Souther Charm’s Madison Lecroy Marries Her Fiance Brett Randle 3 Days In Advance

The marriage between Madison Lecroy and Brett Randle has been finalized. On the other hand, the date they have chosen for their wedding ceremony is November 19, 2022.

On his Instagram account, Lecroy gave his followers a preview of who would be performing their wedding ceremony, which surprised many of his followers who had planned to see his wedding on Saturday. Even though she expressed her excitement for the wedding ceremony that will take place on November 19, her friends have already started congratulating her on the upcoming event.

madison lecroy

madison lecroy

Madison Lecroy and Brett Randle are a married couple

After getting engaged to Brett Randle in October last year, Madison Lecroy was spotted having fun at her bachelorette party in August. Just days before her wedding, she and her closest friends hit the beach. She had posted photos and stories from the event on her Instagram account.

According to an article published in an American magazine, the group visited the Da Conch Shack & Rum Bar, where LeCroy proudly displayed her impending bride-to-be status by wearing a white dress. During dinner, they took photos and Madison and her girlfriends danced to Kygo’s “Higher Love.” Madison wore a small veil over her hair for the occasion, and the song was played. By the time of the bachelorette party, it was clear that the wedding was not far away.

She previously told US Weekly when she announced her engagement that despite being married in the past, she had never had the opportunity to wear a wedding dress. , and that it was the first time she became married. She also mentioned that she would take her time as both of their families are quite large.

The two passionate parents have finally set their wedding date: November 19, 2022. On the other hand, it looks like the couple have completed the legal process to say “yes”, as the Southern Charm star gave a preview of his officiant on his Instagram account.

Unlike her boyfriend, who was dressed in a navy blue suit, she was spotted in a strapless white evening dress, matching veil and sunglasses. Along with the photo, Lecroy captioned it, “It’s the final countdown…19.11.22.” The couple were seen in the photo holding each other and kissing while sitting in a convertible automobile.

Her friends took to social media to praise her for her comments and, according to Page Six, her best friend, Erica Cain Missel, shared photos from an outdoor ceremony held in Charleston.

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Madison Lecroy and Brett Randle relationship timeline

Madison Lecroy was previously married to Josh Hughes, and the two are parents to a son named Hudson. She was only 20 when she married him, and at 25 they were no longer together. However, when her parents divorced, her child was only three years old. These days, he is nine years old.

After that, she was rumored to be dating Austen Kroll, but in December 2020, she ended their relationship. She said she was seeing a new person in April 2021, and after two months of dating that person, she went public with her relationship.

In June 2021, she posted some pictures of them on her social media accounts with the comment “Madhappy”. During the same month, she gave an interview to US Magazine in which she said that this relationship was the most adult he had had and that they had had adult conversations. She went on to say that they had discussed their future and were happy that the two had at least some idea of ​​the path they envisioned for their lives from now on.

She recounted with great enthusiasm how her son had noticed that she seemed happy while she was with him and how he had sent her flowers for Mother’s Day, claiming that they were from his son. She had previously stated that she would not mind remarrying and that she hoped the second time would turn out to be the charm and her marriage would be a success, unlike the one she had previously.

They had been seeing each other for seven months before Randle proposed. In October last year, the couple announced they were engaged. Lecroy also revealed that viewers of the Bravo reality series will get to see her boyfriend during the following ninth season. Even though filming hasn’t started yet, the hair guru said Randal tends to be more reserved than others.

She also mentioned that viewers couldn’t perceive any influence from her exes in the storyline she currently finds herself in. In addition to expressing her apprehension, she said she and Randal are worried that anything unfavorable will have an effect on what they have right now. .

Madison Lecroy and Brett Randle

Madison Lecroy and Brett Randle

Who is Brett Randle? 5 things to know about Madison LeCroy’s fiancé

“I’m thrilled to share the news that I recently got engaged!” the South Carolina native told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview on Wednesday, Oct. 13, while promoting her engagement with Amazon. “Oh my God. I’m beyond ecstatic and feel like I’ve tried to keep this to myself for a considerable amount of time, which is without a doubt one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

The beautician who did her hair at the time said she and her fiancé didn’t seem to be in a rush to get married.

