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‘It’s TV. That would be great. It’s gonna go viral’: Amy Adams clapped as Graham Norton asked Henry Cavill to take his shirt off on live TV – Fans cry twice


Henry Cavill was seen in a muscular body in every shirtless scene he portrayed. When the actor continues The Graham Norton Show, he was asked to remove his shirt in front of the live audience and TV screens. People called out the host for this because Graham Norton seemed to have crossed the line.

Henry Cavill at the Graham Norton Show.
Henry Cavill at the Graham Norton Show.

When Graham Norton asked Henry Cavill to take off his shirt

the witcher The actor always plays an improved person in every role he plays. Taking roles as strong as Superman and Geralt of Rivia (in the witcher), the actor had to train for years with a proper diet.

While on The Graham Norton Show with co-star Amy Adams, Henry Cavill was asked to take his shirt off in front of live and TV audiences to see if he still retained that physique. The video begins with Graham Norton showing a shirtless photo of the polished actor and asking him how long it took him to model his body.

Henry Cavill is sexualized in many interviews he has participated in.
Henry Cavill is sexualized in many interviews he has participated in.

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“How Long Did It Take To Be That” Graham Norton said, pointing to the screen. Henry Cavill began to say, “To get to this stage, it took about 9 months.” “What if you just wanted to take your clothes off now…what would you do?” » said Graham Norton as Amy Adams began to cheer and cheer on her co-star.

With an already uneasy Henry Cavill, Graham Norton continued further,

“It’s TV! It would go viral. What would you like, you still look like that? Henry Cavill replied “Ehh no. I don’t look like that anymore. It’s kind of…” he continued when he was abruptly interrupted by a “boo”.

Fans took to YouTube’s comments section and launched attacks on Graham Norton for asking someone to do it in front of a live audience. Some of the comments read as below,

“‘Men aren’t objectified in the media’ yeah, okay.”

Poor man Each interview He is sexualized

“Gotta love a video that ranges from sexual harassment and objectification to body shaming. ‘Hilarious’!

The comments on YouTube are indeed true as Henry Cavill is sexualized and thirsty in many of the interviews the actor has taken part in. The actor was last seen alongside Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes 2 and during one of the promos, the actor had some thoughts on his upcoming role as Superman in the DCU.

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Henry Cavill’s quest to take over Superman in the DCU

Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU.
Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCU.

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During one of the promotional videos of Enola Holmes 2, a film critic asked Cavill what he thought of the next (rumored) Man of steel 2. The actor, much to people’s surprise, said they’re ground zero right now. Stating that the project is still in the early stages of development, Henry Cavill said that they are still developing the script for the film and that is what was so exciting for the actor.

In related news, Dwayne Johnson recently took to Twitter and gave a hurtful update on Superman’s return to the DCU. The Jumanji The actor said he’s doing everything in his power to get Henry Cavill’s Superman more involved in future DCU projects, but it’s up to superiors to have the final say.

Suffice it to say, people loved his return to black adam but his future in the DCU still remains a bit debatable. Henry Cavill’s Last Movie Enola Holmes 2 can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: YouTube

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