‘He bombarded me while I was peeing’

Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy have been friends since sharing the screen in the x-men franchise. Before the heavy use of CGI, actors had to apply good old paint to their bodies for real effect.

Jennifer Lawrence opened up about the struggles she faced playing Mystique in the x-men franchise and how McAvoy burst into his bathroom one day…with a BB gun.

Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy on The Graham Norton Show.
Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy on The Graham Norton Show.

When Jennifer Lawrence was flayed by James McAvoy

James McAvoy is known for playing the role of a young professor Charles Xavier in the x-men franchise. While Jennifer Lawrence portrayed the role of skin-changing Mystique. Thus, they were destined to meet.

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in the X-Men franchise.
Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in the X-Men franchise.

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After months and years of friendship, the duo appeared on The Graham Norton Show with Tom Holland. Jennifer Lawrence has revealed the hilarious situations she found herself in because of the makeup and costume that was applied to her. Not to mention how McAvoy used to add to the problems as the duo joked on the film sets of the x-men franchise,

The video begins with Graham Norton asking Lawrence about his experience of being “back in the blue”.

“While you were back in the blue, apparently they simplified the ‘bluing’ of you” said Graham Norton.

Jennifer Lawrence (being her) began her response with a sarcastic comment,

“Yeah, turns out they never had to do 8 hours of full body painting, ever. It’s like blue tights that go around my whole body. That I can’t sit down to pee. I can’t go to the bathroom. Like the guys who were told there “well, it’s a girl, she doesn’t go to the bathroom”

The hunger games The actress continued to talk about her travels in the bathroom and James McAvoy burst in and blasted her with a BB gun.

“So I pee standing up…into a funnel.” James McAvoy begins his side of the story with how he once barged in on Lawrence, “Actually, I broke in once. I burst into her bathroom with a BB gun as she tried to pee into a funnel.

Lawrence rang between laughing and saying,

“He bombarded me! It’s so hard to do because you have to stop while you’re peeing to let the rest die down. As if it were a whole scientific process. And so, I try really hard like there’s a lot going on, and then he bursts in and starts bombarding me”

Jennifer Lawrence is known as a fierce, confident and comfortable woman. The mention of this hilarious but embarrassing story speaks to his character.

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Jennifer Lawrence had taken a short break from Hollywood

Jennifer Lawrnece in Netflix's Don't Look Up (2021).
Jennifer Lawrence in Netflix’s Don’t Look Up (2021).

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After films with mixed reviews, the Passengers The actor felt dissatisfied with the films in which she starred. She took a short break from Hollywood and returned in 2021. Wanting to work with director Adam McKay since she was 19, she returned for Netflix. Don’t look up with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Although the film also received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, Jennifer Lawrence is back in action in Hollywood and will star in and produce a comedy film titled No strong emotions.

No strong emotions is slated for a June 16, 2023 release date.

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