he has contributed to.

Other film actors

Josette Jorge, who will play the role of Quinn in the film; Kathy Maloney, who will play Mayor Maya Henry; Ann Pirvu, who will play Jenny Summers; Jim Annan, who will play Kirk; Ron Lea, who will play Mr. Adams; Tara Yelland, who will play Casey; Kim Wyatt, McKenzie, who will play Jared; and Jamie Spilchuk, who will play Scott, are some of the other actors who will appear in the film

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Where to watch A Tiny Home Christmas 2022?

According to the plot summary provided by IMDb, Blair reluctantly teams up with her ex-boyfriend and former co-star of a popular home design reality show in order to build a tiny house in time to that the holidays be given to the homeless population in his town. During this, the public will see her rekindle old embers.

Release date and time

The release date for Tiny Home Christmas is set for November 12, 2022. Christopher Giroux was in charge of production, and Bill Corcoran was the one in charge of directing. Nicely Entertainment is the name of the production and distribution company.

It has a different plot than a Tiny House Christmas

Kathleen Cannon as Harmony in A Tiny House Christmas in 2021

Kathleen Cannon as Harmony in A Tiny House Christmas in 2021

It’s the story of a young woman who is looking for work when suddenly she gets hired as an elf during the holiday season. She celebrates Christmas with a colleague, whose secret she discovers, in a tiny house just big enough for the two together. It was later revealed that his colleague was actually Santa’s nephew in real life.

The film was released the previous year and can be viewed on Amazon Prime Video. On IMDb, the film received a rating of 5.7 out of 10.

A Tiny Home Christmas cast list: Rebecca Dalton, Christopher Seivright and other movie stars UPtv

This brand new holiday movie, titled A Tiny Home Christmas, will make its world premiere on UPtv for the very first time this Saturday, November 12, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time (ET). The screenplay for the film was written by Allegra Newman and Kate Pragnell, and Bill Corcoran was assigned to direct it.

A Tiny Home Christmas features the work of Michel Bisson as the film’s cinematographer and Craig McConnell as the film’s composer. Christopher Giroux and Justin Rebelo are the two people responsible for producing the Christmas special.

The lead roles in the film are played by Rebecca Dalton, Christopher Seivright and Kent Sheridan respectively. A Tiny Home Christmas will soon be available on UPtv, so before that happens, let’s take a closer look at the main cast of the upcoming holiday special.

List of main actors for A Tiny Home Christmas explored ahead of its UPtv debut

Rebecca Dalton as Blair Callahan

The actress has garnered the most attention for her portrayal of pivotal characters such as Tara in the 2015 TV series Good Witch, and Emily in the gripping 2017 TV movie Christmas Wedding Planner, respectively. She has also appeared in the television programs Unnatural History and Spun Out, in addition to Good Witch, both of which she directed.

Additionally, Rebecca Dalton has had prominent roles in a number of well-known TV movies during her career. Some of these movies include My Babysitter’s a Vampire, A Perfect Christmas, Rocky Road, Total Frat Movie, The Santa Squad (also known as Santa’s Squad), and Lemonade Stand Romance.

In the upcoming film, “A Tiny Home Christmas,” the central role of Mason Hayes will be played by accomplished actor Christopher Seivright. It was his roles as Rudy Davis on the 2022 television series Take Note and Devon on the 2020 television series Latinas Wanted that earned him the most recognition.

Christopher Seivright has been part of a number of other well-known TV shows and movies including Carter, Beauty and the Beast, Northern Lights of Christmas, Private Eyes, Heroes Reborn, Single Ladies, Rookie Blue, Orphan Black, Being Productive . , Le Pont and a few others. He also starred in the films Beauty and the Beast and Christmas Aurora Borealis.

Christopher Seivright as Mason Hayes

In the upcoming Christmas movie to be aired on UPtv, Kent Sheridan, who is known for his work as a voiceover, theater artist and actor in film and television, will be seen portraying the central role of Jim Callahan.

He is well recognized for his performances as Bill Barker in the 1999 TV series Rescue Heroes, Donovan Wylie in the 2018 TV series Chesapeake Shores, and Steve Wilson in the 2021 TV movie Love Upstream.

Kent Sheridan as Jim Callahan

During his acting career, Kent Sheridan has appeared in a number of well-known TV movies, TV series, and movies. Some of these roles include Colors of Love, Mrs. America, Nightalk, Odd Squad, Suicide Squad, Designated Survivor, Murdoch Mysteries, The Path, Orphan Black, Ivy, and Nikita, among others.

A Tiny Home Christmas features an ensemble cast that also includes Kathy Northwood, Josette Jorge, Ron Lea, Jim Annan, Tara Yelland, Kym Wyatt McKenzie, Ann Pirvu and Jamie Spilchuk. In addition to Dalton, Seivright, and Sheridan, the cast also includes these people.

Here’s what UPtv describes as the “official summary” of its holiday special, “A Tiny Home Christmas”:

This Saturday, November 12, 2022, UPtv will air the first episode of its new holiday special, A Tiny Home Christmas.

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