Ancient Nutrition Reviews (Dr. Axe) Quality Health Supplements, Collagen Protein

Ancient Nutrition is a nutritional supplement company launched by Dr. Axe.

Ancient Nutrition aims to help you put natural, outdated ingredients to work for your health and wellness by offering collagen protein powders, anti-aging supplements, recovery formulas, superfood blends, and more.

Please keep reading to find everything you need about the Ancient Nutrition lineup and the company’s most popular supplements today in our review.

What is Ancient Nutrition?

Ancient Nutrition is a supplement company led by Dr. Josh Axe, a chiropractic doctor, certified natural medicine doctor, and clinical nutritionist. Dr. Axe and Jordan Rubin co-founded the company.

Ancient Nutrition’s bestselling supplements include Multi Collagen Protein, SBO Probiotics, Organic Super Greens, Bone Broth Protein, and the Ancient Herbals lineup of herbal supplements, among other products.

The company sells dozens of supplements across categories like beauty, energy, health, fitness, digestion, immunity, joint health, stress, and sleep. Today, there are more than 140+ products in the Ancient Nutrition lineup.

In addition to selling supplements online through the official store, Ancient Nutrition sells supplements through Amazon, iHerb, and other online and physical retailers. You can use a store finder to find Ancient Nutrition supplements near you.

Ancient Nutrition Benefits

There are many supplement companies out there. What makes Ancient Nutrition unique? Why pick Ancient Nutrition over competing supplement brands? Here are some of the advantages of working with Ancient Nutrition:

  • Doctor-formulated supplements
  • Certified B-Corporation
  • Collagen, protein, probiotics, vitamins, herbs, green superfoods, and more
  • Online quiz to find optimal supplements for you
  • Help you reach your health and wellness goals

Free shipping on orders over $439, a 30-day money-back guarantee, and 15% savings and free shipping on all subscriptions

Who is Dr. Josh Axe?

Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNMN, CNS, is a doctor of chiropractic, certified doctor of natural medicine, and clinical nutritionist. Today, Dr. Axe is best known for, a health and wellness website, and Ancient Nutrition, his supplement company.

In 2008, Dr. Axe started a functional medicine center in Nashville. That center grew to become one of the most renowned clinics in the world.

Dr. Axe has also published several health books, including Ancient Remedies, The Collagen Diet, Keto Diet Cookbook, and Eat Dirt. Through his books, his supplements, and his website, Dr. Axe has helped millions of readers and customers around the world.

Today, Dr. Axe lives in Nashville with his wife, Dr. Chelsea.

Ancient Nutrition Supplements

Ancient Nutrition separates its supplements into collagen, protein, probiotics, vitamins, herbals, and SuperGreens categories. You can also shop by health concern or view bundles of multiple products.

Below is an overview of the most famous Ancient Nutrition supplements available online and in stores today:


Collagen is the most abundant connective protein in the human body, and many people take collagen supplements daily for anti-aging, joint health, recovery, gut health, and more. Today, Ancient Nutrition offers a lineup of collagen supplements – like the popular Multi Collagen Protein, available in capsules or powders.

Ancient Nutrition Collaten

Ancient Nutrition’s collagen supplements include:

Multi Collagen ($49.95): Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen is one of the company’s best-known products, available as a capsule or powder. For example, the flagship Multi Collagen Protein contains ten types of collagen and 20g of collagen per serving. You also get complimentary ingredients like SBO probiotics and vitamin C. The goal is to give you results you can feel by providing you with a strong dose of collagen from the eggshell membrane. In fact, according to the official Ancient Nutrition website, Multi Collagen is the only leading supplement brand using a proprietary, fermented type of eggshell membrane collagen to provide actual results. That eggshell membrane delivers collagen types I, II, III, IV, V, VII, VIII, X, XII, and XXII to support active effects. Multi Colla0gen is available in flavored and unflavored protein powder or capsules.

Multi Collagen Beauty & Sleep ($52.95): Multi Collagen Beauty & Sleep Support contains ten collagen types and ingredients to support beauty and sleep. You get eggshell membrane collagen, coffee fruit extract, pomegranate fruit extract, hydrolyzed bovine and fish collagen peptides, and unique ingredients like okra pod, asparagus shoot, and Japanese sophora flower for skin health. If you want to maximize the anti-aging effects of collagen while supporting beauty and sleep simultaneously, then Muli Collagen Beauty & Sleep can help.

