Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro Reviews – Best Wireless Charging Hearing Aids?

Ever started a conversation only to feel totally lost? Is this the result of your unreliable hearing? Hearing impairment is likely to arise at some point in life. While this is not true in some cases, most might suffer from it. Interestingly, refusing to accept their flaws is the main obstacle keeping them from potentially improving it right away. Precisely, people are customarily in denial for a period of time before reaching the acceptance stage. What may have started out as a mild condition by that point could have quickly turned severe.

Why is there usually some form of hesitation? Most hearing aids are probably beyond one’s financial reach. It also doesn’t help that most are so large that they practically announce one’s problems to the world. Mercifully, this narrative is gradually changing, thanks to players like the Audien Hearing team and their products. To recognize this team’s efforts, now is the ideal time to introduce the Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro.

What are the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro?

Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro are OTC hearing aids designed to help adults with mild to moderate hearing impairment. Their primary goal is to amplify sounds so those with hearing impairment can hear, fully comprehend, and engage in everyday activities more effectively. The ease of purchase of devices like the Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro make them exceptionally popular. It should go without saying that neither device could assist those with severe problems, but for those with minor problems, they are thought to be the next best thing.

Our editorial team was highly pleased by the lengths the Audien Hearing went to develop practical designs that considered a variety of ear sizes, comfort, and daily needs. Reassurance also comes from the fact that OTC hearing aids are governed by FDA regulations as medical devices. In light of the information presented so far, let’s take this opportunity to examine the underlying technology and other features that gave rise to the Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro.

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Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro Reviews

What puts Audien Hearing products on the map?

It is simple to distinguish Audien Hearing products from those of competitors in the same sector thanks to a number of features. These features, in our opinion, include:

Superior Atom™ Chip Technology

Superior Atom™ chip technology is an integrated sound technology that ensures consistent and superior sound quality. Since everyone should be able to clearly hear every word of every conversation, regardless of the event in question, individuals are will no longer need to act as though they were able to follow along.

Comfortable & Near-Invisible Design

The Atom and Atom Pro hearing aids are both substantially more compact than the previous EV1 design. These devices, namely the Atom Pro, are the smallest of their kind and practically vanish into the ear canal, as the team highlighted. Why is this important? Even though people shouldn’t feel ashamed of their hearing loss, they often do, especially when the device is so noticeable. Many people, therefore, will feel comfortable using the Atom and Atom Pro due to their stealthy design. The Comfort+ deserves praise as well, seeing how many people claim to have forgotten they were wearing hearing aids in the first place.

Wireless Charging

It’s also essential to point out that Atom and Atom Pro are wireless devices. This eliminates any worry about running out of power or having to replace batteries. Wireless charging is accomplished with a USB-C cable, providing over 20 hours of battery life, and requiring only four to six hours of charging time.

What makes the Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro different from one another?

The Audien Atom Pro is an upgraded version of the Audien Atom. Below is a quick summary of the features found in each device:

The Audien Atom

  • 22% smaller than the former EV1 model
  • 25% longer battery life (20 hours) than the former EV1 model
  • Use of the new Superior Atom™ Chip Technology
  • Patented Comfort+ design
  • 100%, 20-hour rechargeable battery
  • Wireless charging dock
  • Purchases include a carrying case, hearing amplifiers, silicone earbuds, 3-point brush, wax guards, and a charging dock

The Audien Atom Pro

  • Smallest hearing aid of its kind
  • Longer battery life (24 hours)
  • Patented Comfort+ design
  • Zero feedback or whistling with enhanced Atom Series Sound Processor
  • 100%, 24-hour rechargeable battery
  • New portable charging cases that hold up to 4 days of charge
  • Purchases include a carrying case and charger, silicone earbuds, hearing amplifiers, 3-point brush, and wax guards

Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro Benefits

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will the Audien Atom or Audien Atom Pro fit most ears?

Yes, both hearing aids support a patented, comfortable design that is as compact as possible for maximum sound input. Atom Pro might be the better option for some because it is the smaller of the two (making it the most discreet device for those who desire it) and clearer.

How do the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro compare to prescription hearing aids?

Even though they fall short of prescription aids, this pair does offer all the crucial features. Audien Hearing solutions don’t just act as amplifiers, as most believe; they also help those who have hearing loss. However, people should be aware that Atom and Atom Pro are only appropriate for those with mild to moderate hearing issues.

How to set up the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro devices?

Both devices’ setup processes are comparable. More specifically, individuals are asked to charge their preferred device and carefully examine each component. Initially, the blinking red light will turn on, but as soon as the battery is fully charged, the light will turn green. The appropriate ear dome should then be selected (preferably one that fits snugly in the ear or the larger the better). People should make sure the device is stabilized in the canal for the best hearing experience. If not, there might be some whistling and feedback. The final step is to put on the device and carry on the rest of the day.

Do I need to turn off the Audien Atom Pro?

No, there is no ON/OFF switch on the Audien Atom Pro. When it is returned to its charging cases, it will turn off automatically. Failure to do so will only drain the battery, requiring more charge time.

Are the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro side-specific?

Neither the Audien Atom nor the Audien Atom Pro are side-specific. In other words, each aid can be worn interchangeably.

