Deborra-Lee Furness: 6 Crazy Facts About Hugh Jackman’s Wife

Fans would immediately recognize the sound of Hugh Jackman’s name. After all, he played the iconic role of Wolverine in the x-men film series and PT Barnum in The greatest showman. Indeed, he is a versatile and multi-talented actor. On top of that, he’s a great guy who stays away from nasty Hollywood controversies.

People should know that behind Jackman’s seemingly amazing life is his equally talented and successful wife. Most only know that Deborra-Lee Furness and Jackman have a 13-year age gap, which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, it makes their relationship so much more interesting. Check out more facts about Deborra:

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Deborra-Lee Furness is 13 years older than Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman Deborra-Lee Furness

In an industry where older men generally prefer younger women, Furness is 13 years older than her husband. They have been married for 26 years and share two children. The pair met in Australia where they are both from and were introduced to each other on one of their TV projects.

They keep things spicy and fresh

Hugh Jackman Deborra-Lee Furness 2

For a longtime married couple, it is inevitable to feel a little stagnant and boring. But, for Deborra and Hugh, it’s a bit more exciting because she”gets to have so much business.” Now, this is where the thrill in their relationship takes place. Jackman has had so many roles in the past that he could just transform into someone else to spice things up.

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She and her husband adopted their children

The children of Deborra-Lee Furness

Like any other couple, they also wanted to raise their own children. Furness suffered two miscarriages and the couple also tried IVF, but things didn’t go quite as they had hoped. In the end, they chose to adopt a pair of children. They adopted Oscar in 2000 and Ava in 2005.

They shared their first on-screen kiss

Hugh Jackman Deborra-Lee Furness Correlli

In 1995, Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman starred in an Australian television series, Correlli, which only had 10 episodes. It was one of those short-lived shows that viewers would eventually forget were it not for Jackman’s presence. It was also the couple’s first meeting, and luckily they shared their first kiss on this show. In an interview, Jackman revealed, “Literally from day one, Deb and I had that feeling. It was like a relief. I could just be myself.”

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She has received major awards

Deborra Lee Furness 2

Furness has been outspoken about her advocacy to help and support women and children. As an adoptive mother herself, she helped “revise Australia’s anti-adoption culture and push for reform of the national adoption law.” She went on to receive the Australian of the Year award in New South Wales in 2014.

Deborra-Lee Furness has a long career in television

Deborra Lee Furness

She is no stranger to the media world. Deborra-Lee Furness has worked in the industry since the 80s and has worn many hats throughout her career. Before Jackman landed his breakout role in 2000, his wife already had notable television roles. To this day, she works not only as an actress, but also as a director and producer.

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