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Top 5 Worst Dragon Deaths That Will Happen In The Dragon House


Warning: This article contains spoilers for George RR Martin’s books, particularly Fire And Blood.

House of the Dragon would be nothing without its titular dragons. These CGI creatures bring magic and awe to the show. Without them, the Game of Thrones prequel would remain a mere show about politics and succession. But readers of George RR Martin’s books know that the dragons will soon be slain during the dragon dance. Today we are going to rank the worst dragon deaths during the Targaryen Civil War.

So let’s start:

5. Carax

Caraxes and Demon Targaryen

Caraxes and Demon Targaryen

Carax is Demon Targaryenis the dragon. The Blood Wyrm is loyal to the Rogue Prince and follows his every command. In House of the Dragon, we saw how deep the connection between Daemon and Caraxes is. The dragon appears whenever Daemon needs him. And his death will be for the same thing. The dragon will answer its master’s call to fight against Aemond and Vhagar, and all four will be slain atop God’s Eye during this fight.

4. Vhagar

Aemond Targaryen and Vhagar

Aemond Targaryen and Vhagar

The old dragon has been alive since the time of Aegon the Conqueror and was originally ridden by Visenya Targaryen. But now Aemond Targaryen is his new rider and he will also be the last. Vhagar died in the fight with Caraxes as he took the Blood Wyrm head-on. His death is tragic because surviving hundreds of years after conquering Westeros, only to die in a small battle did not do the war dragon justice.

3. Storm Cloud

storm cloud

storm cloud

We haven’t seen Stormcloud in House of the Dragon so far, and that’s because Aegon III is still a baby. Once he grows up, he will claim Stormcloud. The death of this dragon is tragic because his life served only one purpose: to bring Aegon III to safety. But his sacrifice ensured there was a Targaryen heir to sit on the Iron Throne once the carnage was over.

During the Dance of the Dragons, Aegon III Targaryen and his brother Viserys Targaryen were sent to Pentos for their safety. But their ship was intercepted by warships displaying the banner of the Three Daughters (the three kingdoms that make up the Triarchy). Stormcloud rescued Aegon III and brought him to the Dragon Stone safely before dying hours from his wounds.

He flew for miles across the ocean with countless arrows piercing his belly and a scorpion lightning bolt piercing his neck. His death hurt Aegon III so much that he did not claim another dragon after it.

2. Silverwing and Vermithor

Demon before Vermithor

Demon before Vermithor

Silverwing and Vermithor were originally the greatest monarchs of Westerosi, the dragons of Queen Alysanne and King Jaehaerys Targaryen. They even slept rolled up against each other. After the war claimed Vermithor, Silverwing still tried to lift his wings to sleep near him. It’s a sad story that has a somewhat happy ending because after the war Silverwing flew away and was never seen again. Many Game of Thrones fans believe the huge bones Daenerys Targaryen’s Blood Rider found were those of Silverwing.

1. Solar Fire

solar fire

solar fire

Sunfyre or Sunfyre the Golden was Aegon II Targaryenis the dragon. It was said to be the most beautiful dragon in Westeros. He died slowly over several days due to fights with Greyghost, Moondancer and others. It is said that due to the fighting, he suffered brutal injuries that sprang black and had a torn wing that did not allow him to fly. He died in pain and after days without eating.

His devotion to Aegon II brings out his death, as does Stormcloud’s. No matter how much he suffered, Sunfyre answered all of Aegon II’s battle cries and fought by his side until his death. Aegon II He is said to be inconsolable after his death.

A special mention to Dreamfyre and Syrax who were brutally killed by the little people with pitchforks and spears. All of these dragon deaths are sad because these beasts finally submitted to the will of their riders. So everyone fought for a civil war in which they played no part. And after the Dance of the Dragons, these magnificent beasts were wiped out of Westeros until Daenerys Targaryen brought them back.

What do you think? Which dragon death is the most tragic for you?

Levi Wyatt
Levi Wyatt
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