Multi Collagen Gut Restore ($52.95): Collagen is essential for gut health. Many people take collagen for leaky gut or general digestion support. Each Multi Collagen Gut Restore serving contains ten types of collagen and gut-supporting superfood ingredients. You get probiotics, eggshell membrane collagen, ginger, peppermint, licorice, apple cider vinegar, and prebiotics, for example, to support gut health.

Multi Collagen Joint & Mobility ($52.95): Ancient Nutrition’s Multi Collagen Joint & Mobility is designed to support comfortable joints using a blend of collagen and superfoods. Collagen helps keep the connective tissue between your bones. Many people take a collagen supplement daily for joint health. Each supplement serving contains eggshell membrane collagen with a multi-collagen complex and a joint and mobility blend (ginger, turmeric, skullcap, and apple cider vinegar).

Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within ($34.95): Support beauty from within with Ancient Nutrition’s Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within. You get all of the active ingredients in Multi Collagen – but with the added effects of beauty-supporting superfood ingredients. The formula contains superfoods like pomegranate fruit extract, coffee fruit extract, acerola cherry, eggshell membrane collagen, fish collagen peptides, and hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, among other ingredients. You can support skin health, hair health, and anti-aging effects.

Multi Collagen Protein Beauty + Sleep Support ($54.95): Support anti-aging effects and sleep with a combination of collagen and complementary ingredients. Each 12g serving contains 9g of protein, 90mg of vitamin C, 128mg of magnesium, and sleep and beauty-supporting ingredients. You get bovine and fish collagen peptides, such as pomegranate fruit extract, coffee fruit extract, acerola cherry, and more.

Multi Collagen Protein Immune ($34.95): Multi Collagen Protein Immune contains 20g of collagen and ten types of collagen, and complementary ingredients to support your immune system. Active ingredients include SBO probiotics and vitamin C. Over 70% of your immune system is found in your gut, and vitamin C is one of nature’s bests antioxidants. Combining the two ingredients can support immune function while giving you a strong dose of collagen.

Multi Collagen Protein Recovery ($34.95): Support recovery with 20g of ten types of collagen. The formula features a blend of eggshell membrane collagen, hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides, superfoods, SBO probiotics, and more. Collagen is the most abundant connective protein in the human body and is crucial for recovery.

Multi Collagen Protein Brain Boost ($54.95): Multi Collagen Brain Boost combines the benefits of 10 types of collagen with brain-boosting botanicals. You can support anti-aging and health while managing stress, clearing your mind, and enhancing focus. Available as a capsule or powder, Multi Collagen Brain Boost contains fermented eggshell membrane collagen, bovine collagen, and a brain boost blend with ashwagandha, ginkgo leaf, bacopa brahmi leaves, and more.

Collagen Peptides ($22.95): Ancient Nutrition offers multiple Collagen Peptides supplements. These supplements contain the building blocks of collagen protein or collagen peptides. These building blocks may provide similar results while being more manageable for your body to absorb. Like the core Multi Collagen supplement, Collagen Peptides can support gut, skin, joint, and hair health.

Vegetarian Collagen Peptides ($34.95): Typically, collagen comes from animal sources, and it’s tough to find vegetarian sources. Ancient Nutrition uses a proprietary type of fermented eggshell collagen, allowing you to enjoy collagen peptides as a powder or capsule to support hair, skin, joints, and gut health. Each Ancient Nutrition Vegetarian Collagen Peptides formula contains complementary ingredients like prebiotics and probiotics. You get SBO probiotics, prebiotic fiber, and eggshell membrane collagen in a convenient all-in-one supplement.

Collagen Matcha ($39.95): Ancient Nutrition offers Collagen Matcha Energizer, a superfood blend designed to boost energy, fight fatigue, balance stress, and promote positivity by combining matcha with collagen. Each scoop contains 8.2g of a multi-collagen protein blend with collagen types I, III, IV, V, VII, VIII, X, XII, and XXII. You also get antioxidant-rich matcha and energy-boosting MCTs, among other complementary ingredients.

Bone Broth Collagen ($54.95): Bone Broth Collagen is available in pure, vanilla, or chocolate flavors, delivering you a strong dose of collagen protein with all the benefits of bone broth. Ancient Nutrition initially used chicken bone broth, but now they combine chicken and beef bone broth. You get three types of collagen from natural food sources to support gut, skin, and joint health. Each 1-scoop Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Collagen serving contains 15.5g of collagen.


