MDHearing Hearing Aids Review: Neo, Air, Volt Max Medical-Grade OTC Hearing Aid Comparison

MDHearing is a hearing aid company offering medical-grade hearing aids for 90% less.

Available exclusively online through, MDHearing’s products are backed by licensed hearing professionals and a 100% moneyback guarantee.

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about MDHearing’s lineup of hearing aids today in our review.

What is MDHearing?

MDHearing is a hearing aid company found online at

MDHearing offers four types of hearing aids, including:

  • MDHearing Neo
  • MDHearing Air
  • MDHearing Volt
  • MDHearing Volt Max

Different hearing aids have different sizes and levels of performance. However, all MDHearing hearing aids are designed by doctors and tested by audiologists to meet strict standards. They’re FDA-registered hearing aids that can improve your hearing.

MDHearing is based in Chicago. The company manufactures hearing aids in an ISO certified facility.

What is MDHearing

MDHearing Benefits

MDHearing aims to disrupt the hearing aid market. Traditional hearing aids cost $5,000 or more and require frequent replacement. Because of changing FDA requirements, hearing aid manufacturers can sell products directly to consumers at a cheaper price – without the need for middlemen like audiologists or hearing aid salespeople.

Here are some of the benefits of MDHearing’s hearing aids:

  • Doctor designed, audiologist tested hearing aids
  • FDA-registered devices
  • Medical-grade hearing aids for 90% less
  • Multiple sizes and shapes available, including virtually invisible hearing aid options
  • 100% free online hearing test that takes less than 8 minutes
  • Start hearing clear conversations immediately

Overall, MDHearing’s hearing aids are designed to help people with mild to moderate hearing loss start to hear right out of the box. Just order the MDHearing hearing aids online (with or without a hearing test), then have them shipped to your doorstep for instant relief. MDHearing also provides ongoing support from its team of licensed hearing professionals.

MDHearing Products

How Do MDHearing Hearing Aids Work?

MDHearing has designed its hearing aids to be the best hearing aids you can buy. They’re simple-to-use, durable, and better than hearing aids that cost 10x as much.

Here’s how it works when buying MDHearing’s heading aids online for the first time:

Step 1) Visit the official MDHearing website at Shop from four available hearing aid models, including the virtually invisible Neo, the small behind-the-ear Air, and the advanced rechargeable Volt and Volt Max.

Step 2) You can complete a free, 8-minute hearing test through the official website to assess your hearing loss. However, this hearing test is 100% optional, and you can buy MDHearing hearing aids without ever completing a hearing test online or in a clinic.

Step 3) Get OTC hearing aids delivered to your door. MDHearing ships its FDA-registered hearing aids to your doorstep, and those hearing aids are ready to work right out of the box.

Step 4) Hear everything clearly and easily. The MDHearing hearing aids work out of the box to improve your hearing. You can recharge the hearing aids as easily as recharging a smartphone or tablet.

Step 5) Enjoy ongoing support from MDHearing’s team of licensed hearing professionals. MDHearing has a team of support staff available by phone, email, text, chat, or even video call. This team can help you make the most of your hearing and address questions and concerns.

MDHearing hearing aids are available without a prescription or consultation. You don’t need to complete a hearing test or have a referral from a doctor. Instead, you can buy the hearing aids online as easily as you would buy a phone, supplement, or over-the-counter medication.

Types of MDHearing Hearing Aids

MDHearing offers four flagship hearing aids, including the Neo, Air, Volt, and Volt Max. Each hearing aid is designed for a different purpose. We’ll break down the benefits of each MDHearing hearing aid below.

MDHearing Neo

The MDHearing Neo is a tiny, over-the-counter, rechargeable hearing aid designed to offer clear sound. The hearing aid hides comfortably inside your ear, providing crystal-clear sound at a surprisingly affordable price.

Designed by doctors and tested by audiologists, the MDHearing Neo is priced at just $299.98 for a pair. It’s MDHearing’s smallest hearing aid ever.

With simple controls and medical-grade components, the Neo provides discreet, crystal clear sound to help you hear the surrounding environment. You also enjoy all of the same, popular features as other MDHearing hearing aids, including noise cancellation, feedback cancellation, and more.

Price: $299.98 per pair

MDHearing Air

The MDHearing Air is a virtually invisible, rechargeable hearing aid designed to deliver high-quality sound. It’s a perfect combination of state-of-the-art hearing aid technology and value for money.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of a hearing aid without looking like you’re wearing a hearing aid, then the MDHearing Air may be the right choice for you. The hearing aid sits behind your ear, with a small, clear, plastic tube placed inside your ear. Unless someone is standing close to you, they’re unlikely to notice your Air.

