Standalone Namor Movie Can’t Happen Until Universal Drama Is Resolved

The Mutant from Black Panther 2 has become such a fan favorite. Fans want the character’s next development to be a solo movie. Well, maybe it’s not that simple because Universal still owns the rights to a character similar to Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk.

And it seems the complicated licensing fees impacted both the possibility of a standalone movie based on the character and how Wakanda Forever might have been marketed before its debut.

Production of a standalone film based on Tenoch Huerta’s Black Panther’s Namor: Wakanda Forever has been banned, according to Marvel Studios.

One of the most beloved Phase 4 arrivals among fans is the MCU villain Huerta.

Namor’s Complicated Rights

Universal still owns the rights to Namor

Universal still owns the rights to Namor

In light of the complex legal issues involving Namor, Nate Moore revealed that Namor will not appear in any movies after Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

According to Moore, Ternoch Huerta’s Namor “could return” to the MCU, but not as a standalone movie.

In the same sentence, he said that unless he was part of a poster series, Marvel Studios was not allowed to use the Black Panther 2 villain in the film’s marketing campaign.

The character only made a few solo appearances in the lead up to the film, but they’ve all been included in a collection of character posters for every major character in the MCU saga.

Moore said “There wasn’t really a lot that we couldn’t do character-wise for him, which is good because we clearly took inspiration from the source material, but we also made some big changes to really grounding it in this world, in a truth that the edit never really landed on, I would say, in a big way.

Namor’s future in the MCU

Namor Solo Movie

Namor Solo Movie

A standalone Namor movie or the rumored World War Hulk movie may be produced by Marvel Studios. Disney, on the other hand, would not be allowed to distribute it; this obligation would rest with Universal. Kevin Feige and his team would have plenty of reasons not to bother since Universal would then be entitled to a share of the profits.

Feige, meanwhile, only said last month that Namor might get his own solo movie, noting that it would depend on how Wakanda Forever is received. It’s possible the studio is close to buying the rights given rumors that they’re already working on a Hulk movie.

And that’s probably what’s going to happen with Huerta’s submarine. There will be more about him and the Talokan universe, though it may not be in the form of a standalone movie.

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