CelebrityWednesday Addams's Family Evidently Has A Lot Of Witches,...

Wednesday Addams’s Family Evidently Has A Lot Of Witches, But Is She Really One?


Although she is not a witch, Wednesday Addams possesses magical skills, specifically psychic vision. Wednesday comes from a long line of witches on both her mother’s and father’s sides.

The live-action version of “The Addams Family” franchise that was released on Netflix most recently is called “Wednesday.” Tim Burton, who serves as the director of the series, wanted to make sure that viewers wouldn’t mistake his new project for a remake or a reboot but rather for a spinoff that focuses on Wednesday’s life as she enters adulthood instead of a reboot or a remake.

The well-known and much-loved members of the Addams Family are those who were created by Charles Addams and are based on the original characters he created. However, Wednesday in this iteration is quite a bit older than the version represented by Christina Ricci the last time we saw her on screen.

Wednesday is now old enough to attend high school, which means that she will definitely encounter new people, both friends and enemies.

Wednesday was required to attend a variety of schools prior to enrolling in the Nevermore Academy because of the explosions that occurred throughout her education. In addition to this, everyone at Nevermore treats her as a “outcast” from the beginning. But, Wednesday Addams—does she practise witchcraft?

Wednesday Addams, portrayed by actress Jenna Ortega

Wednesday Addams, portrayed by actress Jenna Ortega

Is Wednesday Addams a Witch? She has Many Witches in Her Family History

Wednesday Addams is not a witch; however, because of her psychic vision, she is considered to be a supernatural human.

Wednesday, much like the Sanderson Sisters, may not have the ability to concoct potions or fly on broomsticks, but there is little question that she carries the trait of evil in her blood.

Her father, cartoonist Charles Addams, gave the character of her mother, Morticia Addams, the role of a witch in the series. In the episode number five of the first season of the original television series “The Addams Family,” which aired in the 1960s, it is revealed that Morticia and Gomez’s families may be traced back to the “witchcraft” of Salem, Massachusetts.

Aside from that, in Episode 9, we see Morticia perform a witchy ritual called “smoke,” in which smoke emanates from her body. This is definitely some witchy business.

We are able to see the ways in which Wednesday is the same as or different from her mother Morticia due to the fact that Morticia was a well-known former cast member of Nevermore. In order for Wednesday to fully manifest her witchiness.

In the movie that was released in 1991, Wednesday also comes to have a deep respect for her ancestor, Great Aunt Calpurnia Addams, who was executed for practising witchcraft in the year 1706.

And, of course, there is Grandmama, one of the many secondary characters that populate the Addams household. In some versions, Grandmama is portrayed as Morticia’s mother, while in other versions, she is Gomez’s mother. This distinction is made based on the version.

She even helps Granny Fump in the kitchen concoct various concoctions and medicines. As a result, Wednesday has a very little amount of the so-called “witch” gene.

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Wednesday Addams Family Tree

The eerie Addams Family was initially presented on television for the first time in the 1964 series. The Addams Family was conceived by cartoonist Charles Addams. Since then, the family has become a staple of Halloween culture, having starred in a number of movies and television shows.

Since the comic strip adaptation of the nameless family was first published, the cast of The Addams Family has seen numerous changes. However, Gomez and Morticia Addams, together with their children Wednesday and Pugsley, are the primary protagonists in each and every version of the story, beginning with the famous television series that debuted in 1964.

The Addams family is important, because each member of the family is unique and interesting in their own way. There are nine distinct individuals that need be brought up, so let’s get acquainted with them through the Family Tree.

Gomez Addams 

Gomez Addams

Gomez Addams

Gomez, the patriarch of the Addams family, may have a somewhat threatening appearance, but he is actually a jovial man who exudes joy and wears a broad smile. He is also the source of the family’s name. He exudes a high feeling of optimism and appears to be carefree, which may be attributable to the enormous money that he possesses.

Given that Gomez’s thoughts on investing lack the justification and techniques that the majority of investors apply, he must consider himself extremely fortunate that his riches has not been destroyed. In any event, Gomez is without a shadow of a doubt the most animated member of the family.

Morticia Addams

Morticia is the wife of Gomez Addams and mother of Wednesday

Morticia is the wife of Gomez Addams and mother of Wednesday

Morticia, the mother of the Addams family, seems to be the family’s mastermind as well as the glue that holds them together. The fact that this character keeps a caring and compassionate attitude despite having a chilly and scary demeanour that occasionally even resembles that of a ghost is what makes this character stand out from the rest of the cast.

The fact that Morticia is so reliable and level-headed more than makes up for the peculiar behaviours exhibited by her relatives. In addition, the majority of the characters in the movie agree that she comes from a family with some of the best examples of parenting.

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Pugsley Addams 

Pugsley is the son of Morticia and Gomez Addams and Wednesday's brother

Pugsley is the son of Morticia and Gomez Addams and Wednesday’s brother

Pugsley Addams is a member of the Addams family. His parents are Gomez and Morticia, and he is either Wednesday’s older or younger brother, depending on whatever version of the character you watch.

His traits also change from one episode to the next; sometimes, he is portrayed as a nefarious and deviant youth who is responsible for a number of horrifying things, and other times, he is much more playful while still being inventive. However, he always wears the same striped T-shirt, which is easily recognisable.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday from the Addams Family is more well-known than ever today, thanks to the internet. She is without a doubt one of the most well-liked characters among fans, and since Jenna Ortega has been cast in the role of playing her in the television series created by Tim Burton, she has gained an even greater fan base.

