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Star Wars mistake! Kathleen Kennedy would have been president of Lucasfilm, “She will be gone soon after the…”


Star Wars has gone through many changes in the 10 years since Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney. Kathleen Kennedy has since been the head of Lucasfilm. It was under his reign that we saw the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy and the abundance of Disney+ shows. But according to new rumors, Kathleen Kennedy is apparently leaving Lucasfilm.

Kathleen Kennedy to leave Lucasfilm

Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy

Kathleen Kennedy’s 10-year reign has been mixed. The Sequel Trilogy was divisive even though it was doing well at the box office. All of the green-lit Disney+ shows under her have been hits, with The Mandalorian and Andor standout among a large group.

In the past five years, we haven’t seen a Star Wars movie on the big screen. For a long time it was thought that it was simply Kathleen Kennedy who openly distrusted what was broadcast. This was especially after the poor reception of the Sequel Trilogy and the commercial failure of Solo. But now, new rumors indicate that Kennedy might not have been solely responsible for halting theatrical releases.

Apparently, the call came from above to pause on Star Wars movies. If this rumor is correct, it seems that the only red mark of Kathleen Kennedy’s reign is the reception of the Sequel Trilogy. And objectively speaking, we don’t think that warrants dismissal. But new rumors are already circulating that she will step down as president of Lucasfilm.

According to scooper and YouTuber John Campea, Kathleen Kennedy will apparently leave next year. He said on his live broadcast:

“Here’s what I heard: I heard that the decision to remove Kathy Kennedy has already been made and that she will be gone some time before or very, very, very soon after the release of Indiana Jones 5… Now I want to be very, very clear here: I cannot independently tell and confirm this to you that this is a fact. I will say that one of the two people who contacted me has an average of 1000% on the things they informed me about.

Is the boss of Lucasfilm really about to leave?

Bob Iger

Bob Iger

As Campea said, “I cannot tell you and independently confirm to you that this is a fact.” So there’s no way to be sure right now. But her exit will be a surprise for sure, especially since Bob Iger, who has returned to lead Disney, is supposedly supporting her. In such a situation, it’s hard to believe Campea’s words, especially since rumors of her leaving Lucasfilm have been circulating for almost 5 years and she’s still around.

Much of the fandom will surely love his exit from the franchise due to the blunder that was the Sequel Trilogy. And their opinion as diehard fans should be respected. But based on her Star Wars record, an exit from her will be unlikely. Unless and until Kathleen Kennedy herself decides to leave.

What do you think of this rumour? Let us know.

Levi Wyatt
Levi Wyatt
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