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‘I Had More To Say About Karen’: Daredevil Star Deborah Ann Woll Upset As Marvel Hasn’t Officially Confirmed Her ‘Born Again’ Return Despite Series Going Into Production Soon


When talking about the best shows that Netflix has given to its audience, among Stranger Things, Lucifer, and the witcher, we often found the name of Charlie Cox’s daredevil among them. The Netflix Original was made in conjunction with Marvel Television and was one of the most successful shows the streaming giant has seen in terms of viewership and fandom, among other things. But one day, Netflix abruptly decided to end the series, which upset fans who wanted more from Matt Murdock.

Charlie Cox's Daredevil
by Charlie Cox daredevil

But when Marvel Studios brought the MCU to the smallest screen on their Disney+ OTT platform, they decided to bring the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen back to their series. Daredevil: Born Again with the original cast.

But it looks like Marvel Studios has another idea for some of the characters. In a recent interview on Inside You with Michael Rosenbaum podcast, via ScreenRant, actress Deborah Ann Woll revealed that the reboot did not cast her to play Karen Page from the original series.

Daredevil: Born Again Won’t Have Karen Page?

Charlie Cox Had One Of The Best Crime-Fighting Devil’s Vigilante Representations In Netflix daredevil, and fans loved this version of a superhero who lives in the shadows and works on the street level to solve crimes and bring down crime lords, something other Marvel Television shows have failed to do. not put emphasis. But when Netflix decided to cancel all Marvel Television shows on the platform, it felt bad to see it go.

Daredevil born again
Daredevil: Born Again

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But thankfully, Marvel Studios decided to step in and take over Marvel Television and bring it into the MCU, which meant the devil’s return to Daredevil: Born Again. Charlie Cox’s return to play the character was phenomenal news among fans, and fans were eager to see the cast again. But apparently a key character was still missing. Deborah Ann Woll’s Karen Page was an integral part of the show, but fans doubted she would return in the reboot, which she clarified in an interview. She says:

“I can say this: they haven’t called me yet. So for now, I’m not one of them. I would love to be part of it. They know where I am. Like I said, I love the character of Karen Page. I love telling this story. I feel like I have more to say. But it’s up to them to decide what kind of story they want to tell.

As it stands, the original series was not part of the MCU, which led fans to believe that there might be slight changes to the story, as well as the cast of the series, which which could result in the absence of some characters from the original. To display.

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What to expect from Daredevil: Born Again?

Daredevil and Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk.
Daredevil and Jennifer Walters in She-Hulk: Lawyer.

The incorporation of the future show is already underway. With the appearance of Kingpin Wilson Fisk in Hawk Eye, and Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in She-Hulk: lawyer, where we see Jennifer Walters and Matt Murdock spending a night of physical intimacy together, we can assume that all of these characters will have some sort of influence on the theme of the upcoming show. As for what the show would be based on, we can only guess what it will be and how it ties its events to the bigger picture of the MCU.

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Daredevil: born again, coming to Disney+ in 2024.

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