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Salvage Hunters Drew Pritchard Net Worth And Earnings, How Much Is He Paid?


At this point, Drew Pritchard has amassed a net worth that runs into the millions. He spends most of his money on things that give him pleasure, and it is only through this simple practice that he has amassed a respectable sum.

In 1993, she launched her own business after completing her training to become a stained glass artist and restorer.

Originality, quality of design and, whenever possible, completely intact works are the things he places a high priority on. He has no problem buying items from the 17th century all the way through to the 21st century, and he enjoys the variety of things each century offers.

The antiques specialist looks forward to working with commercial and private customers, and he expects the latter to benefit from the steady supply of stock he painstakingly uncovers.

Drew Prichard

Drew Prichard

Drew Pritchard Salvage Hunter Net Worth

In 2022, Drew Pritchard is estimated to have a net worth of around $8 million. This is due to its expertise in restoring and selling antiques; more generally, he is able to support himself adequately through the work he undertakes at this age.

The house that belongs to Pritchard only recently came up for sale for $1 million. Almost twenty years have passed since he first settled there. When he purchased the site, the building that had previously been a chapel was in a sorry state. It is equipped with a variety of beautiful features, including an ornate toilet that once belonged to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

Very early in his life he began to engage in business dealings and develop an interest in antiques. The fact that the sellers of the signs show up in luxury vehicles when they pick them up piqued the young boy’s interest.

The knowledgeable person’s father worked as a sign maker for local antique stores in the past. Drew’s business with antiques began very simply. He used to buy and sell things on the side of the road, as well as pick up broken bicycles, bits of automobiles, and other trash that had washed up on the banks.

In 1987 he established the DP Classics, which he and Clive Holland now jointly run as a business. The two people buy old cars and motorcycles and then restore them to the best possible quality. Drew Pritchard has dabbled in the entertainment business in addition to making cars that people want to buy.

The work he did on the reality series Salvage Hunters is largely responsible for his rise to fame. It is a record of his daily activities as a salvage hunter as he travels across the UK in search of abandoned treasures and neglected artefacts to restore.

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What is Drew Pritchard’s salary?

It was stated that Pritchard receives approximately $120,000 in compensation for each episode of Salvage Hunters he participates in. This is a significant sum of money considering the availability of all twenty episodes from the previous season.

Due to his prominent role in Salvage Hunters and the various spin-offs that have been developed due to the popularity of the original series, he is easily the most recognizable face associated with the franchise.

On the other hand, pundits and visitors who make appearances on reality television programs are frequently paid for their services in exchange for the opportunity to participate in the show. It’s probably safe to assume that Salvage Hunters restorers also receive compensation for the work they do.

Drew Pritchard's gorgeous salvage home

Drew Pritchard’s gorgeous salvage home

Find Drew Pritchard Salvage Hunter Career Earnings and Assets

Drew Pritchard, star of TV show The Salvage Hunters, lived in a house that is now stuffed to the gills with his own diverse collection of antiques. These items range from toilets used by Mick Jagger to salvaged religious relics.

On June 23, 1995, the star of TV shows Salvage Hunters on Discovery and Quest moved into a Methodist chapel in rural Conwy, located in North Wales. When he was only 25 years old, he made his very first real estate acquisition, which was this property. Oh, what a total and utter disaster, he exclaims. Completely devoid of any human presence. Water drains and a planning permit were missing from the property. A friend of his suggested he might consider putting it away and starting the process over.

He claims that instinct is the main motivating factor behind his buying decisions. It’s hard to put into words. Indeed, he must be in possession of something. It looked like Christmas morning. When he gathers new information, he stores it in a mental house he has built for himself. Because he does not deal in the antique trade, he does not care whether an object is from the 16th or 21st century.

You will not regret it. If it does not concern him, the value can vary from fifty to fifty thousand pounds. He is primarily interested in the appearance of things. Things that have a patina or are weathered in some way are what I’m looking for right now. You will find that over time you become better at determining whether something is correct or not.

His last status update on Facebook was special, in which he wrote: “NO, I don’t have a page that asks for donations. It’s not on my side. Because they’re not me, you shouldn’t offer them anything. Why do individuals act as if they were me? I have no idea.”

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Wikipedia Drew Pritchard

Salvage Hunters is a popular reality show on British television, and Drew Pritchard is the person in charge of hosting the show. He searches the whole country for rare and valuable antiques to buy. Country fairs, antique shops, estate auctions and flea markets were some of the places where the antiques expert made some of his most valuable acquisitions. After undergoing the restoration process, the antiques are once again offered for sale with the aim of making a profit. On the first season of the TV show Salvage Hunters, which aired in 2011, Drew acted as the show’s host. He has continued to host the show to the present day. In 2021, how much does he earn?

Is Drew Pritchard married to a new wife?

In the past, Drew Pritchard has been involved in a number of high-profile marriages. This is due to the fact that his first wife was on the Salvage Hunters show as a co-anchor at one point. After the conclusion of their marriage, Drew was extremely secretive about the details of his love life. It was more important to him to keep his love life a secret. There is no evidence to suggest that Drew is currently in a relationship with anyone. Also, there has been no information on whether the reality show host has remarried or not.

His first wife

Rebecca Pritchard, who is also a cast member of the Discovery Channel show Salvage Hunters, was Drew Pritchard’s first wife. She is very skilled in the process of restoring antiques. In addition to that, she is also very knowledgeable about the real estate development process. Drew and Rebecca’s divorce was finalized in 2017, but neither party has spoken about the details of the split.

On the other hand, there are stories circulating that Drew’s extramarital affairs were the cause of their divorce. After Drew was assaulted by a man in a neighborhood pub, those rumors started spreading. Drew was accused of having an affair with the man’s wife by the other man. Even though Rebecca and Chris are no longer together, she continues to appear on the show Salvage Hunters. Rebecca is the one who examines the antiques, determines their value and estimates how much it will cost to restore them. On top of that, she researches the antiques background that Drew brings.

Net worth and sources of income

In 2021, Drew Pritchard will have a net worth of $8 million. Due to his many successful businesses and his long career as a well-known television show, he brings in a large income. The antiques specialist has two different businesses, one of which sells antiques and the other sells vintage automobiles and motorcycles. He hunts down antiques, repairs them, and then resells them in his shop, where he makes a substantial profit on each one.


Drew Pritchard is passionate about classic automobiles in addition to his antique collection. The car enthusiast bought his first vehicle at the age of fifteen and has been passionate about cars ever since. Together with his business partner Clive Holland, he owns DP Classic as sole proprietor. Since 1987, Drew has been restoring classic automobiles for both business needs and for his personal collection. Together with his business partner, he amassed a collection of over a hundred Porsches and Volkswagen Beetles at that time. On top of that, Drew is an avid collector of classic motorcycles.


Drew and his ex-wife Rebecca have two grown children. They are the parents of a son and a daughter, both of whom have chosen to live very isolated lives. Even though both of their parents are well-known television personalities, the Pritchard children have expressed a strong desire to remain private.

Age and birthday

On June 24, 1970, Drew Pritchard was born. In 2021, he reached the age of 51. Conwy is located in Wales, which is part of the United Kingdom. He was born there.

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