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Jack Lisowski Has A Ukrainian Family And American Wife Jamie


Jack Lisowski can trace his family tree back to Ukrainian descent. Her father was born to a Ukrainian fighter who participated in World War II.

The war repositioned Jack’s grandfather in different countries. But he chose to stay in England. In other words, Jack’s grandparents settled in England and adopted English citizenship. There is therefore a touch of Ukrainian roots in the Jack Lisowski family although they remain in England.

Jack was not an unmarried child. He has a sister Lissy Lisowski.

Jack Lisowski and his sister - Lissy Lisowski captured before going to her prom.
Jack Lisowski and his sister – Lissy Lisowski captured before going to her prom. (Source: Instagram)

The surname, i.e. Lisowski, is new to England and sounds of Polish ancestry. People often ask Jack if he has any Polish lineage. He denied having Polish ancestors. However, Jack’s grandfather is a Ukrainian who fought in World War II. Over time, it was moved to England. The young snooker player wants to one day take the case in hand and investigate his genealogy in detail.

His father often travels to Ukraine to reconnect with his roots when the situation allows him. But now Ukraine is at war and the situation is uncertain. Nevertheless, Jack longs to visit Ukraine as soon as the dust settles. His parental heritage is close to his heart and he deplores all the terrible tragedies in the country.

Jack publicly acknowledges that he still has Ukrainian heritage in him. Borrowing his word, it is a “Ukrainian quarter”. To support the country after the Russian invasion, he played the Gibraltar Open with a Ukrainian badge.

But according to Jack, the World Snooker Tour had denied him having the Ukrainian flag attached to the vest during a match in 2022. The World Snooker Tour released a statement to clarify their position.

The statement expressed that the World Snooker Tour has always adhered to a policy of political neutrality. To maintain politics, the Tour will not allow sport to be used as a platform to advance political agendas.

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