Deadpool 3 Reportedly Brings Back Chris Evans As Ryan Reynolds Plans Threequel Multiverse Storyline To Mark MCU Debut

With Hugh Jackman returning as Wolverine in the trio led by Ryan Reynolds, Dead Pool 3 is set to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and because the movie would be part of the Multiverse Saga, there seems to be tons of potential to bring back some characters.

Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in the Deadpool verse (2016-).
Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson in dead Pool verse (2016)

There have already been rumors of Owen Wilson’s Mobius and Jonathan Majors’ Kang the Conqueror in the third installment of the Deadpool franchise. And now another superhero character, that of Chris Evans’ Human Torch with the rest of his team members from 2005’s Fantastic Four, is reportedly set to return in Shawn Levy. Dead Pool 3.

While these are just rumors and no official word has been given about them, there’s really nothing to say after how the Logan actor dropped the comeback bombshell. of his mutant persona alongside Ryan Reynolds’ Wade Wilson in the film. Anything could be possible!

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Original Fantastic Four Team Rumored to Appear in Deadpool 3

Famous insider DanielRPK recently shared the rumors of the 2005 Fantastic Four team possibly going to Dead Pool 3via the Twitter account dedicated to delivering these major Deadpool-related updates.

According to the source, Ryan Reynolds has his eyes set on “revisiting other Fox franchises” in his next film, which will supposedly expand to include 2005’s iconic Fantastic Four team which includes Chris Evans as Human Torch, Michael Chiklis as Ben Grimm, Jessica Alba as Susan Storm and Ioan Gruffudd as Reed Richards.

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Fantastic Four FandomWire
The cast of The Fantastic Four (2005)

“Ryan Reynolds intends to revisit the other Fox franchises in DEADPOOL 3, including the original Fantastic Four from 2005.”

With Hugh Jackman’s Logan, aka Wolverine already confirmed to return to the big screens with his role in Dead Pool 3, the film could very well welcome other former Fox-owned characters who now fall under Marvel’s radar. The icing on the cake ? Kevin Feige previously confirmed that a The Fantastic Four the reboot is in progress and will be set in the MCU. While the star cast of the 2025 film has yet to be announced, it certainly looks like Marvel has some big opportunities to use in the future.

Additionally, earlier this year, Evans talked about seeing his Human Torch superhero persona as part of the MCU, and the Captain America: Civil War The star was all for the idea as he admitted he would be more than happy to see Human Torch introduced to Marvel.

All Character Cameos Supposed To Appear In Dead Pool 3

So far, the film’s official cast has expanded to include Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and Leslie Uggams’ character Blind Al, with no additional details about the remaining cast yet revealed. However, there have been all kinds of rumors and speculation about all of the superhero characters Reynolds’ antihero plans to host in deadpool 3, and that’s quite a list.

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Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are real-life best friends.
Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s characters are all set to appear in Dead Pool 3

Earlier rumors about Owen Wilson’s Mobius agent from Loki coming to the film were swirling on social media, followed by discussions about the series’ Time Variance Authority also joining Mobius. Some sources have also claimed that some mutant characters from the X-Men franchise may stumble upon Wolverine’s footsteps and appear in Dead Pool 3but like all the other rumors, these too are unexplained at present.

Besides the alleged introduction of new characters, it is also rumored that Zazie Beetz, the German actress who played the role of Domino in Deadpool 2 could reprise his role in the third part of the film.

And now it’s being said that Evans and his Fantastic Four team could lend the film their presence as well. The possibilities are limitless. But one thing is certain, Dead Pool 3 will definitely come back with a smash.

Dead Pool 3 is scheduled for November 8, 2024.

Source: DeadpoolUpdate on Twitter

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