2023’s Best Fortune Teller Sites for Free Online Fortune Telling

For centuries, people like you and me (even kingdom rulers), have persuaded fortune telling in order to seek advice and insights to lead a more fulfilled and serene life. Making fortune telling one of the oldest professions. Even the ancient Greeks consulted the fortune telling cards or a fortune teller ball before making important decisions or waging a war with a mortal enemy.

Considering fortune telling has been around since epochs, it is safe to state that it perhaps is the most popular kind of mystical revelation out there. With the help of divine capabilities and tools, a fortune teller can assess and share details about your fortune. This is generally done by looking into your past, present, and future. To receive much-needed guidance, a fortune teller may even use some sort of mystical tools such as crystal balls, oracle cards, tarot cards, angel cards, tea leaves, etc. In addition to this, you may also come across an online fortune teller using techniques like numerology, palm reading, and phrenology. 

But finding a fortune teller, especially online, is no easy task. Yes, you won’t have to travel to Delphi to unravel the mysteries of your fortune. But with the increasing number of fortune-telling sites, it can be hard to differentiate which online fortune teller is a money-thirsty scammer or the real deal. This is where we come in.

We tested out numerous fortune teller service-providing platforms, and these 4 are our top picks. Each one these online fortune telling sites offer something different to the table. So, keep scrolling to learn which one is best for you.

Here is a quick look at our 4 best online fortune telling sites that can help you connect with an esteemed online fortune teller from the comfort of your home. Free fortune telling can help you navigate all life woes including love problems, career setbacks, health issues, and more.

Best Online Fortune Teller Sites of 2023

1. Psychic Source  Free Fortune Telling for First Time Users (3 Free Trial Minutes + 75% Off for First Time Users)
2. Kasamba
Best Balanced Site (3 Free Minutes + 70% Off for New Users)
3. California Psychics
Best for Accurate Fortune Teller & User Matching (5 free minutes using promo code “ADD5” + $1/minute low rate)
4. Purple Garden
Best On-the-Go Fortune Telling Services ($10 Worth of Free Credit with Any Purchase)

Let’s take a closer look at our top online fortune telling platforms. 

1.Psychic Source – Free Fortune Telling for First Time Users

There are several sites online claiming to tell a fortune accurately, however, only few of them offer authentic and reliable readings. Psychic Source is one of them. If you ask anybody interested in fortune telling, Psychic Source will be their first preference. The platform has been providing exceptional online fortune telling services for over three decades and even today maintains that rapport. 

Here are few of the reasons why online fortune telling at Psychic Source stands out from the crowd:

      Accurate and free fortune telling

      Clocked 3 decades of experience

      Free fortune telling lasting 3 minutes for new members

      Guaranteed customer satisfaction 24×7

      Several pricing options to suit every budget

      200+ experts (screened and vetted) to connect with

      Best free fortune telling (especially for first time users)

      Introductory discount of 75%

      Fortune telling available on video, live chat, and phone 

Highly Secure Online Fortune Telling Services

Trusting an online platform with personal and bank/credit card details is indeed risky, owing to news regarding online scams circulating all around us. But with Psychic Source, you can stay relaxed as there’s no chance of getting swindled. The site has a legally certified and transparent payment system to ensure your money is in safe hands. 

Millions of Trusted Users Worldwide

Psychic Source outranks majority of industry players when it comes to customer satisfaction and credibility.

The platform has over 1 million loyal members from all around the globe. These people come to Psychic Source seeking online fortune telling and other services, such as psychic readings, tarot readings, palm readings, etc.

Psychic Source strive to make sure all of their fortune teller experts are qualified and credible enough to deliver accurate readings. To ensure no scammer or con-artist claims to be fortune teller on their platform, Psychic Source has a strict screening process.

Affordable Pricing, Introductory Discounts, & Free Trials

If you are searching for an online fortune telling platforms that gives free trials, then Psychic Source is for you. An exclusive 3-minutes free fortune telling session is provided to all new sign-ups, giving first time users access to the best fortune telling experts. Moreover, Psychic Source also gives members an additional 75% discount on regular pricing.

Speak to a Master Fortune Teller for *free on Psychic Source

2. Kasamba – Best Balanced Fortune Telling Site

Founded in 1999, Kasamba is one of the oldest platforms for accurate mystic services, including fortune telling, tarot readings, palm readings, astrology, and more. Till date, the platform has provided accurate and life-changing fortune-telling services to more 3 million people globally. 

With more than two decades of experience, Kasamba tops the list of not only our review but also of several other online reviews. When it comes to accurate fortune telling, the site has a solid reputation, especially in the category of holistic guidance. No matter what life troubles are bothering you, fortune tellers and psychics at Kasamba can help. The site boasts a vast portfolio of professional and qualified fortune tellers who come with years of expertise and experience. If you’re unsure about trying online fortune telling, Kasamba is an excellent starting point. They make online fortune telling affordable while giving a refreshing experience to first-timers. 