“I had never even tried on a wedding dress before, despite the fact that I had been married in the past. I had not participated in any of these activities. She said with Us that “because it will be the first time I’m getting married, I’m going to take my time with everything.”[I] also have a large family, just like [he] Is. For this reason, we will probably limit the number of guests to less than a hundred, which will be difficult.

On the Amazon Live show where the salon owner made the initial engagement announcement, she also said Randle enlisted the help of her 8-year-old son, Hudson, in planning the wedding. proposal. LeCroy’s son, who is in elementary school and whom she shares with former spouse Josh Hughes, has expressed his desire for his mother to have a lavish engagement filled with a limo. As a direct result of this, Randle contracted the services of one to take his newly extended family of three to dinner on Kiawah Island in South Carolina.

“Alright, that’s weird,” the Bravo star recalled thinking at the time. “I’m like, ‘Okay, this is weird.'” “My son is dressed, but my son, like, doesn’t look me in the face,” the parent explained. “My son is weird.”

The California resident had an important question to ask, but it had to be postponed due to the unexpected storm.

LeCroy shared this story with Us magazine at the time, saying, “He proposed to me in the living room, and my son was behind him, just clapping.” “I totally passed out at the point of what he was saying,” she said. I had no idea. It was absolutely immaculate.

On Thursday, hours after LeCroy announced she would be hosting Amazon Live, she posted a black-and-white photo of the pair to her Instagram account with the caption “When you know you know.”

It wasn’t until June that the reality TV personality and NBA player went public on Instagram about their relationship. Prior to that, in April, she hinted that she was seeing someone new following rumors that she was dating Alex Rodriguez.

LeCroy posted a series of photos of the couple as they cuddled together on a boat ride with the phrase “Madhappy.” They also posed for selfies and kissed.

After a few weeks, the Bravo show star claimed in an exclusive interview with Us that the two had an instant connection when they first met.

“About a little over two months ago I was in Scottsdale, Arizona for a bachelorette party with a large group of my friends. ‘He was attending a friend’s birthday party,’ she said in June to explain her presence. “At the time, I did not know him, but as soon as I entered this bar, we looked at each other and met our eyes on the other side of the piece. It was, like, instantaneous. And by that I mean it’s impossible to ignore. “…He’s breathtaking in every way.”

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Brett Randle and Madison LeCroy: Dating, Engaged

On October 14, 2021, former Southern Charm cast member Madison LeCroy announced her engagement on Instagram. When you know you know, what do you do? she captioned the post in which her partner was seen layering her as she showed off the engagement ring she bought from Nicole Rose Jewelery.

On Thursday, they announced their engagement during the Amazon Live event.

“To tell you the truth, I was totally unprepared for it that day. We did a lot of traveling over the summer, and because of that, I kind of felt like this was going to happen around this time,” Madison revealed to PEOPLE.

Next thing you know, we’re back home, and I think we’re just having a birthday dinner. My son is here jumping around, and when I turn around, my fiancé is on one knee in my living room, proposing to me. It was on such a personal level. I was so overwhelmed with happiness that I can’t stop crying. “I can’t contain my excitement,” Madison exclaimed to PEOPLE.

In July 2021, Madison debuted her boyfriend on her various social media platforms. She posted numerous posts on her Instagram bragging about the quality time she was spending with her boyfriend. However, the only name she divulged about her partner was that his name was Brett.

PEOPLE has confirmed from a reliable source that the reality TV star is happy with her relationship with her new boyfriend. It took her four months to respond to rumors that she had an affair with baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who was then engaged to singer Jennifer Lopez. Then she started dating the singer.

It was confirmed by Madison that they spoke on the phone, but they never had a physical relationship.

Park City, Utah was the vacation destination Madison and Brett took in July 2021. They didn’t start dating until April 2021, when they were both traveling with friends in Arizona.

Hudson is the son of Madison Lecroy, and he is named after his father, Josh Hughes, who is now her ex-husband. The fact that Brett asked Madison’s son if he could propose to his mother was, in Madison’s opinion, the most endearing aspect of Brett’s proposal.

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