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‘His workout routine is pretty hardcore’: Hollywood muscle god Dwayne Johnson acknowledged Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel workout routine, hinted it was tough even for a giant like him


There’s a certain standard that has to be met these days to get a male superhero role in one of the two major superhero movie franchises – DC Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe. The DCU’s Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill play Black Adam and Superman, respectively, and are prime examples of that standard.

Of course, it’s also pretty much a requirement that the hired actor knows at least a little who he should portray when signing on for that great deal, but that also depends a lot on the muscles. And Johnson and Cavill definitely have it, heaps! It seems that one of the two has a much tougher training regimen.

Dwayne Johnson FandomMovies
Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill

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Dwayne Johnson Says Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel Training Regimen Is Tough

There’s a very special reason why people still call Dwayne Johnson by his WWE name – The Rock, it’s almost like a name that will stick with him for the rest of his life.

If you look at any of the WWE matches that Johnson participated in, let’s also include his debut in WWE Survivor Series 1996, you can see that he was pretty much destined to be the number one star in the ring for years to come. . .

Dwayne Johnson FandomMovies
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

The now-retired wrestler would eventually become WWE’s most marketable wrestler, having honed his body into a muscular physique similar to that of the Greek gods. After his WWE trip, Johnson would then join Hollywood, and he also became one of the biggest stars in this industry!

It hasn’t all come easy for him, as one of his most marketable aspects is his dedication to staying tall and fit, and he’s really made sure he never falls into that part of his life.

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Now you might think no one in the world could hold a candle to the workout regimen The Rock undergoes to keep his body in shape, but he wouldn’t agree complimenting his workout regimen. DCU co-star.

During an interview with United Kingdom On his YouTube channel last month, the 50-year-old star shared some details about Henry Cavill’s workout regimen-

“I have known Henry for a few years. He’s a friend of mine. »

“His training regimen is pretty hardcore. We have the same strength and conditioning coach. I’m very glad you brought it up because I know there’s a gift coming in Black Adam for the fans. This idea of ​​me and Henry Cavill working together, before a confrontation, all down the line, is funny to say.

Somewhere down the line, fans could have the much sought after fight between Black Adam and Superman! It’s a safe bet that even an actual fight between these two DCU stars would be quite the watch too!

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Dwayne Johnson may also challenge Henry Cavill as the next James Bond

It looks like Dwayne Johnson isn’t content with his black adam role, hinting he wanted more during an interview with LadBible last month.

Dwayne Johnson FandomMovies
Peter Maivia (left) in You Only Live Twice

Peter Maivia, who is The Rock’s grandfather, was no less of a man than his grandson. Maivia played one of the villains who went up against the iconic Sean Connery in the 1967 James Bond film You only live twice.

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During the LadBible interview, the red notice The star was asked what movie series he wanted to see himself in, and he had this to say-

“You know my grandfather was in You Only Live Twice?”

“He was, he was a villain in You Only Live Twice. He had this amazing fight scene with Sean Connery. Yeah, I could see that…I would say James Bond easily.

To all the Henry Cavill fans betting on him to be the next James Bond, you have a new contender in Dwayne Johnson!

black adam is in theaters now, get your tickets while it’s still here!

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