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‘I don’t want to go back’: Daniel Craig demanded his James Bond be killed off in ‘No Time to Die’ to move on from character, wants franchise to cast someone young this time


Daniel Craig’s 15-year career as Ian Fleming’s world-renowned spy finally came to an end with the release of no time to die in October last year. The 54-year-old actor also ended his James Bond run on a high note by making a noble sacrifice at the end of the film as everyone wept in his seat.

A bit like at the beginning of No time to die, Craig now lives a life of tranquility and ease as he is no longer forced to play the British spy, and instead focuses on a role he seems to enjoy much more – Benoit Blanc. Although many want him back as Bond, it was for the good of the franchise.

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Daniel Craig as James Bond

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Daniel Craig himself wanted his James Bond run to end

Eon Productions have done a brilliant job casting one James Bond after another since they cast the legendary Sean Connery to play the spy in Dr. No all the way back to 1962.

But perhaps one of the biggest blows the British film production company has ever received in terms of casting the next 007 came when they hired Lara Croft: Tomb Raider actor Daniel Craig to replace Pierce Brosnan.

James Bond FandomMovies
Daniel Craig as James Bond

Fan backlash is mostly due to the love and attachment fans had already built with Brosnan’s character, as well as the glaring fact that Craig lacked the one feature that the archetype of the Bond actor needed – he didn’t have dark hair and was blond. !

However, all that hate can now be put to bed as the actor has now taken his time playing the MI6 agent to rest. Craig’s critics are also thrilled, as the actor himself didn’t fancy playing the British spy after no time to diea mutual exchange!

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Daniel Craig recently spoke to the Los Angeles Times where he hinted that he wasn’t too fazed by the impending end of his role as the iconic character Ian Fleming and in fact wanted to leave the franchise.

“Two things, one for me and one for the franchise. One, for the franchise, was that the resets started again, which [the franchise] done with me. And I was like, ‘Well, you have to reset again.’ So let’s kill my character and go find another Bond and go find another story. start to [age] 23, start at 25, start at 30.

“The other was so I could move on. I don’t want to go back. I guess I would be so lucky if they asked me to come back, but the thing is, I have to move on. The sacrifice he made in the film was out of love and there is no greater sacrifice. So that seemed like a good thing to end.

A fitting ending for an incredible character. While Craig himself may be quite happy to finally be given up on playing James Bond, his fans are really going to miss him in action.

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Here’s who Adele wants the next James Bond to be

Sam Mendes’ masterpiece from a James Bond movie celestial fall officially turned 10 earlier this month, and it’s still one of the best Bond movies to date.

You may remember the film’s iconic soundtrack which featured a beautiful arrangement of a song named after the film for which the vocals were provided by Adele’s haunting voice. Turns out the 34-year-old singer has her own pick for who should play the next James Bond, and no, it’s not Henry Cavill or Regé-Jean Page.

James Bond FandomMovies

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In an interview with Vogue, the Chasing the sidewalks the singer was asked when she recorded heavenly fall for the film of the same name followed by a question about who she thinks could be the next Bond, she said-

“I mean it’s difficult. There were a lot of different choices and stuff. But I would like Jonathan Majors to be the next Bond. But I don’t know if it’s allowed because he’s American.

Playing a starring role in two of the greatest film franchises of all time would surely be enough to propel Jonathan Majors into the list of most recognizable actors, even if being a central villain as Kang the Conqueror wasn’t already famous enough!

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