‘We definitely didn’t want to depress people’: Bruce Almighty almost had a terrifying sequel with Jim Carrey getting Lucifer’s powers that scared the studio

Do you know what is unheard of? A Hollywood fanatic who hasn’t seen Almighty Bruce. The hilarious on-screen presence of Jim Carrey combined with Morgan Freeman playing God was enough to make the film a cult classic. It’s still pretty hard for viewers to stifle a laugh while watching the movie.

Bruce Almighty Guilty Pleasure
Morgan Freeman and Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty

Jim Carrey’s Bruce Sadly Taking the Throne of God Almighty Bruce quite a fun and lightweight watch. These days, almost every movie comes out with one sequel after another, whereas in the early 2000s sequels weren’t as big of a deal as they are now. Maybe that’s why fans haven’t been able to see more of Bruce. However, recently, the screenwriters of Almighty Bruce revealed that there was talk of giving the film a second part. A rather twisted second part, we might add.

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A devil-centric sequel to Almighty Bruce

Bruce Almighty Jim Carrey
Jim Carrey as Bruce in Bruce Almighty

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According Almighty Bruce screenwriters, Steve Koren and Mark O’Keefe, actor Jim Carrey came close to starring in a possible sequel to the film. However, this time his character would assume the powers of the devil himself. Pretty contradictory the first time around, isn’t it? Apparently, Carrey and his manager were all for the idea when it was presented to them.

“We went in and pitched it, but it never really worked out, because that was later… It would have been another giant movie and I don’t think they wanted to do it. It just didn’t work for some reason.

While nothing can be said for sure as to why the sequel never saw the light of day, it could be because the theme was perhaps a bit too dark for the time. Koren even said that despite the gravity of the subject, the sequel would have been written and directed as a friendly comedy, much like Almighty Bruce himself.

“We certainly didn’t want to depress people. So I think I’m scared [the studio] a bit, but to Jim’s credit, he totally understood that we were going to do a great comedy and thought everyone would tune into it.

It sure would have been interesting to see the team’s take on the whole Lucifer angle. However, it was perhaps a bit too dark for the audience. Unlike today, where projects like Lucifer brought a fresh take on such themes, it’s unclear how viewers would have reacted to them at the time.

Almighty Bruce The sequel had dark storylines

Almighty Bruce
Jim Carrey and Jennifer Anniston in Bruce Almighty

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To refresh your memory, Almighty Bruceended with Bruce reconciling with Grace, the two got engaged, and Bruce found his happiness in bringing back smaller, simpler stories. The imagined sequel would have started with Grace’s death.

The writers suggested that Bruce, now possessing the powers of Lucifer himself, would use those powers to bring his other half back to life. On top of that, Carrey pitched an idea that Jennifer Anniston’s character would come back to life as a rotting corpse or zombie and then be transformed into “beautiful again. The writers were all for Carrey’s creative, yet odd, addition.

O’Keefe added that the sequel would have followed Bruce who once again found himself losing everything, including his marriage. This would lead him to abandon his beliefs and turn to the devil for help. Well, that would have been a pretty interesting take on the story, to say the least.

Almighty Bruce is available to stream on Disney+.

Source: SYFY wire

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