Here are few of the reasons making online fortune telling so special at Kasamba: 

      3+ million members

      Best balanced site for fortune telling and holistic life guidance

      Broad variety of mystical services

      Free fortune telling lasting 3 minutes for new members

      Introductory discount of 70%

      Multiple payment methods (including PayPal)

      Around the clock fortune telling

      Fortune telling available on live chat, email, and phone

      Fair and generous money-back guarantee 

Balanced & Holistic Life Guidance

No matter what life problem is troubling you, a Kasamba fortune teller can help you successfully navigate it and find a sense of meaning. Unlike other platforms, the best fortune tellers on Kasamba specialize in a vast range of life aspects including from career, health, relationships, past life events, and more. 

Easy Sign-up Process

Signing up on Kasamba is super simple and quick. Instead of filling up lengthy forms, Kasamba asks you to create a quick member account using basic personal details like name, email, date of birth, etc. Once you’ve become a member, you can easily connect with live fortune tellers and receive life-changing advice.

Guaranteed User Safety

With Kasamba, your personal privacy will never be compromised. Your banking or credit card details are also secured. Kasamba is an SSL encrypted site and every fortune teller on its network is mandated to preserve the personal details of every customer.

Moneyback Guarantee 

If you’re skeptical whether fortune telling by Kasamba is authentic or not, you can relax in the knowledge the site carefully vets and screens all its psychics for authenticity before permitting them to tell a fortune. In addition, Kasamba also has a moneyback guarantee for inaccurate readings.

Visit [Kasamba] and enjoy 3 *FREE MINUTES + $1/MIN deals

3. California Psychics – Best for Accurate Fortune Teller & User Matching

The clouds of ambiguity can indeed make it hard to navigate life. But that’s exactly when California Psychics can help. With 25+ years of fortune telling experience, the platform is an excellent place for you to get your life back on the right track. California Psychics provides mystical guidance on a vast range of life aspects including love advice, spiritual guidance, career counselling, health recommendations, and more. Users can even get past life readings from an expert fortune teller to heal from past trauma and lead a fulfilled life in the present.  

Although there are many reasons for California Psychics winning a spot in our top 4, the following are some of its most notable features:

      5 minutes of free fortune telling for new members (use the promo code “ADD5”)

      Provides $1 per minute low rate

      Fortune telling experience of 25+ years

      Accurate fortune teller and user matching process

      Smartphone app for convenience

Seamless User-Fortune Teller Match

California Psychics one-of-a-kind fortune filtering feature make sure that you are matched with a fortune teller that best fulfills your needs. You can filter fortune tellers based on their name, rating, pricing, language, specialty, location, and more. California Psychics also has comprehensive profiles of fortune tellers to make it easier for you to choose an expert.

Ease of Use

The interface of both California Psychics’ smartphone app and the desktop version is extremely simple, making it easier for first-timers to explore the world of online fortune telling. Likewise, booking a fortune telling session and connecting with an expert is also simple. To connect with a fortune teller, all you need to do is choose a preferred method (live chat, email, or call) and get started. 

Low-priced Services

Though there are numerous to like about this fortune telling platform, the thing we love most is its low-priced services. California Psychics charges as low as $1 per minute to tell a fortune. Seasoned fortune tellers charge more than $5 per minute. On the other hand, inexperience advisors charge less than $3 per min. 

Enjoy CHEAP $1/MIN readings + 5 Free Trial Minutes  [California Psychics]

4. Purple Garden – Best On-the-Go Fortune Telling Services

Purple Garden is best known for providing honest and reliable guidance through fortune telling, especially to users are on-the-go. The platform bridges the gap between fortune tellers and customers who need mystical direction in their life but don’t have the leisure of sitting in a same spot to have a cosmic chat. Purple Garden makes all this possible for people like that with its brilliant smartphone app. The platform also has a desktop version. But it allows users to receive a reading only via live chat. Meanwhile, the Purple Garden app allows phone and video fortune telling. 

To make sure users receive maximum benefit, Purple Garden gives star ratings to every fortune teller on its network. The ultimate objective is to make finding a trustworthy and authentic fortune teller as easy as possible for users. 