The MDHearing Air has 4 environment settings compared to just 1 on the Neo, which could improve hearing in certain situations.

Plus, the Air is priced at the same rate as the Neo. At $299.98 per pair, it’s one of the best-value hearing aid options available today.

Price: $299.98 per pair

MDHearing Volt

The MDHearing Volt is a high-quality, rechargeable hearing made with advanced noise reduction for superior sound clarity.

Designed to last a long time on each charge, the Volt offers state-of-the-art audio quality and noise management with a discreet, comfortable design.

When you buy the Volt, you also get access to several VIP bonuses, including an extended two-year warranty, priority customer service, one-on-one fitting and onboarding, and unlimited follow-up care, among other perks.

The Volt is the most popular hearing aid in the MDHearing catalog.

One of the biggest differences on the Volt is the dual directional microphone, which makes it easier to pick up surrounding noise.

Price: $399.98

MDHearing Volt Max

The Volt Max is a long-lasting, rechargeable hearing aid with the latest technology, giving you full control of your hearing without the hassle or price tag of visiting a local hearing clinic.

If you want the best of MDHearing’s hearing aid technology, then the Volt Max could be the right choice for you. The hearing aids detect background noise and automatically adapt to the environment, helping you focus on what’s important.

Price: $699.98

Other MDHearing Hearing Aids

Over the years, MDHearing has launched a series of hearing aids. The company currently only sells the four flagship hearing aids above. However, you can also buy accessories or used versions of other MDHearing hearing aids, including:

  • Core
  • Pro
  • Lux
  • Control
  • Ohm
  • Amp
  • Wave
  • Boost
  • QuietTV

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Types of MDHearing Hearing Aids

MDHearing Accessories

You can buy replacement batteries and other MDHearing accessories through the online store. Accessories include:

Batteries ($3.95 to $32.50): MDHearing has Size 312, Size 13, and Size 10 batteries.

MDShield Protection Plan ($3.99 to $14.99): Added protection for your MDHearing hearing aids.

Circular Domes & Other Dome Replacement Options ($19.95): Multiple domes like circular domes, double bass domes, and bell domes based on the shape and size of your ear.

Carrying Case ($5.95): For portability.

Cleaning Tool Set ($7.50): Includes tools for cleaning your hearing aids.

Tubing Air Blower ($5.95): To clear debris from your hearing aids without damage.

Dehumidifier Jar ($15): To clear humidity from hearing aids and prevent damage.

Replacement Tubing ($12.50 to 420): To replace tubing in your MDHearing hearing aid.

Replacement Chargers & Carrying Cases ($99.99+): Replace your rechargeable carrying case.

UV Clean & Dry Box ($99.99): To clean and sanitize your hearing aids using UV light.

Explore the official website for popular accessories – click here!

MDHearing Features

MDHearing hearing aids work in different ways. However, the hearing aids have common features across all devices. Some of the most popular features and benefits of MDHearing hearing aids include:

Works for Over 94% of Americans with Hearing Loss: MDHearing’s hearing aids work for over 94% of Americans who have hearing loss. Although the hearing aids aren’t designed to address severe cases of hearing loss or deafness, they can address mild to moderate hearing loss in the vast majority of adults with hearing loss.

Clear, Focused Sound Without Background Noise: MDHearing’s hearing aids offer clear, focused sound without background noise. Like traditional hearing aids, MDHearing’s hearing aids use special technology to isolate sounds, helping you hear the noises you want to hear instead of simply amplifying everyhting around you.

Four Different Sound Settings: MDHearing’s hearing aids have four different sound settings. You’re in complete control of your hearing aid, and you can adjust the sound as needed based on your degree of hearing loss.

Nearly Invisible Hearing Aids: MDHearing’s hearing aids are all designed to be virtually invisible. However, the company offers specific hearing aids, like the MDHearing Air, specifically designed to be invisible. The MDHearing Air is thin as a pencil and sits discreetly behind your ear. Most people won’t notice it unless they’re inches from your ear – and many people forget they’re wearing it.

Four Models Available: MDHearing offers four types of hearing aids, including the Air, Neo, Volt, and Volt Max. Hearing aids have different prices and hearing levels based on your unique needs.