In addition to the collagen protein and bone broth protein products listed above, Ancient Nutrition offers dedicated protein powders and other protein supplements. The company provides Plant Protein+, for example, along with Keto Protein.

Ancient Nutrition Plant Protein+

Popular Ancient Nutrition protein supplements include:

Plant Protein+ ($44.95): Plant Protein+ helps with stress-induced cravings and keeps you full using a blend of superfood seeds, botanicals, and mushrooms. Each 27.1g scoop contains 15g of protein from seven seeds, including pumpkin, flax, hemp, chia, sunflower, watermelon, and sacha inchi. These plant-based sources also provide protein and fatty acids. Ancient Nutrition has added energizing medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) to enhance the supplement further, balancing adaptogens like cordyceps, reishi, and ashwagandha for stress response, among other ingredients.

Keto Protein ($64.95): Keto Protein is designed to supply keto dieters with the energy and recovery ingredients they need while maintaining ketosis. The formula can help with skin, nails, joints, and gut health by combining bone broth, MCTs, and superfood ingredients. It’s available in chocolate or vanilla flavor.

Keto Collagen Protein ($54.95): Ancient Nutrition’s Keto Collagen Protein is designed specifically for keto dieters. It combines bovine collagen and MCTs to support skin, nails, joints, and gut health. Each scoop serving of Keto Collagen Protein contains 13g of protein as part of an 18g KetoCOLLAGEN blend.

Probiotics & Digestion

Many people take Ancient Nutrition supplements daily for digestion. The company is known for its SBO probiotics, such as soil-based organism probiotics. SBO probiotics, available in multiple varieties, feature a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics derived from ancient superfoods, helping you support digestive health.

Ancient Nutrition SBD Probiotics

Ancient Nutrition’s popular probiotics and digestion supplements include:

SBO Probiotics ($49.95+): Ancient Nutrition offers 13 products in the SBO Probiotics family, including probiotics targeting different health and wellness goals for people. There’s SBO Probiotics Gut Restore, SBO Probiotics Ultimate, and SBO Probiotics Women’s, for example. All soil-based organism (SBO) supplements blend prebiotics, probiotics, and postbiotics. You also get organic fermented licorice root and marshmallow root, mushroom extracts, and more, depending on which SBO Probiotics formula you buy. Each serving contains 25 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of probiotics across multiple strains – including Saccharomyces boulardii, Bacillus clausii, Bacillus coagulans, and Bacillus subtilis.

SBO Probiotics Once Daily ($29.95): Ancient Nutrition also offers SBO Probiotics Once Daily, including supplements for women, and men, vaginal health, immune response, and mental clarity. You take one probiotic daily to give your body 25 billion CFUs of probiotics mixed with postbiotics and prebiotics for optimal digestive support.

Digestive Enzymes ($39.95): Ancient Nutrition offers a single digestive enzymes supplement called Digestive Enzymes. Designed to support healthy digestive function, elimination, and gut microflora, the supplement features 2 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria mixed with fermented mushrooms, fiber, and botanicals. For example, fermented turkey tail mycelium, black pepper fruit, ginger, turmeric, and more support digestion and stress response. The formula also contains digestive enzymes like bromelain, cellulase, protease, lipase, amylase, xylanase, phytase, pectinase, lactase, hemicellulase, and invertase. Your body needs these digestive enzymes to break down your foods and extract their nutritional value.

Leaky Gut ($29.95): Ancient Nutrition Leaky Gut uses natural ingredients to support the leaky gut defense. Leaky Gut features licorice root, astragalus, marshmallow, and L-glutamine to support overall gut health. You get a blend of time-tested superfoods optimized for absorption and probiotics like bacillus coagulans. Studies show licorice root can help support the healthy permeability of your gut wall, for example, to help with leaky gut.

Candida ($29.95): Candida from Ancient Nutrition features pau d’arco, oregano, and astragalus to support the overall health of your gut. The supplement contains two proprietary formulas, including a mushroom, probiotic, and enzyme blend (with turkey tail, Bacillus subtilis, cellulase, lysozyme, and hemicellulase) and a candida combat botanical blend (with fermented pau d’arco bark, organic fermented oregano leaf, and organic fermented astragalus root).


Want specific micronutrients formulated by a doctor? Looking for an effective multivitamin? Ancient Nutrition offers a range of vitamin supplements targeting different health and wellness goals.

