Custom College Papers From $10 Per Page

Find out how to order custom essays online at affordable prices and where to get them. Learn what you should know before you do.

In today’s digital age, there are countless websites offering custom essays for sale at affordable prices. These sites provide expert writers who can craft a unique and personalized paper just for you.

Whether you’re a busy student, a working professional, or just someone who needs a little extra help, these sites can provide you with the assistance you need to succeed. So, if you’re ready to take the stress out of academic writing, check out our list of the best sites with custom papers starting at just $10 per page.

College Essays for Sale Online

Read on to learn about some academic writing companies selling college papers and other academic essays to help make student life easier.

EssayPro: from $10.80 per page

EssayPro has been in this business for more than 10 years. They’ve built a strong reputation in the academic writing industry and offer a few different services. Students can place orders for complete original papers, rewritten papers, or editing services.

The website has an order form that asks for basic information to calculate the price. Your final price is determined by a few factors, including the academic level of the assignment, number of pages, turnaround time, and line spacing. The most basic papers start at a price of $10.80 per page.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the time you have left when you order an essay online. The more time you can give them to write it, the lower your price will be. You have the option to choose from 1 day up through 2 weeks for custom essays.

EssayPro boasts having served more than 1.5 million customers with quality essay papers and help. They have numerous reviews on their website left by students who are pleased with this company.

Essays written by this company’s writers are high quality and original. They have writers you choose from yourself based on their profiles and chats. But, this company offers even more than most by providing experts to complete math and other homework, as well.

PaperHelp: from $10 per page

PaperHelp also has a good reputation in the essays for sale online community. This company has an extremely high satisfaction rate. It has a high number of repeat customers.

The website provides more than 800 professional writers to choose from. They’re all highly experienced and have higher education degrees. Many of them have a PhD or an MA.

PaperHelp offers several types of papers for purchase. Students at all levels can order term papers, research papers, dissertations, thesis papers, and even speeches or presentations. You’ll also have a choice of different subjects. You can buy a history essay, persuasive essay, argumentative essay, and more.

The price per page starts around $10. But you get a couple of free add-ons, too. Most companies make you pay extra for things like the title page and a reference page, however, PaperHelp gives you those for free.

One of the things that stands out about PaperHelp is you can get some types of essay writing done within hours. They offer deadlines starting at 3 hours and ranging up to 2 weeks. You will pay a premium for essays with short deadline periods.

SpeedyPaper: from $9 per page

This company has a mission to make college life less stressful and more successful. They also promise transparency in the way they do business. When you buy college essay papers, you need to know you’re getting quality work that’s original because there are severe consequences for students who are found plagiarizing or stealing content.

SpeedyPaper may not have the same broad selection of assignment types that some of the other companies offer but they still provide an essay paper service for various grades and education levels.

They offer custom writing for categories such as research paper, argumentative essay, persuasive essay, and anything requiring in-depth knowledge of a subject.

On the website, they boast that “all our writers” are situated all around the world. It makes it easy for them to hire writers with expertise in many different areas. Some of them write essay after essay as their full time jobs, while others, it’s only a part time job.

You’ll find varying levels of education and extensive experience amongst the writers for this site. Some have a Bachelor’s degree while others have more advanced degrees.

SpeedyPaper offers more options for deadlines. You can order an essay with a deadline of just 6 hours or with up to 20 days. A high school level essay due in 20 days starts at just $9 per page.

How to Use Academic Writing Services

Essay writing services provide academic papers written by a professional writer who will tailor your paper to the writing style needed for your assignment.

Students go to the respective website where they can order custom essays from expert writers. These companies provide something different than websites offering pre-written papers.

A custom essay is written on-demand as if it’s coming directly from the student to fulfill the requirements of a specific assignment. Contrary to that, a pre-written essay is pulled from a bank of papers. The provider simply tries to choose something that matches the assignment instructions as closely as possible.

This type of writing service typically offers more than just complete written essays for sale, though. Students can also submit papers to have their writing edited or proofread, as well.

How to Choose an Academic Writing Service

Before you go and order essays from the cheapest service you can find, you should do a little research to make sure you’re purchasing from a reputable company. There are many websites that will sell you a poorly written cheap essay. You need to steer clear from these.

That’s not to say there aren’t some companies selling essays for affordable prices and with excellent quality. It’s just important that students vet companies to make sure they’re legit.

Here are some factors you should consider when choosing a paper writing service.

  • Time in business
  • Academic level offered
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Number of writers
  • Expertise of writers
  • Price
  • Services offered
  • All original essays
  • Essay style offered
  • Pre-written essays for sale

You can also look at whether the company offers a money back guarantee or promises plagiarism free essay papers. Services that offer a free plagiarism report tend to be more trustworthy.

Who Has the Best Writers?

It’s hard to say which company has the best writer team. The good thing is, with any of these essay writing companies that have established good reputations, you’re bound to have plenty of options so you can choose the best writer for your high school or college essays.

What you don’t want to do when you’re looking to buy an essay online is settle for cheap essays that are not custom written to meet the criteria of your detailed instructions. Many companies set up websites to sell pre-written essays that could potentially get you a failing grade or, worse, kicked out of school.

One thing to note is even the good websites with essays for sale don’t necessarily let you choose the writer who writes your paper. If you want to select a specific writer, make sure you choose a company that offers that service option. The companies that don’t allow that choose a writer that has the skills necessary to complete your assignment.

