‘New York Marine’s conduct is despicable’: Amber Heard hits back at insurance company for refusing to pay money she owes Johnny Depp, says her rights were violated

Amid the hail of legal proceedings and lawsuits, Amber Heard appears to be charging head-on. The Aquaman the actress filed a counterclaim with one of her insurance companies New York Navy for failing to pay the losses she suffered in the trial.

For clarity, Johnny Depp owes $10.35 million for winning Amber Heard’s libel suit. The now furious actress has filed a lawsuit against her insurance company for failing to pay her the money she owes Depp.

Amber Heard during Depp's libel trial.
Amber Heard during Depp’s libel trial.

Amber Heard files a counterclaim against her insurance company

Following the trial that the whole world watched, Johnny Depp emerged victorious. Depp had sued his ex-wife for defamation over an article portraying him as an abusive husband. After the trial ended, Amber Heard walked away with $2 million after being libeled by one of Depp’s lawyers. The actress, however, ended up with the $10.35 million payment to Johnny Depp due to damages caused by his actions.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in the early years.
Amber Heard and Johnny Depp in the early years.

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Before the end of the trial, Heard’s insurance company, the New York Navy withdrew from it. The insurance company filed a claim in court that it was not obligated to pay for losses Amber Heard would suffer after the lawsuit because it did not choose the company on which New York Marine took is agreed. After stepping back, Amber Heard was represented by Pasich LLP.

Heard’s current legal agency filed a countersuit at New York Marine’s request and said the company was trying not to pay Heard what was legally owed to him. Statements filed in a 13-page countersuit read,

“New York Marine sold Ms. Heard an insurance policy promising to defend and indemnify Ms. Heard against, among other things, lawsuits alleging that she had defamed others. When Ms. Heard was sued by Johnny Depp for defamation, she timely notified New York Marine and asked New York Marine to defend her.

The statement continued,

“Although the New York Marine promised to do so, it failed to provide the full and capable defense to which Ms. Heard was entitled, it failed to pay the attorneys’ fees and expenses it was obligated to pay for Ms. Heard’s defense, and acted in other ways that prejudiced Ms. Heard and her defence.

And yet, that’s not all, Amber Heard’s legal team further clarifies that New York Marine acted in bad faith and may have acted against the zombieland actress due to differences.

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Did the New York Navy take action against Amber Heard?

Amber Heard with her lawyers.
Amber Heard with her lawyers.

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In the New York Marine claim, the statements indicate that Amber Heard intentionally defamed her ex-husband Johnny Depp. For this reason (and the other being legal representation), the company believes it owes Amber Heard no funding.

In its counterclaim, the team of Amber Heard specifies that New York Marine had acted in bad faith against the actress. The statements further indicate that before stepping down, the company repeatedly asked Heard to reconsider the lawsuit, making his judgments all the more difficult.

“persisted in his position. . . despite Ms. Heard’s requests to reconsider. This made it “impossible for Ms. Heard to fully accept this New York Marine-led ‘defense’ without prejudice to her defense in the Depp trial”.

A status conference meeting is set for December 1, 2022, at which Judge Wu will be present with both parties over the phone.

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