Ancient Nutrition Zinc + Probiotics

Each of the 23 vitamin supplements in the Ancient Nutrition family provides a strong dose of one or more active ingredients as a capsule. You take it once or twice daily to give your body the vitamin C, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, and other nutrients needed to support health and wellness.

  • Ancient Nutrients Zinc + Probiotics ($24.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C + Probiotics ($24.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Vitamin D ($29.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Vitamin B12 ($29.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Women’s Once Daily ($29.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Men’s Once Daily ($29.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Magnesium ($29.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Vitamin B Complex ($29.95)
  • Omega-3s Whole Body ($44.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Women’s 40+ Once daily ($29.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Women’s 40+ ($49.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Men’s 40+ ($49.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Men’s 40+ Once daily ($29.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Women’s ($49.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Prenatal ($49.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Calcium ($29.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Iron ($29.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Vitamin K2 ($29.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Men’s ($49.95)
  • Ancient Multivitamin Immune ($49.95)
  • Ancient Nutrients Vitamin E ($29.95)


Ancient Nutrition classifies many of its supplements as herbals. The company’s products use herbs and plant extracts to support healthy energy, digestive health, stress management, and immunity. You get a combination of ancient wisdom and modern science to transform health from the ground up.

Some of Ancient Nutrition’s bestselling herbal supplements include:

Organic Turmeric ($29.95): Turmeric is one of the most popular spices available in the supplement industry today. Ancient Nutrition’s turmeric is designed to support comfortable, mobile joints with organic turmeric and organic fermented black pepper fruit.

Organic Ashwagandha ($29.95): Prized for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, ashwagandha has natural adaptogenic properties, which can support healthy stress responses. According to the official website, ancient Nutrition’s organic ashwagandha promotes healthy energy and helps your body fight the effects of stress.

Herbal Cider Vinegar ($24.95): Herbal Cider Vinegar is one of Ancient Nutrition’s most popular supplements. Available as a liquid tincture, gummy, or capsule, Herbal Cider Vinegar provides apple cider vinegar and a blend of antioxidant-filled superfoods. You can take the supplement however you like. The liquid tincture, tablets, and gummies are all priced at $24.95 per package.

Stress & Sleep Support ($29.95): Stress & Sleep Support helps you get the rest you need with a blend of superfoods. Key ingredients include organic reishi mushroom, passion flower, lavender, and hops. Ancient Nutrition, as it does with many other herbs, ferments these ingredients using an outdated process to maximize absorption.

Ancient Herbals Echinacea + Astragalus ($21.21): Echinacea + Astragalus combines two popular herbs to support stress response and immune function. Organic fermented astragalus root has a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine, while echinacea can help overall immune health. Ancient Nutrition combines these active ingredients with its SBO probiotics for maximum effectiveness.

Brain + Mood ($29.95): Brain + Mood is a brain and mood-boosting supplement featuring a blend of herbal superfoods. You get organic mushrooms, organic fermented bacopa brahmi, ginkgo leaf, and other active ingredients to support brain health and mood.

Leaky Gut ($29.95): Leaky Gut supports overall gut health using a blend of superfoods like astragalus, licorice, and L-glutamine. Shown to keep your body’s natural defense against leaky gut, Leaky Gut can support digestive permeability to help with symptoms of leaky gut.

Joint + Mobility Support ($29.95): Joint + Mobility Support brings a blend of time-tested superfoods for joint health and absorption. You get organic mushrooms, joint-friendly superfoods, and organic turmeric, among other ingredients.

Women’s Hormone Balance ($29.95): This supplement promotes balanced female hormone levels using superfoods like organic reishi mushroom, chaste tree berries, black cohosh root, and Schisandra berries.

Ancient Herbals Elderberry + Probiotics ($24.95): Ancient Herbals Elderberry + Probiotics promote immunity using vitamin C-rich elderberry with digestion-supporting probiotics.

Thyroid ($29.95): Support thyroid health with a blend of superfoods. The supplement contains a thyroid adaptogenic blend (650mg) and thyroid botanical blend (575mg) with ashwagandha, fermented kelp, astragalus, and eleuthero, among other adaptogenic herbs and superfoods.

Candida ($29.95): Candida supports overall gut health using superfoods like pau d’arco bark, oregano, and astragalus. The supplement also contains ingredients for overall gut health, including digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Adrenal ($29.95): Adrenal supports the overall health of your adrenals using time-tested superfoods optimized for absorption. You get 650mg of an adrenal botanical blend and 650mg of an adrenal adaptogenic blend with organic mushrooms, Rehmannia root, Rhodiola rosea root, codonopsis root, and other superfoods.