How long will it take to hear better with either device?

On average, the creators insist individuals should notice an improvement in their hearing within the first three weeks of consistent use.

Is it possible to adjust the volume in the Audien Atom & the Audien Atom Pro?

Yes. Although both devices adequately amplify sound, users will need to modify the volume to suit their preferences/needs. This requires placing the tip of the 3-point brush into the tiny slit on the volume dial. To increase the volume, individuals will need to turn the brush in a clockwise direction; and to decrease volume, the other way.

Why is there resistance when I try to rotate the volume dial?

Resistance is a sign that users have reached the maximum possible tick mark on both devices. At this point, the dial must not be rotated in the same direction again.

Are the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro covered by insurance?

No, neither Atom nor Atom Pro are covered by insurance. However, the team does accept FSA and HSA cards for payment at checkout.

How to charge the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro?

Each purchase includes a charger with a two-prong wall transformer compatible with a standard 120-volt outlet. Thus, individuals could either plug the USB charging cable into the transformer or into a computer port.

How to clean the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro?

To clean the Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro devices, the ear dome must be removed, and cleaned using rubbing alcohol and a swab to target the tip (also known as the receiver). The majority of the wax tends to build up here, so maintenance is a must. Then, using the A-end of the wax guard replacement tool, the wax guard needs to be replaced. The new one (stored in the B-end of the wax guard replacement tool) has to be inserted after the old one has been taken out. Finally, a quick wipe down should be performed on the entire hearing aid.

What is the “pull line”?

The pull line, also known as the removal antenna, is the small piece that sticks from both hearing aids. This has been done to make it easier to take the hearing aid out after use. However, given the size of both units and the fact that said pull line can be removed without impairing the internal operations, people are urged not to do so.

What is the average time it takes to recharge the Audien Atom or Audien Atom Pro?

On average, it should take approximately five hours to fully charge either device.

What is the estimated arrival time on Audien Hearing shipments?

Every order placed with Audien Hearing is typically processed within the first two business days. Once shipped, an invoice will be sent by email. Deliveries should take no longer than five business days to any region of the continental USA (assuming smooth delivery).

Are the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 45-day money-back guarantee on all Audien Hearing products. The support team should have no problem approving the refund request as long as it is submitted within the first 45 days of the purchase date. From there, they will provide the return shipping label. People who don’t use the shipping label provided by Audien Hearing run the risk of losing their chance at the refund. To learn more about the eligibility requirements, contact via:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Mailing Address: Audien Hearing, 10733 N Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd Unit 103, Scottdale, AZ 85259

How much do the Audien Atom & Audien Atom Pro cost?

The Audien Atom is currently available at $99 a pair, whereas the Audien Atom Pro has been priced at $249 a pair. For those who wish to purchase more than one pair of the Audien Atom, the following price points are available as well:

  • 1 Audien Atom unit: USD$99 each
  • 2 Audien Atom units: USD$76.68 each
  • 3 Audien Atom units: USD$68.20 each

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How Audien Hearing came to Life

Arthur Garber, the company’s founder, was inspired to launch Audien Hearing when he realized how expensive a normal pair of hearing aids was. He was annoyed to see that the prices were easily in the $4,000 – $6,000 range for a pair, considering how urgently his grandmother required a cost-effective solution. What really got his blood boiling was the fact that such devices were usually made for less than $100. At this precise moment, Arthur made the decision to alter the storyline, introducing Audien Hearing.

His team affirms that Audien Hearings’ hearing aids are not only efficient but also comfortable, practical, and, of course, reasonably priced. Cutting out the middleman, including audiologists, hearing clinics, sales representatives, and other money-grabbers, was all that was necessary. As a result of cutting out so much, Arthur and his team were able to charge significantly less than the current market rate. Here is a statement that encapsulates everything Audien Hearing stands for:

“Audien Hearing was founded on the simple principle that effective, clear, and crisp hearing aids should be accessible to everyone. The typical audiology clinic expects patients to pay thousands of dollars just to be able to hear the sound of their loved ones laughing or tune into their favorite TV show. But we’ve changed the industry for the better by offering affordable, rechargeable hearing aids that outperform the competition.”

Concluding Remarks

The Audien Atom and Audien Atom Pro are over-the-counter hearing aids made to support and enhance hearing in adults who are just beginning to experience difficulties. The main point to underscore is that, unlike most of the expensive hearing aids, these devices are not personalized. The higher cost is due to the involvement of a specialist, as well as the customization aspect. Both are not obligatory to obtain the Atom or Atom Pro. This is not to say that they fail to complete the task. Both devices actually work to amplify sound, encourage optimal comfort, are completely undetectable and work to better hearing.

The Atom Pro has slightly more benefits because it blocks out any extra feedback or whistling, has a longer battery life, is incredibly small, and includes a charging case. Does this imply that everyone will favour Atom Pro? Not necessarily, it really depends on unique needs. To get the most out of both devices, users must strictly follow the provided instructions for setup, charging, and even cleaning. With the Atom Pro, maintenance is especially crucial because without it, it might not function as intended. Ultimately, the functionality combined with affordability makes Audien Hearing products a catch. To learn more about Audien Hearing and their offerings, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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