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“I already consider him one of the greatest”: Brad Pitt reveals his immense respect for Damien Chazelle after being pushed to his limits during the filming of “Babylone”


Chaos may be the only complete word that can define the essence of Damien Chazelle Babylon. With an ensemble cast featuring Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Jean Smart and Tobey Maguire to name a few, the film with its gripping, funny, colorful and ambitious plot is raging through Hollywood like a creative hurricane. . The film’s unparalleled cinematography represents a juxtaposition of the “talkie” era with the now defunct silent films and the director, in a never before attempted effort, merges the two to create a singularly outstanding masterpiece.

Babylon exposes the era of excess and decadence in 1920s Hollywood

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Brad Pitt’s filming experience with Babylonby Damien Chazelle

Brad Pitt ranks among one of the greatest actors of our generation, having delivered unparalleled classics like fight club, Se7fr, Fury, Inglourious Basterdsthe oceans trilogy, 12 monkeys, The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttonand Once upon a time in Hollywood. However, having been in all of these movies and amassing their variously quirky filmography, Brad Pitt was still in awe of Damien Chazelle’s magnificence when working with him on the historically significant film. Babylon. Speaking of her time on set, Pitt claims,

“I shot the first four days, [witnessed] amazing choreography, and it was loud, and it was bawdy, and it had this great energy, and half the background is naked, and they’re snorting cocaine on someone’s ass. And then I had three days off, and I came back, and it continued. I was like, oh my god.

I still marvel at everything this man achieved in a single shot… I really had the chance to work with great filmmakers, and I already consider Damien Chazelle to be one of the greatest.

brad pitt
Babylon featuring Brad Pitt and 1920s Hollywood

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Speaking of the broad and ambitious vision displayed by the director of BabylonPitt repeats how infinitesimal his contribution seemed in the face of all this – “None of us really matters. But we’re all a piece, a little piece of this art of storytelling, and I feel so damn honored.” Adding to Pitt’s already flattering remarks, Margot Robbie adds:

“You have a great director watching over you so I couldn’t have asked for more, it was the greatest experience of my life. It’s the greatest character I’ve ever played and probably the greatest character that I will never play.

Pushing the 3 hour screentime, Babylon, in its first screening caught the attention of film critics. Like all great classics, however, opinions remain massively divided and the film falls prey to the subjective emotions of its audience due to its overemphasis on the era of decadence and depravity.

Ambitious by Damien Chazelle Babylon Brings out the 1930s

BabylonThe ambitious storyline attempts to broadly cover the era when silent films of the 1920s were slowly being pushed into the background in favor of what were then called “talkies”. The inclusion of sound became an instant hit and therefore an instant favorite among the Hollywood crowd which ushered in a new wave of spectacle and added a new layer of fascination to the industry’s productions of the 1930s.

Babylon with Margot Robbie
Margot Robbie in Babylon

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But with the transition and technological evolution, the actors who had reached the untouched heights of success with their mimetic films and who relied vehemently on tape physics rather than close-ups failed to transition into smoothness from one art form to another. This period becomes the subject of Damien Chazelle Babylon. Pitt uses the words “spectacular” and “visceral” summarize what Babylon feels like in its entirety and goes on to say that, It’s extreme, it’s big, it’s gross, and at the same time underneath, there’s just real heart and a need for meaning.

Babylon premieres on December 23, 2022.

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