FAQ Section

How much does an essay typically cost?

The cost of essays for sale is typically anywhere from about $30 to $100+. However, the price is determined by multiple factors. The number of pages, academic level, amount of time allowed, and type of paper all help to determine the final price.

Why is it better to buy a custom essay rather than pre-written essays?

Custom writing is original. It’s tailored to a set of instructions to ensure it meets all requirements of the assignment. Original writing isn’t plagiarized from somewhere else. It’s what you would produce yourself if you weren’t paying a professional writer to create it for you.

Pre-written essays for sale are often plagiarized and have been sold to others before you. They also won’t likely fit the requirements of your assignment completely because they could not be tailored to fulfill what was being asked. Pre-written essays are generally cheap essays but they’re not always original or high quality.

Is it safe to buy an essay online?

It is safe to buy an essay online if you do your research first and buy from a company with a solid reputation.

It’s best if you buy from a website that offers custom writing for college essays so you get a high quality paper that secures you a good grade. You can also look for a company that provides plagiarism reports and other scans to make sure you stay safe and receive the best essay.

How to buy an essay online without getting caught?

Obviously, university students don’t want to get caught buying an essay for sale online. This could lead to a bad outcome with the school.

You can protect yourself by starting with a reputable company. Also, look for ways the company protects you, such as plagiarism reports, confidentiality agreements, and their right to sell your paper to someone else.

You can also vet the writers on the website. Look at their credentials and reviews. Some companies allow you to chat with the writers about your needs. Take advantage of it if they do.

Where can I get essays for free?

You’ll find that many of these companies keep a stock of sample essays stored on their websites. These are labeled as free. You need to read the rules of each site to know what you are allowed to do with those free essays.

What is the quality of writers’ skills?

The quality of writers’ skills varies from site to site. The best essays for sale to Americans are those written by native English speakers. This is because they’ll be grammatically correct, as opposed to written in broken English.

The reputable companies have writers that are college graduates, themselves. They have writers who specialize in different subjects and some with graduate degrees. Good companies post reviews about their writers on their site and include important credential information on their profile pages.

What information is required for me to place an order?

Each order form may be different, but they generally ask for the same things.

  • Academic level
  • Type of paper
  • Length of paper
  • Subject
  • Topic or title
  • Important instructions
  • Paper format
  • Additional materials
  • Deadline

There could be much more depending on the type of paper you need and the academic level.

What citation styles are available?

This depends on the website you’re using. Some offer more than others. The basics like APA, MLA, Chicago/Turabian, and Harvard are offered by most. There are several others that are provided, too.

Many professors prefer a certain type of citation style, so make sure you choose yours accordingly.

What subjects are available?

Basically, most companies offer all subjects. When you are placing your order, there will likely be a dropdown menu that includes every subject you can think of. If you need something other than what is listed, don’t stop there.

It’s worth reaching out to the company through their customer service department to see if what you need is something they can help with.

Do professional writers write essays for sale online?

Many of these service companies hire professional writers who freelance either full-time or in their free time. Writing service companies look for professional writers with experience and that hold a degree in something that will help them in their writing position.

Is it legal to buy an essay online?

It is perfectly legal to buy pre-written essays or custom essays online. That being said, the pre-written ones could get you into some legal trouble because they could have been written by someone who’s unaware their work is being sold online.

The other big legal problem you could have is with plagiarism. This is the reason it’s so important to work with a company that provides plagiarism checks or, at the very least, run your essay through a plagiarism scanner yourself.

While it isn’t illegal, there is some controversy over how ethical it is. The reputable companies who provide essays for sale help students, who are otherwise great at school but struggle with written assignments, to be more successful. Not everyone thrives in the same areas. The ethicality of purchasing essays for sale online should be left for the buyer to determine themself.

Can professors find out if you bought an essay?

The truth is, professors have resources available to help them find out if you purchased an essay online. If the essay you bought is plagiarized, that’s easy for them to figure out. Most professors use plagiarism checkers as part of their grading.

Pre-written essays are easier for professors to detect, also. There are online scanners that look for essays stored online in databases.

Your safest option is to purchase a custom essay from a reputable company that has really good reviews and offers plagiarism checking as part of the service you order. Reputable companies put a lot of effort into making sure you get a quality essay that won’t result in you getting a bad grade, getting into trouble with the school, or getting them a bad review.

How many websites offer essays for sale?

There’s no way to tell how many websites are selling essays online overall. However, it’s important that you know there are many, many websites that aren’t reputable. You should not purchase essays or other assignments from these.

Your whole education could be threatened by using an essay you bought from a cheap website selling plagiarized or duplicated content. Don’t risk your high school or college career by purchasing from a low quality website.

What are the best websites for buying custom essays from?

The three websites mentioned above are reputable and trustworthy. However, we think that the best essay writing service overall is EssayPro, as it is the most professional and affordable option. They offer quality work for reasonable prices and have large teams of professional writers available to write on short deadlines. 


Whether you’re looking for a complete essay or you just need help tweaking the one you wrote, these companies have something to offer students who just don’t have that writing gene. Students can go to a website and easily order the paper they need or simply get the help needed to turn their work into something excellent.

The websites included in this article hire writers that have a lot of experience and a solid educational background to go with it. Many companies have writers on staff that have earned graduate degrees.

Don’t be afraid to check out the writing services for students but do your due diligence before you order from one. It could be a make or break decision.

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