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Who Is Antiques Roadshow David Battie Wife Sarah Battie? Meet His Daughter


David Battie and his wife, Sarah, have battled a number of illnesses that can ultimately be fatal. The condition was passed down through generations of David’s family; David’s daughter and granddaughter were also affected.

But we should consider ourselves fortunate that in the end, developments in technology and medical research have always made it possible to cure diseases. Before starting his career as a baggage handler at Reader’s Digest for three years, David started in auctions in 1965 at Sotheby’s.

After some time he joined the board of directors of the society and remained there until his retirement in 1999. As well as being an author, he is employed as a teacher and consultant with Sworders Fine Art Auctioneers in Stansted Mountfitchet , Essex.

Let’s use this article to find out more about his wife and daughter and investigate the details it provides.

Daivd Battie is a retired ceramics expert

Daivd Battie is a retired ceramics expert

Fast facts

Full name David Anthony Batie
Date of Birth October 22, 1942
Place of birth England
Age 80 years old
Spouse Sarah Batty
the girl Henrietta
Little girl India
Occupation Antiques specialist
Retired 2020
Television Antiques Tour

Meet David Battie’s Wife

Sarah Battie is David Battie’s wife, and the two are happily married. The happy couple already have a daughter named Henrietta, as well as a grandson.

David mentioned to his wife in one of his messages about his near-fatal accident. In this essay, he detailed the event and said it nearly cost him his life. In the context of this article, he revealed the fact that his wife Sarah had suffered a stroke more than ten years earlier. David also noted that after his wife had a stroke, he used the stairlift that was built for her because it was easier for her to go up and down the stairs.

David thought it suited him perfectly in every way. During this time, he had to move around with crutches. A district nurse came in every other day to bandage the crater, which she thought looked pretty awful the whole time she was there.

He’s been a part of it since the very first episode of “The Antiques Roadshow,” which aired in 1978. However, one of David’s most important discoveries didn’t come to light until 2010.

The massive Chinese bronze vase that a Saltaire visitor brought was arguably the oldest piece of bronze ever to be displayed on Antiques Roadshow. It was over 700 years old. David was able to determine that he was from the Yuan dynasty.

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Who is David Battie’s daughter?

He also has a daughter named Henrietta and his granddaughter’s name is India. Her daughter and granddaughter both suffered from pre-eclampsia, a disease that claims the lives of a thousand infants every year, and they were forced to fight for their lives.

One of the conditions related to high blood pressure (also known as hypertension) that can occur during pregnancy is called preeclampsia. Other problems that could arise include the following: The term “gestational hypertension” refers to high blood pressure that appears after the 20th week of pregnancy and is not caused by problems with the kidneys or other organs. Women who are pregnant and have gestational hypertension have an increased risk of developing preeclampsia.

India was nearly two months younger than expected when she gave birth at Sussex Hospital where she was born three years ago. David supports Action Research, a non-profit organization that raises awareness of diseases and funds research into the factors that contribute to their development.

David Battie is married to Sarah

David Battie is married to Sarah

Facts About David Illness Battie

After suffering a minor fall in 2012 on his way to Norwich to give a seminar, Battie suffered a broken leg while there. He was admitted to Brighton Medical Center for a period of six months before developing an infection which none of the drugs could treat.

On him, more than eight different treatments were performed, including a total of four skin grafts, three of which failed. Since the accident, he estimated that he had consumed 1,300,000 mg of paracetamol, an anti-inflammatory drug.

Antibiotic resistance is unfortunately difficult to eliminate and those who have it are forced to face life-threatening health problems for the rest of their lives. David is still struggling with leg pain, which makes standing up somewhat difficult for him. Even though he managed to reduce the number of medications he has to take daily from fourteen to almost half, he still struggles with various health issues.

He has both type 2 diabetes and a genetic condition known as hemochromatosis. Battie is one of those people. When this happens, the body is able to absorb and store more iron than it needs. Extra iron is stored in the heart, liver, and pancreas, which can increase the risk of developing cancer, heart problems, organ failure, and liver and heart disease.

As official spokesperson for Antibiotic Research UK, he speaks on their behalf. Thanks to essential funding for research, patient assistance and awareness-raising actions with the general public, the association works to reduce antibiotic resistance.

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David Battie Bio

David Battie FRSA is a retired British ceramist born October 22, 1942. He has particular expertise in Japanese and Chinese artefacts. Battie is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Antiquaries of Scotland.


David Anthony Batie

October 22, 1942 (80 years old)


  • Antiques specialist
  • Director of Sotheby’s auction house (1965–1999)
  • Writer/editor
  • former television presenter (Antiques Roadshow (1977–2020)
  • Public speaker
active years ?–2020 (retired)
Famous for Ceramic expert, specializing in oriental works
Television Antiques Tour


Battie worked at Reader’s Digest magazine for a total of three years after graduating from art school, where he majored in graphic design.

In 1965, he became a member of the Sotheby’s auction house team. He held positions of responsibility there in the Ceramics and Oriental Works of Art departments before being promoted to director in 1976. In 1999, he retired from Sotheby’s.

After leaving Sotheby’s, he became editor of Masterpiece magazine and authored several books on pottery and porcelain. Besides that, he gives speeches in public.

He is likely to be best remembered for his many appearances on the long-running BBC television show, Antiques Roadshow. He appeared on the show for a total of 43 years, beginning with the inaugural series in 1977 and continuing until 2020, when he announced his retirement from the show.

Private life

While Battie was on his way to Norwich to give a seminar in 2012, he suffered a simple fall which resulted in a broken leg. He was admitted to Brighton Hospital for a period of six months, and during this time he developed an infection which none of the drugs could effectively treat. More than eight surgeries, including four skin grafts, three of which failed, have been performed on him. Since the accident, he is said to have consumed 1,300,000 milligrams of paracetamol, an analgesic drug. This is according to his estimate.

Hemochromatosis, a genetic disease, and type 2 diabetes, which Battie developed, are Battie’s medical conditions. Antibiotic Research UK named him an ambassador for the organization.

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