‘Anti-Semitism is strong here’: Amber Heard’s alleged girlfriend Eve Barlow blocked by Pro Amber Heard organization’s Women’s March after reports Heard physically abused Barlow

While most of the world supported Johnny Depp in his lawsuit against Amber Heard, there were quite a few people who strongly supported Heard. One such organization was the Women’s March. Apparently, Heard’s alleged girlfriend, Eve Barlow, was blocked by Woman’s March and no specific reason was given as to why this happened.

The story between Amber Heard and Eve Barlow

Moving on from all things Johnny Depp, Amber Heard has been spotted with his alleged girlfriend Eve Barlow on several occasions over the past two months. Those who followed the trial closely may recall that Barlow was barred from court during the trial. Meanwhile, Heard and Barlow were also seen relaxing in Israel.

Eve Barlow and Amber Heard

You might think things won’t be as crazy and hectic in Heard’s life as they used to be, but multiple sources have reported that she and Barlow were also involved in a physical fight. One particular report featured a source who said, “I heard from a friend that Amber and Eve had a fight in the hotel room in Israel. There was noise like a fight in the room where Amber and Eve were. Additionally, their feud was also captured on a camera in the hallway, and Barlow “left the hotel with a black eye.”

Heard probably should have learned the lesson, but apparently not!

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Eve Barlow is banned

After this supposed fight between the two, Barlow’s latest tweet continues to suggest that things aren’t going so well between her and Heard. In fact, their relationship may be over.

As mentioned above, Barlow shared in her tweet that Amber Heard’s support organization, Woman’s March, blocked her. Although she did not explain in detail why she might have been blocked, she suggested that anti-Semitism was one of the main reasons.

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Amber Heard breaks up with Eve Barlow?

Either way, it seems like everything that happened between Heard and his journalist girlfriend is supposed to have come to an end. And now Heard is probably cutting ties with another alleged lover. Maybe that’s why Barlow was blocked by her support organization. It’s just crazy how she can’t seem to take a break and stay away from controversy.

Apart from Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, she would certainly struggle to find more work in Hollywood. But if she hopes to somehow revive her career in the coming years, she needs to lay low and keep her nose clean. There’s no other way, don’t you agree?

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Amber Heard in Aquaman 2

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom arrives December 25, 2023, and it features Amber Heard’s Mera alongside Jason Momoa’s Arthur Curry, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as Black Manta, Patrick Wilson as Orm, and Nicole Kidman as Queen Atlanna , among others.

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