Tom Hardy Didn’t Feel Good As Bane Working With Cristian Bale In Dark Knight Rises

Tom Hardy is passionate about his work and when it comes to bringing a character to life, the actor does it to his fullest potential. Throughout his career, he has portrayed a wide range of characters. To play the role of a rather thin soldier in Band of brothers gain volume for The dark knight rises Hardy has undergone several body transformations. However, sometimes these body transformations have also caused health problems for the Hollywood star.

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Tom Hardy

The Mad Max star gained 30 pounds for his role in the 2012 film The dark knight rises. He portrayed DC supervillain Bane in the film. In order to portray the character, Hardy had to put on weight in a short time, which caused the actor to worry about his health.

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Tom Hardy didn’t feel well after putting on weight for The dark knight rises

Tom Hardy starred alongside Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan’s latest episode Batman trilogy, The dark knight rises. However, to portray Gotham’s villain on screen, Hardy needed to build muscle in a short amount of time. The Venom star did it by gaining 30 pounds and training to gain muscle.

The body transformation is considered the most extreme of her career. Tom Hardy shared that he had to follow strict diets to gain weight. Snacking on pizza and gaining weight might not be a big deal, but it did come with some drawbacks for the actor.

Tom Hardy as Bane
Tom Hardy as Bane

Tom Hardy shared that he didn’t feel well after bulking up for his role. He said, “If you look closely if you really study the photographs, I was really overweight,” Bronson said the star. He shared that he ate a lot and trained to gain muscle, but it still had an impact on his health.

It’s the magic of lighting and three or four months of lifting, training, and eating lots of pizza. It was not good for my heart. he said. Tom Hardy had gained weight for his characters in Bronson and Warrior. But portraying Bane required him to look as tall as possible. However, he still says his body transformation was nothing compared to Christian Bale.

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Tom Hardy was bullied by Christian Bale

While sharing his experience of working with Christian Bale in The dark knight rises, Tom Hardy said he was bullied by the Batman actor. “He looks really intimidating” said Hardy.

There’s a three-year-old inside of me that goes, ‘Oh my God, it’s Batman! It’s Batman and he’s going to hit me! But I love Batman!” he added again. He also shared that he had to communicate with him through signals because of the mask he had to wear as Bane.

Tom Hardy and Christian Bale
Tom Hardy and Christian Bale

Christian Bale also spoke about working with the Locke star. Speaking to Empire, he said he would love to work with Tom Hardy again.

Bale said he was looking forward to working in another film with Hardy because he felt like they worked in isolation behind their masks. The black Knight star also shared that they promised to work on something together one day.

The black Knight trilogy is available to stream on HBO Max.

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