So, if you’re searching for an online fortune telling site, here’s a quick snapshot of the most popular features of this platform:  

      $10 worth of free credit with any Purple Garden purchase

      The platforms had both: a desktop version as well as smartphone app

      Provides on-the-go psychic readings to people who are always on the run

      Multiple communication modes (video, live chat, phone)

      Showcases comprehensive profiles of psychic readers for user ease and convenience

      Provides referral bonuses

      Several psychic tools, mediums, and style available 

Best Online Fortune Teller Network

Purple Garden has some of the industry’s best fortune tellers, offering insightful and accurate readings to members. The platform aims to maintain high standards by hiring qualified and authentic fortune tellers. Background checks and capability assessments are performed for this purpose. In fact, even once a fortune teller is hired, they must undergo extensive training to hone their online fortune telling etiquettes.

Past User Reviews

Another feature we love about Purple Garden is that their past client review and testimonial section is 100% honest. To make sure you make an informed decision, the platform showcases both positive and negative reviews. Read through the lengthy reviews to understand what you can expect from a fortune teller and the platform.

24×7 Expert Assistance

Fortune tellers at Purple Garden are available round the clock to provide meaningful guidance and insights whenever you need it. No matter when you log in, a fortune teller will be there to assist you. Purple Garden’s customer support department is also super cooperative. 

Free $10 Cashback Offer

Purple Garden has a unique cashback option, according to which you can receive free credit worth of $10 with every Purple Garden purchase..

Find the perfect Fortune teller at Purple Garden

Frequently Asked Questions for First Time Fortune Telling Users 

Whether you’re new to online fortune telling or are an experienced believer, you may have some questions about this mystical practice. So, now that you know the most prominent features of our top 4 picks, let’s move onto some other essential things you must now about online fortune telling.

What kind of questions can I ask an expert fortune teller?

The kind of questions asked by sitters can vary depending on the genre of the reading session. For instance, you can ask a fortune teller specializing in love and relationship readings about useful advice that can improve your love life and relationships. Health, career, education, finance, family, destiny, and more are several other genres on which meaningful advice can be sought. You can choose your preferred genre and ask related questions from an expert.

 Here are some kind of questions asked by most sitters:

  •       Is it okay if I change my career path? Or will it be bad for me?
  •       What does the future hold for me?
  •       Am I on the right path to get the job of my dreams?
  •       What can I do to rekindle spark in my romantic relationship?
  •       What can I do to achieve spiritual peace?

How can I contact a fortune teller online?

Below are some of the most popular methods used by sitters to connect with experts and receive online fortune teller free reading: 

  •       Live chat
  •       Video call
  •       Phone consultations
  •       Email readings 

Experts are increasingly using phone calls as a medium to tell a fortune over the internet. However, irrespective of the contact mode you choose, you will have to create an account on the majority of fortune-telling platforms before getting a reading, including the ones mentioned in this post. This can entail entering your PayPal or credit card details. Therefore, be sure to carefully go through the conditions of any introductory offer. 

What is the best way to check the credibility and authenticity of an online fortune teller?

The most foolproof way to confirm the authenticity and credibility of an online fortune teller if to go through the reviews and testimonials left by past clients. To ensure transparency, the best online fortune telling platforms have devoted sections for past clients to share their experience with a particular expert. Star ratings is another good indicator of legitimacy of a fortune teller expert. 

Past client reviews and ratings are accessible for all fortune tellers on out top picked platforms.

What are some factors to consider before choosing a fortune telling site?

Fortune telling can help you understand the future grounded on divination, intuition, and spiritual guidance. Since ancient times, fortune telling has been used by people all over the globe to receive meaningful guidance regarding their life goals and destinies. With the advent of internet, people are turning to online fortune tellers in order to understand what their fates have in store for them.  

Nonetheless, when selecting a fortune-telling platform, you must consider several factors. Especially, if you do not wish to waste your hard-earned money on scammers and con-artists. Here are some elements to examine closely before signing up: 

Free Trials & Discounts – The best fortune-telling platforms usually provide new members with free reading sessions. Free fortune telling readings are a perk that you can avail with all of the platforms we reviewed in this post. If you’re looking for more customized and precise readings, then paid fortune telling services are likely the answer. 

Here are the ongoing offers of our top pick bunch: 

  •       Psychic Source: 3 Free Trial Minutes + 75% Off for First Time Users
  •       Kasamba: 3 Free Minutes + 70% Off for New Users
  •       California Psychics: 5 free minutes using promo code “ADD5” + $1/minute low rate
  •       Purple Garden: $10 Worth of Free Credit with Any Purchase 

Past User Reviews – As shared earlier, past user reviews and testimonial can come super handy in determining a fortune teller’s authenticity. Therefore, be sure to go through what past clients have to say about their experience and how they’ve rated your preferred fortune teller.

Site Disclaimer & Customer Privacy Policy – Many websites display disclaimers indicating that their fortune telling services are for ‘entertainment purposes only’. Likewise, some disclaimers might even reveal any extra charges for services. Therefore, be sure to carefully go through all disclaimers and understand the site’s terms and conditions. 

