‘Stop with the mad bomb, you’re waging civil war’: Captain America 3 was originally set to be a terrifying zombie thriller testing the limits of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers before Kevin Feige cut him out entirely

The Civil War storyline wasn’t always the first choice for the third film in the series. Captain America franchise. The initial script for the film was going to be around the Madbomb. As Nate Moore recently revealed, it’s because of Marvel boss Kevin Feige that we weren’t able to watch Madbomb. Although Civil War is a much larger event than the Madbomb story arc, the rejected storyline could have introduced a unique Zombie-esque event to the MCU.

Nate Moore with Kevin Feige
Nate Moore with Kevin Feige

Captain America: Civil War is easily one of the best MCU movies. The rift between the Avengers, the introduction of Baron Zemo, and the creation of several new characters made director Russo Brothers a fan favorite. But instead of pitting superheroes against each other, the initial storyline had Chris Evans’ character going against his morals to fight civilians.

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What was the original Captain America 3 script on?

It was also previously revealed by the Russo Brothers in 2016 how their overall idea for the project was different. While Marvel recently dropped its Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, executive producer Nate Moore appeared in an interview where he explained the whole incident around the Captain America 3 script. This highlights a very different approach planned by manufacturers.

madbomb captain america 3
Madbomb event in Marvel Comics

Nate Moore said in The city podcast that even if the movie still had the original ideas like the Baron Zemo and Winter Soldier story arcs in their outline, the conflict would have been very different.

“And we were building the movie around a MacGuffin around the Madbomb, which, the Madbomb goes off and causes normal people to start fighting. It’s honestly a bit similar to what I think they did in Kingsman.

The Madbomb in Marvel Comics is a device that can drive people crazy when activated. People around the area of ​​its activation become enraged and start fighting wildly. This storyline already hints that the movie was set to give us a setup similar to the Hollywood Zombie movies. And it would also present a complicated situation for Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers to go against the civilians to control the chaos.

But sadly, the Marvel Boss has dropped the whole idea of ​​going to Civil War and we don’t know if Madbomb is being saved for future major projects.

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Why did Kevin Feige trash the Madbomb idea?

captain america civil war
Kevin Feige trashed Madbomb for Civil War

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As Nate Moore revealed, the MCU Boss didn’t think the original Captain America the threequel script was pretty big. Even though the original script had all the politics and grounded approach of a Captain America project, Feige opted for Civil War.

“And it was cool, and it was grounded, and it was political, and whatever, and [Feige] was like, ‘That’s not a big enough idea, guys.’ And we’re like, ‘Let us write a draft, we’ll prove it to you.’ [Feige:] ‘Okay, prove it to me.’ As we were finishing… he pulled me into his office and he said, ‘You know, I think we should try to do Civil War.’ “

Surprisingly, the MCU didn’t have the adequate resources needed to complete the Civil War storyline, as Moore pointed out to Feige who, on the other hand, was optimistic about it until the end.

“And I was like, ‘Kevin, we don’t have half the stuff that’s in Civil War. We don’t have the New Warriors, we don’t have… Here’s all the reasons why we can’t do it. And he’s like, ‘Go home, read it, let’s talk about it.'”

Kevin Feige made it clear to the makers of the film that Captain America 3 couldn’t have a storyline bigger and better than Civil War. In a meeting, he clearly stated:

“So stop with the Madbomb, you’re doing Civil War.”

What happened next is known to all Marvel fans. Anthony and Joe Russo managed to make one of the best Marvel movies and the movie was loved by everyone. The conflict between the Avengers has elated both comic book fans and normal audiences alike. We don’t know if the Madbomb story will ever get a live-action version or not, but fans would be very excited.

Captain America: New World Order
Captain America: New World Order

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As for Captain America: New World Order, there is no update on the scenario. Not only are we going to see Anthony Mackie’s character with the Vibranium Shield in a feature film, but the movie is also bringing back Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader from The Incredible Hulk.

Captain America: New World Order will be released on May 3, 2024, while Captain America: Civil War can be streamed on Disney+.

Source: The City

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