Built for All Types of Environments: MDHearing’s hearing aids can help you hear better in all types of environments – from outdoors to big cities to watching TV at home to enjoying a conversation in a crowded restaurant. Whatever your daily life entails, you can hear it better with MDHearing’s hearing aids.

14+ Years of Hearing Aid Expertise: MDHearing was founded in 2009, and the company has 14+ years of experience helping Americans hear better.

750,000+ Customers to Date: According to the official MDHearing website, the company has helped over 750,000 Americans improve their hearing with hearing aids.

Feedback Cancellation Technology to Prevent Whistling: Some cheap hearing aids – and even high-end hearing aids – can cause whistling. MDHearing uses special feedback cancellation technology to identify and eliminate whistling, preventing the feedback frequencies from ever reaching your ear.

Recharge at Night to Hear All Day Long: You recharge your MDHearing hearing aids at night – just like you recharge your phone. Most hearing aids come with a portable charging case, similar to wireless earbuds. Just place the hearing aids in the case to charge them wherever you are, then enjoy full-powered hearing anywhere you go.

FDA Registered Hearing Aids: MDHearing is an FDA-registered hearing aid company, and the company sells FDA-registered hearing aids.

Cleaning Tool Included: MDHearing comes with a cleaning tool, making it easy to clean your hearing aids and case without damaging the unit.

Background Noise Cancellation: Some cheap hearing aids simply amplify all surrounding noise, making it harder to hear the world around you. Like other high-end hearing aids, MDHearing hearing aids use background noise cancellation, making it easier to focus on the TV, an active conversation, or anything else important around you.

Portable Charging Case: MDHearing’s hearing aids come with a portable charging case that works similar to wireless earbud charging cases. You can easily charge your hearing aids on the go or at night.

No Need for a Custom Fit or Expensive Trips to the Audiologist: You can customize your MDHearing experience at home without visiting an audiologist or attending a custom fitting. The hearing aids have four different sound sittings, making it easy to customize your noise level based on your level of hearing loss.

Available as Single Hearing Aids or Pairs: You can buy MDHearing’s hearing aids for a single ear. If you only need a hearing aid for your right ear or left ear, for example, then you can buy a single hearing aid through MDHearing. However, the company typically runs steep discounts on pairs of hearing aids, and you can often buy a pair of MDHearing hearing aids for less than a single hearing aid.

Comparable to Traditional Hearing Aids While Being 90% Cheaper: MDHearing’s hearing aids are up to 90% cheaper than traditional hearing aids. However, they provide similar effectiveness. By cutting out the middleman and avoiding brick-and-mortar clinic spaces, MDHearing can offer discount rates on hearing aids without inflating prices or compromising on quality.

Free, Doctor-Approved, Online Test in 8 Minutes: Not sure if MDHearing’s hearing aids will work for you? Curious if you need hearing aids? MDHearing offers a free, 8-minute online test. You can complete the test from the comfort of home without visiting a clinic. The test was designed by audiologists, ENT doctors, hearing aid specialists, and sound engineers to deliver accurate results.

Financing Available: MDHearing offers financing options as low as $25 per month on hearing aids, allowing you to access the hearing aids you need regardless of your budget. Financing starts at 0% APR.

45-Day Moneyback Guarantee – Better Hearing Or Your Money Back: If MDHearing’s don’t live up to your expectations, or if they don’t improve your hearing as advertised, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 45 days.

Free Lifetime Support from Licensed Hearing Professionals: After buying MDHearing hearing aids, you can access ongoing, lifetime support from licensed hearing professionals. These professionals can help you maximize the effectiveness of your hearing aids and answer questions and concerns. Professionals are available 24/7 via phone or email. Or, you can communicate via live chat or video call during normal business hours.

US-Based Team of Hearing Aid Specialists: MDHearing is based in the Midwestern United States. The company also maintains a dedicated, US-based team of hearing aid specialists.

1 Year Warranty: In addition to the 45-day moneyback guarantee, MDHearing hearing aids come with a 1 year warranty. If you notice manufacturing defects within the first year of use, you could file a warranty claim.

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What’s Included with MDHearing Hearing Aids?

Your MDHearing hearing aid purchase includes hearing aids, charging cases, cleaning tools, and other products.

Here is everything included in the MDHearing hearing aid box:

  • FDA-registered hearing aids
  • Charging case
  • Domes for custom fits
  • Wax guards
  • Cleaning tool

Free shipping, free lifetime support, 1-year warranty, and 45-day risk-free moneyback guarantee

What’s the Catch with MDHearing?