Cranberry Urinary Tract Health ($29.95): Cranberry is linked to urinary tract health, and many people take cranberry daily for UTIs. Ancient Nutrition combines cranberry juice with bearberry leaf and other ingredients to support urinary tract health.

Liver Cleanse ($29.95): Liver Cleanse features herbs linked to liver health and detoxification. You get time-tested superfoods as part of a liver cleanse, botanical blend, and mushroom and enzyme blend. Each serving contains organic mushrooms, fermented milk thistle seed, dandelion root, beetroot, reishi mushroom, and other active ingredients.

Astragalus ($29.95): Ancient Nutrition’s Astragalus uses astragalus and other natural ingredients to support immune and digestive health. Astragalus is backed by centuries of use in traditional Chinese medicine, and modern research has connected astragalus to stress support properties. Astragalus can support a healthy immune system, help your body stay balanced, and fight environmental stressors.

Ancient Elixirs Superfood Cocoa ($39.95): Cocoa is a superfood, and Ancient Elixirs Superfood Cocoa makes it easy to make delicious cocoa daily while supporting health and wellness. Each scoop contains organic cocoa beans with energizing MCTs, balancing adaptogens, and ashwagandha.

Ancient Elixirs Superfood Matcha ($44.95): Ancient Elixirs Superfood Matcha is a matcha latte powder designed to support energy and overall health. The formula aims to be the ultimate daily health and wellness aid, featuring a blend of matcha with energizing MCTs, ashwagandha, and balancing adaptogens.


Ancient Nutrition is known for SuperGreens, a blend of green superfoods with complementary ingredients to support various effects. By taking SuperGreens daily, you can alkalize and detox your body, support healthy digestion, and give your body the ingredients needed to support overall health and wellness.

Popular products in Ancient Nutrition’s SuperGreens lineup include:

Organic SuperGreens ($44.95): Organic SuperGreens is the company’s flagship SuperGreens supplement. Available as a powder, the supplement can give you the benefits of juicing every day without hassle. It’s a tasty and effective way to get 25+ superfoods. You can also choose from four flavors: Mint (Original), Mint (New), Greens Flavor, and Watermelon. Organic SuperGreen’s active ingredients include antioxidant-filled berries, probiotics, adaptogenic herbs and roots, and other active ingredients.

Organic SuperGreens + Multivitamin ($59.95): Available as a powder or capsule, Organic SuperGreens + Multivitamin gives you 22 vitamins and minerals combined with the original SuperGreens formula.

Organic SuperGreens Alkalize & Detox ($44.95): Alkalize & Detox uses a blend of apple cider vinegar, milk thistle, and spirulina to help alkalize and detoxify your body. Meanwhile, the base SuperGreens formula provides antioxidant-rich ingredients like alfalfa, oat grass juice, and more to support overall wellness.

Organic SuperGreens Gummies ($49.95): You can also buy the original Organic SuperGreens formula in gummy form. Instead of mixing the powder with a beverage, you can easily take it on the go as a gummy. Enjoy the benefits of green juice all day long, wherever you go.

Organic SuperGreens Energizer ($44.95): Energizer adds 25+ fruits and herbs into a single energy-boosting blend. With green tea leaves, ashwagandha, and other natural ingredients, Organic SuperGreens Energizer aims to support digestion, energy, inflammation, and overall wellness.

Organic SuperGreens + Collagen ($59.95): Combine collagen protein with organic green superfoods with SuperGreens + Collagen. You get organic, vegetarian collagen (from fermented eggshell membrane) combined with green superfoods like organic alfalfa and oat grass.

Ancient Nutrition Bundles

You can save money by ordering a bundle if you plan to buy multiple Ancient Nutrition products. Ancient Nutrition’s bundles give you numerous supplements at a discount price.

