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Disney+ forced to remove Marvel Legends episode after confirming major ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special’ spoiler


Disney+ was recently called out to remove an episode of Legends of its platform due to the Marvel Studios docuseries spoiling one of the studio’s upcoming productions. The clash comes in light of the new feature film directed by James Gunn, The Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special. The TV movie’s parent platform will keep the deleted episode of the docuseries on hold at least until the movie’s release, but the deletion can also be considered permanent later on.

James Gunn’s holiday special was meant to steer away from the gloom of the Guardians and their leader’s grief over Gamora’s death in Infinity War. However, the recent turn of events at Disney+ has only added to the rage and controversy surrounding the feature film just two days before its scheduled premiere.

Drax and Mantis in The GotG Holiday Special
Drax and Mantis in The GotG Holiday Special

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The GotG Holiday Special Gets ruined by Marvel Legends

What was supposed to be an encore episode for the next one The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special turned out to be an absolute disaster and a poor feature management. Legends, the Marvel Studios docuseries was created as an initiative to cover the vast expanse of the MCU canon in fragments that focused on specific characters and their arcs. The goal is to provide an overhaul of the MCU heroes and villains narrative before any major production releases so that fans can keep up to date with up-to-date developments before they hit theaters.

Legends of Marvel Studios
Marvel Studios: Legends

Spoilers ahead

Exactly the same Legends which was supposed to complete the upcoming MCU narrative for fans has now caused an uproar in the Marvel community for ruining what was supposed to be a pleasant holiday surprise in James Gunn’s Disney+ special. In an episode that has since been deleted, Drax and Mantis talk to each other about their Commander-in-Chief, Star-Lord, and the former asks Mantis, “Why don’t you want me to tell him?” He should know that you are his sister. The familial relationship Mantis shares with Peter Quill could very well send the latter into deeper grief for having to remember Ego. And so, Mantis answers Drax’s question by saying, Our only connection is the source of his greatest shame. I do not think so.

The implication of the revealed relationship serves to establish a bond between the two Guardians that extends beyond their current camaraderie. The Holiday special could use this as a catalyst to lift Star-Lord out of his misery and begin to heal by putting into perspective the family who are willing to travel across the galaxy to cheer him up and who, in turn, are still dear to him.

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What is the Legends Spoiler means for the Holiday special

James Gunn has long toyed with the idea of ​​introducing Ego’s daughter into the story. The scene revealed in Legends aired as a deleted scene from The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 years before the Nov. 23 episode of the docuseries. But being a refresher on all things past and present, revisiting the relationship that’s been kept under wraps all these years, from both Star-Lord and James Gunn’s Marvel fandom, actually serves to be a major spoiler. due to the implication of the importance and relevance of this relationship in the story to come.

Legends Confirms Major Canon Theory About Mantiss' Identity
Legends confirms a major canonical theory about the identity of Mantis

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James Gunn, director of Guardians of the Galaxy the trilogy had kept its final trick up its sleeve for a big show-and-tell that was to happen in its Christmas theme Holiday special. Now that the spoiler has been slapped on the walls of the internet and social media platforms, deleting the Disney+ episode does little to undo the damage done.

As fans rage over the Disney+ blunder, the division of hierarchy within Marvel Studios is being questioned for pushing such a massive spoiler ahead of release. Perhaps the vast canon of the MCU is now too vast for the crew to keep up with every tiny development and mistakes like this may just happen again in the future.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special premieres on Disney+ on November 25, 2022.

Source: Marvel Studios: Legends

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