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Who Are Couples That Are Still Together From My Mum Your Dad?


After the conclusion of My Mum Your Dad, My Mum Your Dad coupling Heath Michelle and Neil Michelle are still together.

My Mum Your Dad, a new dating programme that launched earlier this month in Australia, is unlike any other dating show of the reality television sort that the country has ever seen.
In a nutshell, a gathering of grown children and their parents takes place at a remote bunker while the adults’ children gather at a ritzy resort nearby.

These “kids” keep a close check on their parents’ every move and compete in games in order to earn the privilege of choosing their parents’ dates and who their parents will go out with.

There have been a number of key relationships that have begun to blossom during the past several weeks that the programme has been showing, and there have been numerous rumours regarding which couples will end up together in the end. These are the paths that have been travelled by the couples up to this point.

Episode 7 of My Mum Your Dad is now available

Episode 7 of My Mum Your Dad is now available

Heath and Michelle

Michelle, 52, told the other parents in the retreat that she had dated men in their 40s and 30s, with the youngest being 27 years old

Michelle, 52, told the other parents in the retreat that she had dated men in their 40s and 30s, with the youngest being 27 years old

After spending the weekend playing the role of everyone else’s significant other, Heath is ready to give his whole attention to his own love life, and he has his sights set on Michelle.

Until Richard Gere imitation and former Australian Football League star Neil walked in, Heath had no competition because everyone else was a good match. The group of moms who are raising their children alone leaves the retreat and spends the next ten minutes getting to know Neil.

And the men tend to take on a more “territorial” demeanour whenever the women are present. Because Michelle and Neil approach the Parents’ Retreat holding hands, it gives the impression that they have become rather close to one another in the little amount of time that they have known each other.

Even if Heath’s expression says everything that needs to be spoken, psychic medium Petula says that she “can feel the anguish that Heath is going through.”

Heath, on the other hand, is not going to surrender without a fight. Even though Neil and Michelle are growing closer together, Heath pulls Michelle aside for some one-on-one time, and the two of them have an emotional chat about how they have both been cheated on in the past.

During the conversation, they get to know one another better, and at the end of it, Heath is at a point where he is comfortable enough to lay all of his options out on the table.

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Petula And Darren

Darren Lucas’ TV romance with Petula Seath

Darren Lucas’ TV romance with Petula Seath

Petula initially appeared on the show alongside her son Drhys, and the pair have been growing increasingly close to one another since their introduction. She is worried that Darren will become distracted by Michelle, a newcomer who has recently entered his life, and that this would cause the romance to fizzle out.

During the course of the episode, Petula makes the observation that “This may put our relationship in risk.” Darren has admitted that it has been difficult to keep his attention focused solely on his relationship with Petula.

According to him, the fact that they are side diversions makes it more difficult to form relationships with other people. However, he comes to the conclusion that he wants to give Petula his undivided attention since he also wants to keep in mind what his daughter Tess has shared with him regarding the process of finding love.

‘I came into The Retreat to change the way I looked at relationships,’ he says to Petula. Tess suggested to her father that he “maybe gives love more of a chance.”

Shane And Kristy

A misunderstanding causes a rift between Kristy and Shane

A misunderstanding causes a rift between Kristy and Shane

The audience is very intrigued in the blossoming relationship between Shane and Kristy, especially after they exchanged the first kiss of the season with one another. However, there were a few potholes in the route, which caused the couple’s romantic kiss to be delayed.

In a recent episode, Kristy started ignoring Shane because she was unable to figure out what he had been talking about with his daughter Kayla.

In a section that is addressed directly to the camera, she explains, “All Shane says to Kayla is that I have blonde hair, and that gets up my goat a bit because I’m a lot more than just a girl with blonde hair.”

Kristy does not respond when Shane approaches her with the idea of making adjustments. Kristy makes the decision to apologise after a restful night, and Shane gratefully accepts her apology for what it is.

“It looks like Kristy is putting forth a lot of effort to make things work out. He asserts that it is wonderful and that he adores it. Following a delightful picnic in the garden, the pair quickly leans in for a passionate kiss, which leaves their friends and family giddy with excitement.

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Roe And Carole

When Carole arrived at the Parents’ Retreat as a new participant, it was immediately clear that these two were going to be drawn to one another. Before Carole told the cameras, “Roe with that American accent, I felt like I was on a movie set with Dwayne “The Rock” The Rock, he’s simply great,” Roe stated, “Carole came in sexy.” Carole later told the cameras, “Roe with that American accent, I felt like I was on a movie set with Dwayne “The Rock” The Rock, he’s simply great.”

Even though Carole has had her eye on Heath, it seems like she and Roe are concentrating on their relationship while Heath makes contact with Michelle. This is the case despite the fact that Carole has been interested in Heath.

How Many Couples From ‘My Mom, Your Dad’ Are Still Together? Here’s What We Know

When you finish the last episode of a reality dating show, it can be a bit disappointing to learn that the entire season was taped months in advance, and that there is a possibility that your favourite couple is no longer together. However, reality dating shows are still entertaining. Boo, lame!

If you watched the most recent season of the reality dating show My Mom, Your Dad, which airs on HBO Max, then you are well aware of the topic that we are discussing. The new series, which is a hybrid of The Circle and Bachelor in Paradise, gives senior citizens who are still looking for love a chance to find it.

However, a wonderful thing about all of these singles is that they share something in common: they are all parents of at least one child who is currently enrolled in college and have gone through a divorce. Now, their offspring are attempting to reintroduce them to the dating scene in an effort to make them happy.

