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‘It’s not post-Bond for me’: Daniel Craig frustrated his career is defined by James Bond, says he’s following his gut, not a game plan


Become one of the best known characters in the film industry, Daniel Craig rose to the top of the charts by announcing that he would become the next James Bond in 2006. Casino Royale. Bringing the old-era super-spy into the modern 21st century was both an ambitious and arduous feat. Yet he carried James Bond to such perfection that he looked like the 007 of old, with the uniqueness that only individual superstars can bring to the table. And as with everyone who has played the character, there was an inevitable end to Craig’s tenure in No time to die.

Movie prequels that were better than the originals.
Casino Royale with Daniel Craig.

And as you might have guessed, playing the character of MI6’s finest also immortalizes the actor’s name among stars who have played Agent 007 before them.

But Daniel Craig, after saying goodbye to his most iconic character in 2021, has revealed he never intended to be defined by James Bond and he didn’t plan for it. In an interview, he said that choosing roles is something he does with his instincts.

Daniel Craig doesn’t want to be defined by James Bond

Being cast as James Bond, Daniel Craig quickly eliminated any doubts surrounding the decision to cast him as the next 007. Bringing that Cold War-era stoicism with moral complexities, nuances and emotional insights to the modern iteration of the Brits superspy was something thought would never be shown on the big screen, but Craig took the challenge head-on and persevered. And after giving nearly 18 years of his life to the character, he bid farewell to Agent 007 in No time to die.

James Bond FandomMovies
Daniel Craig as James Bond

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His face became synonymous with that of James Bond, and it became difficult for him to distinguish his career from this prestigious role. In an interview with The Los Angles Times, Craig said he never intended to be known just for playing 007, but he also knew that came with the job description. After receiving the role of Benoit Blanc in Knives out, Craig said the role was not something after the event and he had no intention of doing it after the 007 movies. He said:

“You’re making the mistake that I have a plan, I don’t think about it much. It’s not post-Bond for me. I don’t have a game plan. The things that happen in my life professionally, the decisions I make about them are mostly instinctive.

His instinct led him to become the main protagonist of the award-winning film Knives out, and now, with the sequel Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads we’ll have to see if Craig can keep up with his sneaky detective counterpart like he did with Bond.

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Daniel Craig returns in Knives Out 2!

Glass Onion: A Mystery at Daggers Drawn (2022)
Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads

After portraying the humorous but sharp detective Benoit Blanc in the 2019s Knives out, Daniel Craig returns again to reprise his role in Glass onion: a mystery at loggerheads. After Netflix offered a multi-million dollar deal to make the next 2 sequels to the 1st installment as Netflix Original Films, Craig was called in to investigate another baffling case in the upcoming film. With the film series on its way to another long journey, we’d see how the former James Bond actor would differentiate himself from Agent 007.

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Onion of glass: a mystery at loggerheads, available on Netflix from December 2023

Source: Los Angeles Times

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