How can MDHearing offer hearing aids at a fraction of the cost of traditional clinics? What’s the catch?

There’s no “catch” with MDHearing. Instead, new FDA regulations make it easier to buy hearing aids over-the-counter without involving costly middlemen in the process. For years, hearing aid manufacturers inflated costs and charged a premium to cover middleman expenses – like salespeople, wholesalers, doctors, and overhead costs.

What’s the Catch with MDHearing

Here’s how MDHearing explains their business model and their ability to offer powerful haring aids at discount rates:

“We cut out the middleman. That means no doctor salaries, no expensive rent, and no other unnecessary overhead expenses. We pass on these savings straight to you, giving you the best hearing at the best price.”

All MDHearing hearing aids are medical devices registered with the FDA. You can view the company’s registration status at the official FDA database at here.

MDHearing Reviews

MDHearing has thousands of positive reviews online from customers who have experienced significant benefits from the hearing aids. Many customers are impressed with the affordable price of the hearing aids, and others are impressed with how clearly they can hear while wearing the hearing aids.

Here are some of the reviews shared by verified purchasers and official MDHearing hearing aid users:

Many customers find MDHearing hearing aids affordable and easy to use. You can easily install the hearing aids in your ear as a speedy solution to hearing loss.

Customers are impressed with the quality of the hearing aids and the overall durability. Founded in 2009, MDHearing has many customers who have used their hearing aids for over a decade without issue.

Many customers compare MDHearing’s hearing aids to hearing aids that cost over $5,000. For years, hearing aid companies and middlemen inflated costs in the industry, forcing consumers to pay thousands more for hearing aids. Many customers have tried MDHearing’s hearing aids after using conventional hearing aids and been impressed with the results.

Most customers agree the MDHearing hearing aids work as advertised. The MDHearing Air, for example, is virtually invisible within the ear, while the Volt and Volt Max provide powerful hearing while being completely rechargeable.

Customers are satisfied with the customer service experience they get through MDHearing. Many customers are impressed with having a licensed team of professionals available 24/7 to answer questions and concerns, for example.

Other customers are happy with the 45-day risk-free trial. Even if you’re skeptical about MDHearing hearing aids or think there’s a “catch,” you can take advantage of the 45-day trial period to assess the hearing aids for yourself, then return them for a full refund.

Overall, MDHearing has thousands of positive reviews online from verified purchasers who have experienced powerful results from the hearing aids. Whether you’re switching to MDHearing from conventional hearing aids or buying hearing aids for the first time, you could notice impressive result with MDHearing’s lineup.

Visit the official website for product reviews – click here!

MDHearing Refund Policy: Better Hearing or Your Money Back

All MDHearing hearing aids come with a 45-day risk-free trial and 100% moneyback guarantee.

If you’re dissatisfied with your MDHearing hearing aid within 45 days, or if the hearing aid did not work as advertised to solve your hearing problems, then you’re entitled to a complete refund within 45 days.

About MDHearing

MDHearing is a Midwestern company with over a decade of experience. The company was founded with the goal of bringing the hearing clinic experience to patients – for thousands of dollars’ less than a traditional clinic.

MDHearing consists of a team of licensed hearing professionals. Key members of the MDHearing team include Sandra Porps, AuD (Head of Audiology), Cassidy White, AuD (Audiologist), Dondra Mbachu, AuD (Audiologist), Taylor Smith (Board-Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist), and other hearing professionals with combined decades of experience in the field.

MDHearing was founded in 2009 by a board-certified Chicago otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat doctor) who was frustrated watching his patients struggle to buy hearing aids. The cost was out of reach for many patients.

Today, MDHearing is led by Doug Breaker (CEO), Sandra Porps, AuD (Head of Audiology), Steven Maguire (Chief Technology Officer), Jason McKinney (Chief Revenue Officer), Stephen Page (Vice President of Operations), Brian Jahn (Vice President of Finance and Accounting), and Frank Van Der Vis (Chairman).

You can contact MDHearing and the company’s team of licensed audiologists and hearing aid specialists via the following:

Final Word

MDHearing is a hearing aid company known for offering affordable prices on high-quality hearing aids.

Founded in 2009, the US-based company offers four flagship hearing aid models, including the Neo, Air, Volt, and Volt Max. Depending on your desired level of hearing and discretion, you can choose the right model of hearing aid for your unique needs.

To learn more about MDHearing’s lineup of hearing aids or to buy the hearing aids online today, visit the official website.

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