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‘It wasn’t easy AT ALL’: Henry Cavill completely shattered his muscles to nail The Witcher Physique, proves why Liam Hemsworth can never be him


Henry Cavill returned to the DCU with a small appearance in Black Adam. Since then, fans have been excited to see what more he has to offer as Superman and can’t wait for any more official updates. However, the retaliation for her role turned out to be a bit bittersweet for her fans. Where on the one hand he has now returned to the DCU, on the other hand he has given up his role as Geralt of Rivia in the witcher. Fans have speculated that her exit was a result of her returning to don the red cape.

Henry Cavill.
Actor Henry Cavill.

After Henry Cavill bid farewell to the witcher, Liam Hemsworth is now ready to fill his shoes. While fans of the hugely popular series had mixed reactions to the idea of ​​Liam Hemsworth being the new face of Geralt of Rivia, one view was common – Henry Cavill’s physique and dedication to the character lends itself to him. outweigh everything.

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Can Liam Hemsworth go to extremes like Henry Cavill?

Liam Hemsworth
Actor Liam Hemsworth

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While Henry Cavill passed his sword to Liam Hemsworth, it is still unclear how the latter will take on the role. Fans had some extreme reactions to the redesign, and rightly so. Since Cavill has proven time and time again how committed he is to living up to expectations regarding his characters’ physical appearance, it’s intriguing to wonder whether Hemsworth will be for the same or not.

The hunger Games The actor is also pretty big on workouts and diets. In an interview with Men’s Health, he revealed he does intense hour-long workouts including calisthenics, pull-ups, and more. He also mentioned that he sometimes had a few of his famous friends as training partners, including Jake Gyllenhaal and Jared Leto.

“We sometimes do training sessions of 60 minutes or more. “It’s just high intensity. A mix of calisthenics, sled pull-ups, sled push-ups and lots of free weight stuff. But we don’t stop for the whole 60 minutes. You sweat and breathe hard, but you also move a lot of weight.

Hemsworth also finds it interesting to keep an eye on the ever-growing research in the fitness world. From wellness and health books to cold water therapy for recovery, the actor certainly knows his stuff.

Even though the new face of Geralt of Rivia takes his fitness seriously, comparing it to Cavill’s dedication says a lot about why fans weren’t too happy with the revamp.

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Henry Cavill’s intensive training for the witcher

The studio doesn't deserve the perfect Superman
Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia

The Steel man The actor is known for his ability to go to unimaginable lengths to play the role. the witcher was no different either. In order to play his character on the show, he had to go through an intensive training regimen. Fueled by his trainer Dave Rienzi, Cavill managed to build his physique for the role of Geralt de Riv.

Rienzi had a particularly complicated task to accomplish. He had to help Cavill gain muscle mass while making sure he didn’t overexert himself from lack of sleep and an overwhelming filming schedule.

“He had to find a way to lean me while gaining muscle mass without completely crushing me every day. But, of course, it crushes you. After eight months of filming, I was in a rather disastrous state. But we did. It was not easy. It wasn’t easy at all. But Dave Rienzi knows his stuff. He’s an excellent coach.

While Cavill was more used to CrossFit-style training, Rienzi prescribed him a mix of strength training and athletic training that focused on core training, muscle activation, mobility, and more. While one would think Cavill worked heavyweights to achieve the godlike Greek physique, that wasn’t quite the case. On the contrary, he used moderate weights and combined them with techniques that would prove much more beneficial.

His training was so extreme that the injuries he suffered on set didn’t have time to heal. It mostly made the whole process a lot more difficult for him because he said he would be “super dehydrated » and would still sport a muscle pull or two.

Since fans love Cavill’s dedication to his characters, especially in the witcher, it is quite obvious that they will have a mountain of expectations from Hemsworth. Only time will tell if it lives up to these!

Source: Esquire

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