Ancient Nutrition Bundles

Popular Ancient Nutrition Bundles include:

  • Daily Essentials Starter Bundle (1 x Multi Collagen Protein + 1 x SBO Probiotics): $89.91
  • Dr. Axe’s Bestseller Bundle (1 x Bone Broth Protein, 1 x Multi Collagen Protein + 1 x SBO Probiotics): $137.57
  • Total Body Wellness Bundle (1 x SBO Probiotics, 1 x Multi Collagen, and 1 x Turmeric): $119.57
  • Whole Body Reset Bundle (1 x SBO Probiotics, 1 x Bone Broth Protein, and 1 x Herbal Cider Vinegar): $115.07
  • Gut Restore Bundle (1 x Multi Collagen, 1 x Bone Broth Protein, and 1 x SBO Probiotics): $140.27
  • Greens + Collagen Bundle (1 x Multi Collagen Protein + 1 x Organic Super Greens): $85.40
  • Detox Support Bundle (1 x SBO Probiotics, 1 x Organic Super Greens, 1 x Multi Collagen Protein, 1 x Herbal Cider Vinegar, and 1 x Liver Cleanse): $177.98
  • Hormone Balance Bundle (1 x Multi Collagen Protein, 1 x Women’s Hormones, 1 x Adrenal + 1 x Liver Cleanse): $128.52
  • Healthy Immune System Bundle (1 x Zinc + Probiotics, 1 x Vitamin D + 1 x Vitamin C + Probiotics): $71.87
  • Leaky Gut Bundle (1 x Leaky Gut, 1 x Digestive Enzymes, + 1 x SBO Probiotics Gut Restore): $107.87
  • Collagen Boosting Bundle (1 x Multi Collagen Protein + 1 x Multi Collagen Capsules): $92.60
  • Greens Alkalize & Detox 14 Day Bundle (2 x Organic Super Greens Alkalize & Detox + 2 x Herbal Cider Vinegar): $125.82
  • Greens Energy 14 Day Bundle (2 x Organic Super Greens Energizer + 2 x Herbal Cider Vinegar): $125.82
  • Greens Wellness 14 Day Bundle (2 x Organic Super Greens + Multivitamin + 2 x Herbal Cider Vinegar): $152.90
  • Essential Oils Starter Kit (1 x Lemon, 1 x Tea Tree, 1 x Lavender, 1 x Peppermint, + 1 x Frankincense): $110.29
  • Beautiful Skin Bundle (1 x Multi Collagen Protein Beauty + Sleep Support + 1 x Multi Collagen Protein Beauty Within): $98.91
  • Collagen Peptides Protein Powder Bundle (1 x Collagen Peptides Unflavored, 1 x Collagen Peptides Orange, + 1 x Collagen Peptides Vanilla): $61.97
  • Bone Broth Protein Chocolate & Vanilla (1 x Bone Broth Protein Chocolate + 1 x Bone Broth Protein Vanilla): $95.31
  • Summer Essentials Bundle (1 x Organic Super Greens, 1 x Herbal Cider Vinegar, + 1 x Multi Collagen Protein): $110.55
  • 14 Day Bone Broth Diet (1 x Bone Broth Protein Chicken Soup, 1 x Bone Broth Protein Butternut Squash, + 1 x Bone Broth Protein Tomato Basil): $135
  • 21 Day Bone Broth Diet (2 x Bone Broth Protein Chicken Soup, 1 x Bone Broth Protein Butternut Squash, and 1 x Bone Broth Protein Tomato Basil): $179.95

Ancient Nutrition Refund Policy

Ancient Nutrition stands behind its supplements with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re dissatisfied with your Ancient Nutrition within 30 days, contact the company to request a refund.

About Ancient Brands, LLC

Ancient Nutrition is a subsidiary of Ancient Brands, LLC. Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin co-founded Ancient Nutrition.

Dr. Axe and Jordan were motivated to launch Ancient Nutrition after being disappointed with existing nutritional supplement options. The company has a strong base in Nashville, Tennessee, and employs over 120+ people throughout the United States and Canada.

Ancient Nutrition is a Certified B-Corporation, which meets B Lab’s high social and environmental impact standards. The company is also certified CarbonNeutral (via a partnership with Climate Impact Partners), has Regenerative Organic Certification, and has Ecological Outcome Verification (EOV), among other certifications.

Ancient Nutrition also dedicates 1% of all revenue to its RANCH Project, supporting regenerative agriculture, nutrition, and climate health.

You can contact Ancient Nutrition and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Online Form:
  • Live Chat:
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone: 1-855-803-1275
  • Text: 1-615-570-4183

Final Word on Ancient Nutrition

Ancient Nutrition offers dozens of supplements targeting different health and wellness goals.

Available through and other online and offline retailers, Ancient Nutrition can help you achieve optimal results using proven, science-backed ingredients.

To learn more about Dr. Josh Axe’s Ancient Nutrition or to buy the company’s supplements today, visit the official website.

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