‘We just don’t think DCAU would work without Kevin Conroy’: DC fans want WB to shut down DC Animation, Arkham Games in honor of iconic Batman actor

The world lost a gem recently when Kevin Conroy passed away. The voice actor had been the person behind the Caped Crusader since 1992 and was revered as the voice of Batman. The voice actor’s fans wept over the loss.

Kevin Conroy fans have taken to Twitter and pleaded for DC Studios to shut down their DC Animation Universe (DCAU) in honor of the late actor.

Kevin Conroy was the voice of Batman in the DCAU.
Kevin Conroy was the voice of Batman in the DCAU.

Kevin Conroy fans want the DCAU to shut down

After the voice actor’s death, people wept as they worshiped him. Hailed as the best Batman, Kevin Conroy has become etched in the voice acting hall for his contributions. Voice the character of Bruce Wayne since Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 and since then, every role of Bruce Wayne in the DCAU had been voiced by him.

Kevin Conroy as Batman in the DCAU.
Kevin Conroy is Batman in the DCAU.

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Fans took to Twitter and expressed their varied opinions on the legacy left by the late actor. Whether to continue the franchise without him or shut down the DCAU altogether has been questioned.

People sitting on the other end of the side claimed that this was the complete opposite of what Kevin Conroy wanted. Stating that the legacy must continue from the DC Animated Universe, people have found a way to respect Kevin Conroy in their own way.

The actor had worked extensively in a singular role spanning almost 3 decades. He was much loved and admired by people as he also voiced Batman in the Arkham Games.

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How Kevin Conroy impacted people’s lives

Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.
Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill.

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The actor had recently posted on Instagram about the first fights of his life in Hollywood since coming out as gay. After his release, the actor found peace voicing Batman as he could be a powerful vigilante fighting crime with violence due to witnessing his parents’ murder.

“It seemed to roar from thirty years of frustration, confusion, denial, love, desire…desire for what? An anchor, a port, a sense of security, a sense of identity. Yes, I can understand. This is the terrain that I know well. I felt Batman rise from deep within me. wrote the actor on his Instagram story.

Many celebrities and well-known people have offered their respects and tributes to the late actor, including Mark Hamill, who voiced the Joker in the 1990s. Representatives for Conroy have confirmed that the actor died on November 10, 2022 after battling cancer.

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