Hemsworth teases Thor’s death in his next MCU film

Thor 5 has been rumored even before Thor: Love and Thunder release in theaters, but Chris Hemsworth said the character’s next outing could be his last in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Alongside Jeremy Renner Hawk Eye and Mark Ruffalo Pontoon, Thor has established himself as one of the three original Avengers still prominent in the MCU. But nothing lasts forever, and sometimes even the gods have to pass on their mantle. That day may be approaching for Hemsworth.

Thor Could Be Killed Off In Next Marvel Movie

Thor's Death in the Comics

Thor’s Death in the Comics

Chris Hemsworth has hinted that his next film may feature the death of Thor.

It looks like the actor is ready to give up Stormbreaker after 11 years of portraying the magnificent God of Thunder, most recently in Love and Thunder.

Hemsworth admitted he was unsure of Thor’s status when asked about his future in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, adding, “If people wanted to hear what I had to say, I think there would be more to say.”
“Look, if there’s anything special or innovative or surprising to do with the character or the setting, I’m totally open to that.”

I always enjoyed the experience and was grateful to have the opportunity to try something new each time.

Chris Hemsworth demanded that the Thor character be properly packaged, as did Captain America and Iron Man.

If I do it again, I feel like we should stop, you know what I mean? I think that probably justifies that. I have a feeling this would be the end, but I have no information or plan to back up my hunch.

“You have the hero’s birth, journey, and death, and I don’t know if I’ve reached that point yet.” Nobody knows.

The Future of Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Chris Hemsworth as Thor

Thor is a founding member of the Avengers, and Marvel Studios would never let him down. not without giving them at least a decent send off. But is Thor’s death really the next step?

He has to take care of Hercules, a child born in eternity, and two important Avengers films. It makes the character feel like there’s a lot more to do.

Even the fact that Thor is retiring might not fit the character. Before filming Love and Thunder, Hemsworth said in an interview that “Thor is only 1500 years old”. Thor is far too young to retire.

While there isn’t a whole lot of information out there right now, there are already a number of theories on Reddit about how Thor would leave the MCU. Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, has already hinted that he’ll hand over the MCU Witness to the next set of characters. Thor being reunited with his brother and Jane Foster in Valhalla may be the method to draw emotions, much like Tony Stark’s death in Endgame did for Kevin Feige and company.

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