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“Batman cooks our dinners!” : Kevin Conroy once lit up 9/11 survivors with his iconic Batman voice as fans mourn the legend’s passing at 66


The iconic Batman: The Animated Series The voice actor, Kevin Conroy, who was the voice of Batman for generations of fans, has died after a battle with cancer. He left a legacy and a huge number of heartbroken fans. Although he had no prior knowledge of comics, he fully understood the contrast between the Dark Knight and Bruce Wayne. While his Batman sounded brooding, his Bruce Wayne voice was light.

Kevin Conroy
Late Actor, Kevin Conroy

Since his passing, fans and people who were lucky enough to work with him have remembered the actor’s life. Many even remembered times in his life when he proved he was more than just an artist. One such instance was when Kevin Conroy volunteered at a food relief station after the unfortunate incident of 9/11.

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Kevin Conroy was more than an actor

Kevin Conroy
Kevin Conroy

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A Twitter user has shared a moment he remembers and loves from Kevin Conroy’s life. User posted a video of Conroy’s documentary I know that voice where he talked about his time working at a food relief station in Manhattan, just days after 9/11.

The consequences of September 11 were devastating, everyone knows that. So when citizens were asked to play their part and volunteer for the city’s turnaround, the late actor was quick to express his desire to help. When the volunteer line told him there was no longer a need for tunnelers or diggers, he volunteered to help feed the first responders and other volunteers.

He used all his cooking skills and whipped up meal after meal at Nino’s, a restaurant near the impact zone. In his documentary, he revealed how shocked people were to see Batman’s voice cooking their food.

We were preparing all these hundreds of meals. And this guy in the middle of the night, three nights later, says, ‘So my day job is I’m an architect, what’s your day job?’ And I’m like, “Well, I mostly do vocals.”

Conroy added that the moment those words left his mouth, the other guy happily exclaimed: “I knew it, you’re the guy who makes Batman! You are THAT Kevin Conroy! He then wasted no time and announced to the crowd that Batman was cooking their dinner. Well, let’s just say the crowd wasn’t that easy to please and couldn’t just believe that Batman was cooking for them. “Bulls**t!” Make him prove it! Voices came from the back of the room.

Of course, Conroy had no trouble proving to the crowd that he was, in fact, the legendary voice actor behind the Caped Crusader. From the kitchen, he used his dark, deep voice and exclaimed, “I am vengeful. I am the night. I am batman.” What followed was the crowd erupting in laughter and excitement, which was a rare sight at this location. The architect even gave Conroy the title Santa Claus.

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Kevin Conroy’s Batman Legacy

Batman The Animated Series DC TV shows ahead of its time
Batman: The Animated Series

Conroy’s friend at the Food Rescue Station was right to call him Santa Claus. After all, what he did with Batman was nothing short of a gift to the superhero’s fans. Batman is a household superhero name. Both children and adults are obsessed with him. It’s safe to say he’s the most popular superhero to be drawn and created, shaping pop culture.

While many have taken on the mantle of Batman over the years, Conroy’s contribution to the character is what has stood out to fans the most. People go so far as to claim that despite the character played onscreen, it’s really Conroy’s skills as a voice actor that take the cake.

His ability to differentiate his voice between Batman and Bruce Wayne has yet to be matched by any other. He knew the difference between the two was more than just a mask. His interview with The Hollywood Reporter in 2017 showed how passionate he was about playing Batman.

At first I said, “He’s the most famous and powerful guy in Gotham.” Are you telling me he’s just putting on a mask and no one knows it’s him? Seriously? There must be more to the disguise. My model for both voices was the 1930s film The Scarlet Pimpernel. I played Bruce Wayne as a sort of humorous playboy to counter Batman’s brooding nature.

Movies come and go, and so do actors playing Batman. One thing that remains constant, however, is the trademark and nostalgic voice given to the character by Conroy. His legacy will never be forgotten.

Source: Twitter

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