‘I have a massive crush on her’: Kathryn Hahn made Daniel Craig extremely uncomfortable as ‘WandaVision’ star passes out in front of James Bond actor’s wife Rachel Weisz during Knives Out 2

Kathryn Hahn’s understated brilliance recently got a much-needed boost after appearing on the Marvel x Disney+ series, Wanda Vision, as its main antagonist. A deceptively cunning witch, Hahn’s character stands out for her individual ability despite having limited screen time to work with, let alone build her villainous storyline. However, the Crimson Witch somehow outshines her co-stars in every frame and doles out evil in all her unchecked magnanimity.

As the Parks and recreation actress is gearing up to direct her own Agatha Harness project in the MCU, Kathryn Hahn is filling out her resume, meanwhile, with high-profile appearances like this in Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads.

Glass Onion: A Mystery at Daggers Drawn (2022)
Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads (2022)

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Kathryn Hahn’s debacle on Netflix sets Knives Out 2

Among the handful of projects certified good to release from Netflix each year, 2019 Knives out reigns as an eternal favourite. Beloved by all and honored as a heartwarming film by many, the ensemble film evokes the era of Christian whodunit narrative that manages to consistently pick up the pace with its wildly entertaining mayhem and signature eccentricities. The Dark Wood Mansion Mystery Movie, With Its Very Deserving Sequel – glass onion, is now on its merry way to theaters, and with it brings a second horde of ensemble cast, one of whom is MCU star Kathryn Hahn.

Kathryn Hahn in Knives Out 2
A still of Knives Out 2

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During her time on set while filming the Knives out sequel, Kathryn Hahn managed to stay true to her comedic nature to such an extent that it would have made the film’s detective protagonist, Daniel Craig, uncomfortable. Seeing him walk on set, Hahn recalls his very first reaction was – “Woah, I have such a crush on your wife – what am I going to tell you?”

Daniel Craig, the beloved 007 who immortalized the James Bond franchise by lifting it from its chauvinistic and misogynistic depths and giving it a long overdue makeover, has been married to The Mummy star, Rachel Weisz since 2011. And he was lucky on that occasion not to have encountered Kathryn Hahn’s schoolgirl infatuation with Weisz – thus saving the two parties from an unsettling encounter.

Rian Johnson tops his Netflix debut with Glass Onion

From the ingenious mind of Rian Johnson comes another masterpiece that somehow manages to rival his first murder mystery in its stunning visual and creative grandeur. Although Knives out had a closed room tension and a slow pace of unraveling, Glass Onion launches headlong into the drama of puzzling dilemmas and questionable psychotic tech billionaires as the famous cast navigates the plot in the sequel’s holiday-induced recreation.

Daniel Craig as Benedict White
Daniel Craig as Benedict White

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Amid the overarching architecture and mesmerizing Greek landscape, Daniel Craig’s lovable Southern gentleman detective, Benoit Blanc, navigates the plot with his cigar-smoking expertise as he arrives, along with the audience , to a conclusion on the central mystery of the film. And again, like the underlying themes of the first film of dubious morality, Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads highlights the directly proportional relationship between uncontrolled greed and the privilege of the wealthy.

Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads will premiere in theaters on November 23, 2022 and will arrive on Netflix on December 23, 2022.

Source: Variety

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