Nerve Savior Reviews – Ingredients, Side Effects, Customer Supplement Results?

Healthy Nerves play an essential role in carrying out various body functions. Nerve Savior is a supplement that contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to strengthen your nerves.

Remember that tingling sensation in your arms and feet? Nerve Savior improves blood circulation in these nerves to prevent tingling. Due to this, you will feel better control over your body parts and feel more energetic.

Moreover, the feeling of numbness often occurs when you are sitting or lying. This is also due to poor blood circulation. The rapid Nerve Savior supplement reduces pain and numbness, allowing you a comfortable lifestyle.

Learn more about how this supplement can help improve your nerve functions and boost energy for enhanced performance.

What is Nerve Savior?

Nerve Savior is a nerve-support supplement created for healthy nerve function in various body parts. For example, it can help improve nerve function in hands, fingers, and toes and even help with optic nerve injury.

It is manufactured in GMP-certified facilities in the US and contains all-natural ingredients. Plus, the supplement is third-party tested for its effectiveness and purity.

The capsules contain non-GMO ingredients, which adds to their stability. The following are the three main functions of rapid Nerve Rescue:

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Healthy functioning of nerves
  • Better neurological system
  • Nerve Savior comes with a 100% money-back offer. Also, if unsatisfied with the product, you can return it within 60 days.

Furthermore, a single bottle consisting of 60 capsules costs $69. A pack of three will cost you $177, saving you $30. A six-pack costs $294, saving you $120.

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This supplement contains 11 top-quality ingredients that are necessary for nerve function.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This ingredient helps treat those who suffer from peripheral neuropathy. Moreover, Alpha lipoic acid reduces the burning and itching sensations caused by weak nerves and cell death.

Amount per serving: 400 mg

Vitamin D (as Cholecalciferol)

Your body needs vitamin D to maintain healthy skin, hair, teeth, and bones. Not only that, but it also keeps your muscles and nerves healthy. Also, the vitamin works in combination to support limb movements. Moreover, calcium is absorbed easily in the body with the help of vitamin D.

Amount per serving: 20 mcg

Vitamin B6 (as Pyridoxine HCL)

Vitamin B6 plays an important role in the proper function of the brain and nerves. It also helps the breakdown of carbs, fats, and proteins. Furthermore, it benefits women suffering from pregnancy-related nausea.

Amount per serving: 1.7 mcg

Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin)

Vitamin B12 is very beneficial in treating depression. It also improves cognitive functions along with strengthening the neural precursor cells. Moreover, the production of red blood cells also increases with B12 consumption.

Amount per serving: 2.4 mcg


Folate and folic acid are both different forms of the B9 vitamin. It helps to repair the DNA. Also, folate increases the number of red blood cells and helps stem and progenitor cells grow, repair, and multiply. Moreover, the primary function of folate is to enhance cell viability in the body.

Amount per serving: 400 mcg (230 mcg folic acid)


It is also called thiamine, which may help reduce diabetes-induced nerve damage. Furthermore, there is ongoing research on the effects of benfotiamine and how it can help Alzheimer’s patients.

Amount per serving: 150 mg

Acetyl L-Carnitine

Acetyl L-Carnitine is beneficial for improving thinking and memory skills in older people. It also alleviates severe pain, reduces symptoms of depression, and can help with optic nerve diseases. Hence, optic nerve injury and diseases often need optic nerve Savior supplements rich in this mineral.

Amount per serving: 50 mg (from Acetyl L-Carnitine HCL)

Turmeric Root Powder

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory food. It reduces inflation in the body and is effective against osteoarthritis. Plus, this herb helps increase the presence of antioxidants in the body.

Amount per serving: 25 mg

Ashwagandha Root Powder

It is a medicinal herb extensively used in Indian herbal remedies. It has many health benefits. For instance, it reduces stress by controlling stress-related agents such as cortisol and JNK-1 and heat shock proteins.

Health Benefits

Reduces Nerve Pain

Nerve pain is a source of major discomfort. A study published in the journal of pain research indicates that 10% of people in the US suffer from neuropathic pain. Hence, Nerve Savior capsules can give you the pain relief you require.

Moreover, the acetyl l-carnitine in this food supplement reduces nerve pain throughout the body. Besides that, the supplement also improves the functioning of retinal ganglion cells in the ganglion cell layer.

Reduces Stress and Depression

Depression is a mental condition that affects the complete nervous system. In a study conducted in the US, about 17% of adults aged 18-25 suffered major depressive episodes. Moreover, vitamin B12 deficiency can increase the chances of developing depression.

Nerve Savior supplements contain vitamin B12 to help reduce depression by strengthening the stem cells. Plus, it helps you feel less stressed and energetic instead of dull and depressed.

Helps Fight Diseases

Antioxidants are essential in fighting oxidative stress in your body. Free radicals can cause many diseases, such as heart disease and muscle and joint pain. Moreover, Nerve Savior contains vital antioxidants that protect you against cancer, optic nerve injury, optic nerve crush, and heart-related diseases.

Reduces Numbness and Tingling

Numbness and tingling sensations can result from various diseases, such as diabetes, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and sciatica. The nerves get irritated, damaged, or compressed, leading to numbness or tingling. Nerve Savior contains benfotiamine, which may reduce diabetes-related nerve issues. The alpha lipoic acid in this supplement reduces irritation and strengthens the nerves.

How to Order

You can order online on the Nerve Savior website. You must select your order quantity and provide your personal information, such as name, address, and credit card information. Another great thing about their product service is that the company will not put your card on auto-ship.


  • Reduces nerve-related pain in the body
  • Fortifies the nervous system
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Supports cognitive skills
  • Fights off free radicals
  • Reduces stress and depression
  • Effective in reducing inflammation
  • Good for bones and muscles


  • It may not be suitable for people using prescription medication
  • FDA has not evaluated some of the statements for this supplement


Nerves in your body communicate and send information to different parts of your body, such as the limbs. Hence, if the nerves don’t function properly, it will affect the communication process.

Nerve Savior provides good benefits for the nervous system in neuropathy patients. Moreover, it is one of the best neuroprotective treatment strategies for improving brain functioning.

It strengthens your nerves and removes pain and irritation from them. Furthermore, the supplement is suitable for those looking forward to reducing the numbness and tingling sensation often caused by pinched nerves.

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