In addition, you should also consider assessing the site’s customer privacy policies. It’s always a good idea to know how your personal information will be used by a site.

Why should you get an online fortune teller free reading?

A fortune teller free reading session can give you an idea of how the site works before you make a payment. As a first timer, this can provide you a sense of comfort while you’re browsing to select an expert. Both Psychic Source and Kasamba provide a free 3-minute trial session to help you pick a fortune teller that best serves your individual needs. California Psychics has a 5-minute trial session for new members.

Things A Fortune Teller Can Do for You

A fortune teller primarily can predict the fortune of your future. For best outcome of your online fortune telling session, be completely honest. Remember, fortune tellers are impartial so don’t expect them lie to you just because you do not wish to hear a truth.

Here are few of the things an online fortune teller can help you with:

Learn about and prepare for the future in advance.

Fortune tellers are blessed with special capabilities through which they can prophesize future life events, including what type of relationships you’ll have, who you’ll meet next, your next career opportunity, and more. A fortune teller can also give details regarding your health, business, spirituality, and other integral aspects of your life.

Achieve life goals and dreams.

An expert fortune teller can help you accomplish lifelong your goals and dreams using numerous psychic practices. They can also offer useful advice on an array of subjects like career, finances, love, relationships, health, and spirituality. The aim is to help you live a better life by accomplishing your most innate desires.

Receive spiritual guidance.

Fortune tellers not only predict the future but can also help you understand and answer most important questions related to spirituality and the higher power, including matters of spirits that surround you every day. In addition, an expert fortune teller can offer invaluable advice on several spiritual issues that might be affecting you currently. No matter which religion you belong to, a gifted teller can offer insights regarding your role in the spiritual world and beyond. 

Learn and understand your past lives for a fulfilled present.

A fortune teller can easily detect past lives and give details of the things you did right as well as the things you messed up in it. Learning about your past lives provides you a better understanding of why you’re facing a certain problem in the present. 

Win back the love of your life.

With the help of powerful spells, a fortune teller can help you win your lost love back. These spells are powerful and fast acting to ensure you get back with your long-lost love in no time. So, if you wish to bring an ex-lover or ex-partner back into your arms, don’t hesitate to reach out to a credible fortune teller.

3 Online Fortune Telling Tips for First-Timers

If it’s your first time connecting with a fortune teller online, it can be difficult to know which site to trust and use. That is where these guiding tips can come handy. When choosing a platform for online fortune teller free readings, consider the factors that you’d normally assess for any other product or service. 

Here are three tips for working with a fortune teller online and getting the most out of your first cosmic chat: 

  1. Familiarize yourself with different fortune telling tools – Before scheduling a reading appointment with a fortune teller online, we suggest you to familiarize yourself with the numerous fortune-telling tools available and understand their distinct properties. Knowing whether or not you prefer crystal balls, tarot cards, numerology, astrology, or none at all, will facilitate you to narrow down your search for the best fortune teller.
  1. Remember you are the master of your destiny – No matter what an online fortune teller free reading predicts, never forget your destiny is in your control. Remember this especially if your fortune teller prophesizes a negative future outcome. There are always ways to alter and change the course of your path. Generally, a fortune teller online will offer guidance regarding key events which will play a vital role in deciding the course of your future. With this knowledge, you can strive to create a more positive future.
  1. Don’t hesitate to act – In case the fortune teller prophesizes a positive outcome, think about the steps you can take next to turn the reading into a reality. Keep in mind, action is necessary on your part, especially if you wish to manifest the future of your desires. The mystical art of fortune telling is imprecise. Therefore, be aware of how your behaviors and actions can change the events to come.

Get Started with Online Fortune Telling

Scheduling a reading session with an authentic online fortune teller can help you understand how your past life events are affecting your present, the decisions you must avoid for a happier future, as well as how to turn your most innate desires into a reality. 

So, if you’ve been hunting for a “fortune teller near me”, stop. You can easily get free fortune telling readings on the aforementioned platforms. As mentioned in the start of this post, finding a fortune teller online who is reliable and credible can be hard. For accurate readings, therefore, it is necessary to connect with the best online fortune teller. 

Getting free fortune telling reading via these platforms can help you navigate the never-ending woes of life, owing to accurate and meaningful insights. These sites have a vast network of fortune tellers excelling in several psychic abilities. Furthermore, most of these sites even offer free fortune telling services to first time users make sure maximum people benefit from this mystical art. Just remember, picking the right platform is just one piece of the puzzle. You must carefully review every fortune teller’s profile to evaluate factors like experience, credibility, charges, and past client testimonials to make the best decision.

Lastly, keep in mind that a fortune teller can only tell what they foresee. Your destiny is still in your control. 

So, sign up and get started for the best cosmic chat of your life. 


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