Featured StoriesDo New Cars Have GPS Tracking Devices?

Do New Cars Have GPS Tracking Devices?


Buying a new car is a great deal. So, anyone buying a new car, would like to know if their new car is fitted with a GPS tracking device. The great majority of automobiles made nowadays include integrated GPS tracking technology. 

This technology is used to monitor a vehicle’s heading and position. This device collects time and location data from the signal supplied by satellite navigation and thereby links to the specific tracking system in the automobile.

In this post, learn more about the GPS tracking system and get the answer to the queries on whether GPS is now standard technology in all new automobiles. 

What Exactly Is GPS Tracking?

GPS also known as Global Positioning System tracking consists of a network of 24 satellites in orbit and ground-based equipment that can pinpoint the precise position of a person or anything on Earth. Three types of data are collected by GPS tracking. These data include location, navigation, and time.

How Do GPS Tracking Devices Work?

GPS trackers link to a network of satellites to establish location. The tracker employs trilateration, which determines latitude, longitude, elevation, and time by utilizing the positions of three or more satellites from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network and their distance from one other.

The tracker will be powered by the onboard diagnostics (OBD-II) connector, a cigarette lighter, an accessory socket, or an internal battery in the vehicle. The information it collects is transmitted to the software which allows the user to combine and evaluate the data.

Do All New Cars Have GPS Tracking Devices?

In the current era, most new cars come with a pre-installed GPS. Still, a new car owner can remove their GPS if they don’t like it.

According to research, approximately 78 million vehicles have GPS systems, and approximately 98% of cars will have them within the next five years. 

Is It Mandatory for New Cars to Include a GPS Tracking System?

GPS trackers are not necessary for new cars since it is not mandated by law. An owner can deactivate, block, or remove it as you see fit.

However, removing the device is not suggested because it functions as a great safety measure for remotely monitoring their automobile.

If an owner resides in a region where car theft is common, a GPS tracking system is an extra benefit because it is much more difficult to steal a car that has a functional GPS.

How to Know If a Car Has GPS Tracking?

GPS tracking is simple to locate in a car. Most of the time the device lies inside the wheel. If an owner wants to remove it, bring a flashlight because they are generally buried.

The undercarriage of the vehicle is another commonality. A vehicle’s undercarriage is essentially the “under” of an automobile. 

If the GPS is hard-wired, that indicates it was hard-wired into the car. An owner might look for any differences in wiring thickness or color. Carrying a flashlight is also essential.

However, technologies like GPS tracking contributes to the plethora of issues that plague today’s automobiles. 

Is It Possible to Remove a GPS Tracking Device from a New Car?

While a car owner cannot disable an integrated GPS, they may remove any tracker from it.

Because most automobiles have cellular connectivity and, more often than not, a GPS, one cannot disable an integrated device.

The main aim is not to follow the vehicle, but rather to provide the overall onboard navigation screen. It’s also worth noting that a GPS satellite only sends timing and positioning, not precise location.

Can GPS Tracker be Added to a New Car?

It is very feasible to install a Car GPS tracker. There are three installation options.

An owner may choose a factory installation, a dealer installation, or a device kit that requires little or no installation.

It is crucial to remember that, unlike the device kit, a factory installation cannot be performed manually. Ensure to call the technician to resolve this issue.

What Are the Benefits of GPS Tracking Devices 

There are many benefits to using GPS tracking devices on vehicles. There are several advantages to using a car monitoring system, ranging from cost savings and insurance reductions to increased employee and fleet safety and customer service.

  • Reliable Maintenance of Vehicle

A car tracking system will notify you anytime the vehicle requires servicing. This guarantees that all vehicle service requirements are met and reduces unplanned expenses and problems.

  • Safety Is Greatly Improved 

Owners can keep a watch on their vehicles to ensure that they are safe or not via the vehicle’s real-time position. Some GPS monitoring systems have an SOS button that the driver can use if they become stranded and want assistance.

The tracking technology also eliminates wasteful engine idling by personnel owing to the ongoing real-time monitoring. In addition, better routes can be searched with less traffic or no delays due to roadwork or other factors. 

A company can significantly reduce its fleet expenditures by improving fuel management, eliminating reckless driving, and improving time management.

Theft is a common issue that is faced by many drivers. This issue can cause severe financial complications in their budget. GPS tracking protects vehicles against theft and boosts the likelihood of recovery. 


In today’s era, most cars are fitted with GPS devices. But if an owner’s new car isn’t fitted with this device, they don’t need to worry as it is not mandated by the law to have GPS in cars. Still, car owners can benefit much from GPS. 


Do GPS tracking devices need the internet?

A GPS operates by sending data to a car owner’s specific tracker via satellite. As a result, it does not require an internet connection to receive signals. The tracker will compute their satellite-derived position.

How much does a GPS tracking device cost?

The cost of a GPS tracking device may range from $15 to $250 or even more, depending on the type of the device and the features one may desire.

What is the function of GPS tracking devices?

Listed below are some of the functions of GPS tracking devices:

  • Reduces fuel cost
  • Safe driving is ensured
  • Good routes are mapped out
  • Provides theft alerts 

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