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‘This Universe Is Pretty Much Enola Holmes’: Henry Cavill Turns Down Sherlock Holmes Solo Movie, Won’t Upstage His ‘Brother’ Millie Bobby Brown


Henry Cavill impersonated three of the greatest figures in popular culture of the last decade and singularly made each of his characters immortal and inimitable in their portrayals. After bringing Superman, Geralt of Rivia, and Sherlock Holmes to the screen, it’s only the latter that sees the actor working in a capacity that doesn’t occupy the lead role in the franchise. However, the majority of Enola Holmes the fandom seems to be oddly pleased with the Brit’s place in the background, acting as a secondary character.

Henry Cavill as Sherlock in Enola Holmes 2
Henry Cavill as Sherlock in Enola Holmes 2

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Henry Cavill refutes a solo Sherlock Holmes film on Netflix

Henry Cavill’s undying impression keeps getting better in the public eye with each passing day as he pushes the boundaries of his already established selflessness. In a recent statement, Cavill decidedly announced that there will be no solo Holmes adventure for him in the future. Granted on Steel man The actor’s recent resurrection as Superman in the DCU has taken up a huge chunk of his already busy schedule, but the reason he states for his film missing Sherlock Holmes is something much more respectful and honorable. that.

“This universe is very much Enola’s, so she’ll always be involved. I think, ‘How is there hope for [Sherlock]?’ would be answered in all future movies, if they happened. There are always whispers of this stuff, but nothing is ever official until you start the first day of shooting, and even then until you’re done shooting, and even then, it has to come out.

I enjoyed being in Baker Street immensely. The work that the production team did there was extraordinary. It was a beautifully designed, beautiful set. I didn’t like leaving this set. I just like to sit in it and enjoy it and feel as much like Sherlock as I can.

Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown on the Enola Holmes 2 Red Carpet
Henry Cavill and Millie Bobby Brown at the Enola Holmes 2 red carpet event

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Netflix’s Henry Cavill Exit Solidifies Further With His Release Of the witcher in which he plays the main role, Geralt de Riv. Controversial script errors and source digressions were reportedly the reasons for the beloved actor’s resignation from a role he unconditionally loved, championed and embodied.

Millie Bobby Brown defies expectations as Enola Holmes

Enola Holmes 2 (2022)
Millie Bobby Brown as Enola with Henry Cavill’s Sherlock in Enola Holmes 2

It’s not every day that Netflix comes up with the best ideas for its marketing campaigns on how to increase its viewership. But when struck by these remarkable rare strokes of genius, the project is bound to be the most original and unprecedented creative endeavor in the history of the industry. Enola Holmes was one of those creations that turned out to be a huge success for Netflix and all of its components included.

With Millie Bobby Brown in the lead, fresh off the success of directing the stranger things franchise, the young actress and producer is the teenage sister of legendary detective Sherlock Holmes in this new take on the Holmes canon. Speaking about her on-set experience, Brown reveals,

“There were so many things I was able to participate in, and I was really grateful for that. My age and gender were never defined [my job], so everyone on set really respected me and heard me. It was such a pleasant environment to live in.

Enola Holmes 2 features the Holmes siblings
Netflix presents the infamous Holmes siblings in the Enola Holmes franchise

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With reimagined characters like Moriarty and storylines that invoke the well-crafted detective mysteries of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the Enola Holmes the franchise hits the cobbled streets and alleys of London as the young detective takes on cases that challenge her mentally and physically.

Constantly on the verge of breaking societal norms and making a name for herself in the world, the teenager whose identity only existed as the sister of the great Sherlock Holmes is now rising in cultural ethic as that individual who is not only self-taught and accomplished. but gifted enough to eclipse his infamous brother.

Enola Holmes and Enola Holmes 2 are currently available to stream on Netflix.

Source: The Envelope

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