EntertainmentAndor hides a Jedi right before our eyes

Andor hides a Jedi right before our eyes


Andor was a pioneer in the Star Wars series. It grounded the franchise and made the stakes real and brutal. As such, this show has raised the deductible beyond what is possible. Over the course of 11 episodes, we’ve seen Easter eggs connecting the series to the larger Star Wars universe. But we haven’t seen a Jedi yet. However, if a new theory is to be believed, the series is hiding one in plain sight.

Andor has a Jedi operating all this time

Luther Rael

Luther Rael

A major theory going around the star wars fandom is that Luther Rael may be a Jedi. Many fans have noted that his retractable cane is reminiscent of a lightsaber. And he has Kyber Crystals, (one he considers of great personal value) which is one of the essential components of the aforementioned saber.

But it’s not just his affairs that have made fans suspicious of his past, it’s also his words. In episode 10, when asked about the sacrifice, he said:

“Quiet. Kindness, kinship. Loving. I have given up any chance of inner peace, I have made my mind a sunless space. I share my dreams with ghosts. I wake up every day with an equation that I wrote 15 years ago with only one conclusion: I’m damned for what I do. My anger, my ego, my reluctance to give in, my eagerness to fight, they have set out on a path from which there is no escape. I longed to be a savior against injustice without considering the cost, and the moment I looked down, there was no more ground under my feet.

It begins with particularly noble and selfless words instead of immediately reflecting on a normal life and family. So he looks within rather than without for that answer. And the first word that comes out of his mouth is “Calm”. It is a unique word that not everyone chooses. Moreover, he evokes emotion here, detached from any personal relevance. As such, it evokes a Jedi.

Additionally, phrases like “share my dreams with ghosts” and “damned for what I do” may be subtle references to Force ghosts and the Jedi Order’s belief of always walking the path of light. But he sacrifices his ideals by walking in enemy clothes and using his weapons. And that’s why the cost is so high for him.



Luther doesn’t come across as the kind of Jedi that we generally know– moral, ethical and held in high esteem. He seems to be more of a fallen Jedi doing the dirty work of tearing down the Empire. And there’s rarely anything more poetic in the Star Wars universe than a Jedi embracing the darkness to bring down the Empire. It is the perfect subversion that Andor excels at exploring and it is also a foil for the path chosen by Anakin Skywalker.

Some fans also noted that Kleya looked like a Padawan to Luthen. Possibly a youngster he rescued after Order 66. Their dynamic also makes sense if true. Kleya being ruthless in bringing down an empire that left her only a survivor and Luthen, an old Jedi, doing what needs to be done.

Another thing that lends validity to this theory is Luthen’s incredible piloting skills that we saw in Episode 11. His idea, planning, and smooth execution of it all make one think he may have used the help of the Force to do so.

Alternative fan theories for Luther Rael

Luthen Rael's ship with lasers/lightsabers

Luthen Rael’s ship with lasers/lightsabers

But not everyone agrees with this Jedi theory. Others think this fight is so personal to him because he may have lost a child who was a Jedi. And the Khyber crystals may belong to her child’s lightsaber. Others are of the opinion that he was not a Jedi, but a very high-ranking spy for the Republic.

But there is another theory that also makes sense. That Luthen Rael is actually an antiquarian extremely passionate about the history of the Jedi, the wars fought, the weapons used to fight them, etc. And all this accumulated knowledge gives him the power to be a badass.

This idea would also dovetail nicely with what Tony Gilroy, the mind behind the show, is apparently trying to say – that ordinary people find they too can become leaders when crushed under the Empire and forced to find a new version of themselves.

Which theory do you subscribe to? Let us know.

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