‘She’s a hero in our eyes’: Johnny Depp fans defend Jamie Lee Curtis after Halloween star faces intense backlash for reposting Depp’s photo

The Halloween celebrity Jamie Lee Curtis is becoming the latest prey for online trolling. The 63-year-old actress has come under fire for posting a photo of Johnny Depp on Instagram. Following the incident, the Laurie Strode actress limited her comments on this post. But it wasn’t long before her fans came to her rescue and took to the internet to show their support for Johnny Depp and Curtis.

Jamie Lee Curtis
Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis was recently spotted in the final film of the sequel trilogy as well as the 13th installment of the Halloween titled franchise Halloween ends. Unfortunately, the film couldn’t live up to the reputation of its predecessors and received mixed reactions from audiences as well as critics.

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Why is Jamie Lee Curtis hated online?

The whole controversy has its origins in the legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp which took hold of the Internet a few months ago. The defamation lawsuit was watched by a large portion of the public and fans were divided. As Jamie Lee Curtis posted a photo of Johnny Depp on his official Instagram account, part of the public, mainly fans of Amber Heard, were once again on fire and lambasted the actress.

Instagram of Jamie Lee Curtis
The Instagram post

The war between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard led to the actor losing many fan-favorite projects. He was not only removed from fantastic beasts franchise but also of the very popular The Pirates of the Caribbean. Although the majority sided with Depp, there is a certain section supporting Amber Heard’s lyrics as well.

The true lies The actress’ post irked fans as many of them trolled her for supporting Depp. According to them, Jamie Lee Curtis showed his support for domestic violence through this post. Many of them also flooded the comments section telling him to delete the post. This led her to restrict her comments section to limit hate.

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Johnny Depp fans come to the rescue

Johnny Depp FandomMovies
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

As early as the terrible friday The actress limited her comments on Instagram, the Johnny Depp fandom was quick to come to her rescue. They took to Twitter to show their love and respect for the actress. We have collected a few.

We don’t know how long this internet brawl will continue, but it gives reassurance that the impact of the Depp vs Heard lawsuit won’t end anytime soon. It will also be interesting to know if this incident has an effect on his future plans.

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Jamie Lee Curtis can return with freaky friday 2

Jamie Lee Curtis FandomWire
Jamie Lee Curtis’ Freaky Friday Could Get A Sequel Soon

terrible friday is one of the most critically acclaimed films in the trade with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan leading the way. Now, according to some recent statements from the two actresses, they’re all set to star in the sequel to the 2003 film only if Disney lets it. Speaking to Variety, the Knives out the actress said:

“We are both committed to it, and it is not up to us to do it. That’s up to Disney and I think they’re interested and we’re talking.

For now, there are no official announcements from the House of Mouse. Rumors aside, Curtis is officially part of the star-studded band Borderlands should be released next year. She’s also roped in for a Disney Horror comedy titled Haunted house should be released in 2023.

All movies from Halloween the franchise can be streamed on Peacock.

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