James Gunn Reveals Kevin Bacon Despises Christmas And Agreed To Play Role In Guardians Of The Galaxy Holiday Special Because He’s A Nice Guy

by James Gunn Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special has a special appearance. The franchise’s special edition trailer includes a special appearance from Hollywood star Kevin Bacon. However, this caused a little conflict among MCU fans. Bacon earlier appeared as mutant Nazi scientist Sebastian Shaw in X-Men: First Class. The upcoming appearance, however, does not involve any characters as the Sleepers star would play himself in the Holiday special.

James Gunn, Kevin Bacon and Sean Gunn
James Gunn, Kevin Bacon and Sean Gunn

In his recent interview with Variety, James Gunn addressed the conflict and explained how he continues to insist on making a Holiday special for the Guardians of the Galaxy. The director previously worked with Kevin Bacon in the 2010 action comedy Great.

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James Gunn Talks Kevin Bacon’s MCU Debut

Kevin Bacon was the main antagonist of the 2011 film X-Men: First Class. And now that the American actor is ready to appear in Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special, fans have doubts about his presence in the MCU.

Kevin Bacon as himself in the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special
Kevin Bacon as himself in the Guardians of the Galaxy holiday special

However, James Gunn said the best thing about the Holiday special is Kevin Bacon. He said his next appearance had nothing to do with his past or future appearance in the MCU.

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The best thing for the holiday special is Kevin Bacon, and if that means Kevin Bacon is a different character later in the MCU, it doesn’t really matter. That’s not true,” said the manager.

He also said he wanted to have the real Kevin Bacon in the Holiday special and no one else could have played it better than himself. James Gunn said, “He was the perfect person to play Kevin Bacon. If we had cast John Schneider as Kevin Bacon, it wouldn’t have worked so well.

Clip from The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special trailer

In Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter Quill aka Star-Lord is portrayed as a huge Kevin Bacon fan. There have been several references to the actor and his films in the MCU.

The holiday special focuses on Guardians celebrating Christmas on Earth. After seeing Star-Lord sad, his teammates Drax and Mantis attempt to cheer him up with the ultimate Christmas present, his beloved star, Kevin Bacon.

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Kevin Bacon doesn’t like Christmas

James Gunn revealed that Kevin Bacon was his first choice for the Holiday special. He said he should “recast with a different actor,” but he was happy to have obtained the Great actor.

While the film is called Holiday special and is totally focused on Christmas, the director revealed that Bacon wasn’t a big fan of the festival. “Kevin doesn’t like Christmas. That part was hilarious to me” Gunn said. The Suicide Squad The director further shared that Bacon’s house looks nothing like what they showed in the film.

James Gunn, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon
James Gunn, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon at the Super 2010

“I have Kevin showing up on set in what’s supposed to be his house, and it’s filled with all these huge inflatables. It looks like Santa threw up all over the Bacon house, which doesn’t actually look like it. nothing at Kevin Bacon’s house.

However, the Without stand still the star agreed to work with Gunn in the Holiday Special. James Gunn called him professional, egoless and genuinely kind. The Slide the director shared that he had wanted to do the holiday special for a long time. So when Kevin Feige approved of the film, he was thrilled to finally bring it to the screen.

Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special will premiere November 25 on Disney+.

Source: Variety

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