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‘I don’t think kissing Henry could ever be gross’: Amy Adams wasn’t comfortable kissing her friend Henry Cavill, says there was no intimacy


DC Universe’s Lois Lane, Amy Adams, had entered Zack Snyder’s world alongside Henry Cavill as Superman’s partner in crime. As the two legendary comic book heroes raced to save the world, jumping from disaster to disaster, their portrayal in the SnyderVerse made them the ultimate, invincible power couple in the DCEU fandom.

However, behind the scenes, it wasn’t all sunshine and love between Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. As the couple grew closer over the years and became friends, what should have been an easy on-screen task turned into an obstacle while portraying Clark Kent and Lois Lane’s relationship.

Amy Adams as Lois Lane in SnyderVerse
Amy Adams as Lois Lane in SnyderVerse

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Amy Adams reveals her problems with intimacy scenes

The intimate scenes in any film advance the developmental arc of the protagonist(s) and give them the emotional boost needed to move their stories forward. Whether comforting someone after a devastating loss or embracing their on-screen partner, these scenes strive to bring out the raw emotions involved and show the human aspects of life that even the World’s strongest superhero has to cross occasionally.

By applying this narrative to the four-wall sets of a film shoot, the intimacy scenes then become very technical and it is then the job of the director or the intimacy coordinator to guide and push the actors towards a certain angle that would best capture the moment. through the lens of management. And that’s exactly what happened on the set of 2013 Steel man between Amy Adams and Henry Cavill. While answering a young fan’s question about whether it was magical or disgusting to kiss Cavill onscreen, the Sharp objects the actress says:

“I don’t think kissing Henry can ever be described as disgusting. I don’t want to cross a professional line but [it’s] certainly not disgusting. When you’re doing kissing scenes, it’s really one of those weird things because it’s so not intimate, but you have to convey a level of intimacy and there really isn’t any intimacy.

Superman and Lois in Man of Steel
Superman and Lois in Steel man

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The rationale then shatters the false illusion of two people falling in love that brings out the “aww” inducing moments whenever the screen pans to them and you realize the director is probably saying to one of them tilt your head slightly to the left in order to best frame the scene.

Amy Adams talks on-set technical details and Henry Cavill

Kevin James, Zack Snyder and Amy Adams find common ground while bickering and miming how directors and coordinators have actors pose at a certain angle while doing a particular scene. The latter reveals her frustration with the ironic fact that the intimate scenes that are supposed to be the easiest end up being the ones seen the most through a technical lens.

“It’s always so technical and it’s so weird because I worked with Henry and we became friends and now I have to kiss him and it’s like uh, okay… Well, at least it wasn’t the first scene we did because it happened to me too and it’s even weirder, you know.

Amy Adams in Zack Snyder's Justice League
Amy Adams in Zack Snyder Justice League

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Amy Adams would go on to portray Lois Lane in two more DCEU films – Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Even though the controlled demolition of the SnyderVerse resulted in the disappearance of Lois Lane and Superman from the DC Universe’s narrative, Henry Cavill’s recent reentry has brought the actress to the forefront of the narrative with her character as the reporter extraordinaire l was waiting. to return to the film in development, Man of steel 2.

Source: Henry Cavill Organization

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