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‘They don’t feel the new’: Original Mario star John Leguizamo slams Chris Pratt for playing Mario, accuses Hollywood of ‘whitewashing’ for not casting PoC actor


The movie Super Mario Bros. is an upcoming computer-animated film based on Nintendo’s Mario video game. The film is the third film in the franchise of films based on the Mario video games, preceded by the Japanese animated film Super Mario Bros. : The grand mission to save Princess Peach! (1986) and the American action film Super Mario Bros. (1993).

The film announced a voice cast, led by Chris Pratt as the voice of Mario and Charlie Day as that of Luigi. However, a certain John Leguizamo who played Luigi in the live-action movie Super Mario Bros. (1993), did not like the choice of cast for the film very much.

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super mario movie

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John Leguizamo slams next Mario movie for lack of diversity

The movie Super Mario Bros. due out next year is already coming under fire for whitewashing claims. John Leguizamo, who played Luigi in the 1993 live-action adaptation of the Mario video game, fears the film will backtrack. The actor references the cast of Chris Pratt and Charlie Day, two white men, as the voices of Mario and Luigi.

“I’m OG A lot of people like the original,” The former Luigi actor said. “I did Comic-Con in New York and Baltimore, and everyone was like, ‘No, no, we like the old, the original.’ They don’t smell new. I’m not bitter. It’s unfortunate.”

John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins
John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins

The Emmy-winning actor was upset that the film’s titular voice roles were given to two white men, which was a sign the film was backsliding as it landed the role after a long struggle at because of its Latin origin.

“Directors Annabel Jankel and Rocky Morton fought very hard to get me the lead because I was a Latino, and they [the studio] didn’t want me to be the lead,” the actor added. “They fought very hard and it was such a breakthrough. So they go back and don’t start another [actor of color] a bit useless.

The actor shared his dissent over the casting of the upcoming movie on a Twitter post.

Chris Pratt cast as voice actor in new Mario movie

Chris Pratt, who made his breakthrough with his role as Star-Lord in guardians of the galaxy (2014), was announced to play a voice actor for Mario in the upcoming The movie Super Mario Bros. in September 2021.

The actor shared the first trailer for the film and also wrote,

“After playing the games for years as a kid (and adult), I’m excited to introduce Mario to you all! Enjoy!”

Chris Pratt as Mario.
Chris Pratt as Mario.

However, upon release of the trailer, it was observed that there was no difference between Pratt’s voice for the Mario character and his normal speech.

On the other hand, Mario Bros. co-producer Chris Meledandri claimed that things will be different when the movie comes out. Her confidence is enough hope for fans that the movie won’t be a disappointment.

“All I can tell you is that the voice he does for us, and Mario, is phenomenal,” Meledandri insisted. “Yeah, can’t wait for people to hear it. Well, as an Italian-American myself, I get it. You know, I understand the comments.

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Asked about the accent, he explained, “We cover it in the film, so you’ll see we definitely acquiesce in that. This is not the performance tenor throughout the film.

The movie Super Mario Bros. will be released in theaters on April 7, 2023.

Source: Twitter

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