‘The Moon Landing Was Led By A Bunch Of Ex-Nazis’: Indiana Jones 5 Could Finally Bring Back A Truly Sinister Villain With Mads Mikkelsen As James Mangold Goes Ballistic For Harrison Ford’s Final Ride

Indiana Jones 5 is about to be here and it has more than fans could have expected. The film will take place decades after the fourth installment and will be set in 1969. The adventurous archaeologist is supposed to fight the Nazis on his next expedition. In the last cover of Empire, we have our first look at the character of Harrison Ford fourteen years later Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Indiana Jones 5
Harrison Ford will be back for Indiana Jones 5

It will not only see Ford for his final run as Jones, but it will also see Mads Mikkelsen as their main antagonist, playing a Nazi, inspired by a real Nazi engineer turned NASA. Fans are thrilled to see two amazing actors go head-to-head in this conclusion.

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Indiana Jones 5 will have Nazis fighting the character

Set in 1969, Indiana Jones 5 would see a clash between the Nazis and the moon land on a single platform. Since then, Harrison Ford’s hero has been fighting Hitler’s hordes The Raiders of the Lost Ark, blocking their schemes, fighting with them, or even just letting them be hoisted up by their own firecracker when they meddle with legendary ancient artifacts. While the upcoming movie introduces many new elements, other things remain the same: while Indiana Jones is back in action, so are some recognizable terrifying forces.

Harrison Ford

“How ‘ex’ they are is the question. And it goes to Indy’s nose…”

The film’s writer says it would be a big ride for Indiana Jones and the Nazis, pointing out that the man who is so used to searching for worldly treasures and secrets buried deep in time would find himself facing the moon landing and astronauts. Set decades after the events of World War II, the scattered Nazis would soon come face to face with the adventurer. Although he doesn’t like them either, he seems to confront them quite often.

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What to expect from Indiana Jones 5

Indy and the villain, as seen with Mads Mikkelsen, would be on the hunt for a relic that Mikkelsen’s character would seek to return to the mistakes of the past. He would thus find himself in the way of Jones, who would also like to get his hands on it.

Harrison Ford

There will also be an action sequence that takes place during the Apollo 11 Ticker Taper Parade, which was held on August 13, 1969 to celebrate the astronauts.

Indiana Jones 5 will hit theaters in 2023.

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Source: Empire

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