Wednesday, the daughter of Gomez and Morticia, is propelled by her callous ideas, sarcastic demeanour, and deadpan demeanour.

Uncle Fester 

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester is well-known due to his prominent eyes, big black coat, and large collars, all of which distinguish him from other people. He also has a bald head.

The character is important to the family because of the quirky, horrific, and bizarre things he does, such as keeping falcons on the roof and fishing with dynamite. These things contribute to the family’s sinister air while also confusing the audience members watching the show.


Grandmama Addams

Grandmama Addams

Despite the fact that she makes frequent appearances, Grandmama’s status as a member of the Addams Family is still up for debate due to the fact that it is not totally obvious if she is Gomez or Morticia’s mother.

She is a witch who takes great pleasure in concocting a wide variety of brews and casting charms. As if that weren’t enough, she is also known to occasionally engage in activities such as casual knife tossing and fortune reading.

Cousin Itt

Cousin Itt

Cousin Itt

Gomez Addam has a cousin by the name of Cousin Itt. Having said that, the degree to which the two are connected has to be elucidated. His hair is so long that it extends all the way down to the bottoms of his feet, despite the fact that he is not very tall.

He is notorious for speaking in an obnoxious rambling that is incomprehensible to everyone but his family members, and they appear to be the only ones who can understand him. In addition, Itt is the mother of a child who goes by the name What.




Lurch, who has a gaunt, towering, and ghoulish appearance, is an essential figure in the folklore of his supernatural family even though he is not a member of the family.

He helps out around the house, and although though his vast size and power sometimes prevent him from finishing chores, the Addamses still consider him to be quite a find despite the fact that he sometimes fails to do so. Lurch is exceptional at a variety of things, like making the children laugh and waxing Uncle Fester’s skull.




In the first version of “Thing,” the only thing that could have protected the audience from the horrifying look of the creature was the human hand that the main character possessed.

However, in later episodes, Thing is revealed to be nothing more than a ghostly hand that, much like Lurch, helps the family inside and outside of the house. Changing the channel on the television, lighting cigars, and getting the mail are three of the Things’ very favourite things to do.

Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.

Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family.

Wednesday (TV series) Bio

Wednesday is an American TV show about a girl coming of age that is based on Wednesday Addams from The Addams Family. It is a supernatural comedy horror show. Created by Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, it stars Jenna Ortega as the title character, with Catherine Zeta-Jones, Luis Guzmán, Isaac Ordonez, Gwendoline Christie, Riki Lindhome, Jamie McShane, Fred Armisen, and Christina Ricci appearing in supporting roles. Tim Burton, who is also the show’s executive producer, is in charge of four of the eight episodes. It revolves around the titular character, who attempts to solve a monster mystery at her school.

Burton was involved with two Addams Family projects in the past: the 1991 movie, which he turned down, and a stop-motion animated movie that was never made. In October 2020, he was reported to be helming a television series, which was later given a series order by Netflix. Filming took place in Romania between September 2021 and March 2022. Wednesday premiered on November 16, 2022, and was released on Netflix on November 23 to generally positive reviews by critics, who praised Ortega’s performance, but criticised it for its similarities to CW dramas.

What would Wednesday season 2 be about?

The idea of the Addams Family has been around for a long time, so there is a lot to work with. In 1938, Charles Addams made cartoons for the New Yorker that were the first thing people saw. From there, the comics were turned into a popular TV show in the 1960s. They were also turned into movies in the 1990s, which is probably where most of us know the characters, especially Wednesday, who was played by Christina Ricci in the movies. Ricci even makes a guest appearance on the show as a callback to her original role, but this time she’s the bad guy.

In the 2022 slice of life series, Wednesday Addams starts at Nevermore Academy, her new school. She just found out she has psychic and supernatural powers, and she needs to figure out what’s going on at her school and in her town, where there are monsters, chaos, and even murder. Nevermore and its amazing set design have been a big part of the show, and Wednesday just started school, so it’s likely that the mysteries of Nevermore and the usual teen antics of a boarding school will continue.

But in the last few minutes of the eighth episode, the show sets up a new rivalry between Wednesday and the school’s most popular girl, Siren. It also shows Wednesday getting threatening texts from her “first stalker,” and it shows Tyler changing into his Hyde persona in the back of a black van. We have a new bad guy and a continuation of the story of another monster, which could be interesting to learn more about in a possible second season.

Who will be in the cast?

Jenna Ortega, who plays Wednesday, as well as her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, who are portrayed by Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones, will undoubtedly be required to return for the second season of “The Addams Family.” In addition to Fred Armisen in the role of Uncle Fester, the cast of the first season also includes Isaac Ordonez and George Burcea, and newcomers Christina Ricci and Gwendoline Christie played roles as characters from outside the family. Due to the unfortunate circumstances in which Christie’s character as Nevermore’s principal is killed off, it is quite unlikely that we will see her again. On the other hand, there are spectres everywhere in this planet. Regarding Christina Ricci’s character, Ms. Thornhill, she appears to be attacked by a swarm of bees later in the season, and it’s possible that this will be the last time we see her.

Grandmama and Cousin Itt are just two of the many legendary characters from the Addams Family universe that have not yet been portrayed in the series. If Netflix decides to give us a second season, there will most likely be some fun announcements and appearances in the future because the creators have the ability to constantly create new characters at their discretion.

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