The children are taken to a hidden bunker after they have dropped off their lonely creators at Second Chance Retreat. There, the children are given the opportunity to watch live video footage of practically everything (!) that their parents are doing while they are at the retreat.

In addition to this, they are provided with one-of-a-kind possibilities to interfere or meddle in the dating lives of their parents (think: random sprinklers going off, the electricity going out, etc). However, by the time the last episode of the season rolled around, not one but three romantic relationships had been established: Grant and Kiki, Scott and DeNeia, and Troy and Karen.

Let’s get right down to business and talk about where things stand with these relationships right now.

My Mum Your Dad is the newest dating show to hit the airwaves in Australia.

My Mum Your Dad is the newest dating show to hit the airwaves in Australia.

Meet the cast of brand new dating show, My Mum, Your Dad!

My Mum Your Dad is the newest dating show to hit the airwaves in Australia. The premise of the show is that single parents bring along their children in an effort to find a new mate, proving that there is no age limit on love.

This week, the first episode of the show aired on Channel 9 to a moderate amount of success from audiences, with 390,000 people turning in to see middle-aged parents searching for love for a second time in their lives.

In case you haven’t tuned in or watched the show yet, the premise of My Mum Your Dad is that the adult children of single parents surreptitiously coach their moms and dads through the challenges of modern dating. If you haven’t seen it, you can check it out here.

The children will compete in a series of challenges in order to earn the right to choose who their parents will go on a date with and what they will do on the date. The children’s approval or disapproval of the date will be the deciding factor in whether or not their parents will find love during their time spent watching the show on television.

My Mum Your Dad

My Mum Your Dad


Carole (57) and Pricilla (21) – QLD

Carole raises the energy in any room since she is a firetracker. She has a heart of gold, is a breast cancer survivor, and can find humour in anything. In this connection, Pricilla perceives herself as the mother.
Pricilla and Carole.

Kristy (43) and Milli (19) – VIC

Kristy has it all: self-assurance, boundless energy, wonderful friends, a flourishing business, and three adoring children. Kristy and Milli don’t often stand side by side. They go out, work, and live together.
Milli and Kristy.

Marette (51) and Tonya (24) – WA

The bubbly bombshell Marette describes herself as crazy, sincere, and always up for a conversation. Her cosmetics company sells eyelash goods online. Tonya and her mother frequently get mistaken for sisters and identify as twins.

Mel (56) and Sam (21) – VIC

Mel is terrified about entering the dating scene once more. She has been holding back because of her fear of getting injured again, but now she’s ready to find her mojo again. Sam has the kind of charisma that can make anyone grin.

Michelle (52) and Chloe (22) – NSW

A social whirlwind and the life of the party, Michelle is the best flight hostess ever. She always has something to say. Chloe, her mother’s ultimate wingman, is not afraid to point out warning signs in males.

Petula (50) and Drhys (22) – WA

Petula is a vibrant, quirky, and entertaining woman. She claims that being a psychic medium can either assist or hurt her love life. Drhys is a charming tradesman who is fiercely loyal to his mother.


Charlie (55) and Eliza (23) – SA

Charlie is a genuine, outgoing country guy who always sees the silver lining in everything. He is a workaholic and owns a farm with a distillery. When it comes to her father’s more private times, Eliza’s sharp humour and gestures reveal everything.

Darren (56) and Tess (26) – VIC & NSW

Darren is a wealthy, successful businessman who enjoys the finer things in life and is the owner of a luxury coach business. He is the heart and spirit of the celebration. Tess loves her dad and works in the family company with him.

Heath (51) and Haydn (23) – NSW

Heath appears to be the tough, resolute firefighter, but in reality, he is a giant softie. When it comes to his children, he can be upfront about his feelings and get emotional. Haydn is a self-assured man who enjoys the outdoors and athletics.

Neil (60) and Dylan (21) – QLD

Neil is an outgoing person who enjoys being in the spotlight. Instead of utilising dating apps, he likes to meet ladies through charm and card tricks. A laid-back bartender, Dylan can open out to younger customers and even be friendly with them.

Roe (56) and Sachem (23) – VIC & QLD

As cool as they come, Roe is. He is a fit, classy businessman from Florida who relocated to Australia in 2014 while on a basketball tour. Sachem is a knowledgeable and original rapper and singer.

Shane (48) and Kayla (26) – QLD

Shane is a traditional romantic who upholds traditional ideals and chivalry. He enjoys being impulsive and is a firm believer in quick attraction. Kayla is a stunningly outspoken and opinionated young lady.

Tim (55) and James (21) – VIC

Tim is a rock enthusiast who plays guitar and is a musician. He is a calm, collected, and cool father. James is a well-known figure on social media. He is self-assured and relaxed like his father.

Presenter Kate Langbroek, an entertainer and author, called the series “wonderful.”

“I’m very looking forward to this great new series premiering in Australia and seeing how brave and helpless these single parents are. Regarding the performance, she remarked, “To dare to dream and open their hearts to love again – and in the public arena – is tremendously courageous.

Nobody is more invested in your relationship than your children since they are also involved in it. In actuality, they are the ones that frequently wind up with emotional baggage. Therefore, it’s fairly amazing that these kids are assisting their parents in their search for a connection in secret.
Monday and Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., My Mum Your Dad is broadcast. On 9NOW, catch up on the most recent episodes.

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