Pocket Tripod Reviews – Small Folding Phone Stand Worth Buying or Waste of Money?

Are you looking forward to your future trip? Can’t make up your mind between cameras and tripods? Although professional photographers rely significantly on specialized cameras, more consumers are turning to smartphone devices. Camera quality has improved over the years, and so have the various photographs and videos that may be captured, whether in landscape or portrait mode, for time-lapses, long exposures, and so on.

Now, if only there were a tripod that weighed as much as, if not less than, a smartphone device, wouldn’t that be the ideal scenario for optimum ease and flexibility? Luckily, there is, and to think that one founder took inspiration from a Japanese art form impressed our editorial team and the Co-Founder of Apple. The purpose of this review is to introduce The Pocket Tripod®.

What is the Pocket Tripod®?

Pocket Tripod® is precisely what it sounds like; the world’s smallest functional phone stand that fits inside any pocket. As most smartphone device manufacturers compete to produce the most incredible photography and videography quality possible, it only makes sense to use them to capture moments, right? Given that smartphones are the most commonly carried item, the team at Geometrical devised an equally portable phone stand that easily replaces self-sticks and standard bulky tripods accessible in the market in the last couple of years.

This one has all the latter’s advantages without the bulk and inconvenience. After spending some time with Pocket Tripod®’s features, our editorial team is confident it has much more to offer. Even Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak was captivated by the concept, calling it a brilliant idea and how he wished he had thought of it. He said, “I’m still blown away that the angle is adjustable like that. I will definitely add it to my backpack.

The Pocket Tripod® has appealed to not just the general public but also leaders in the technological space. Let’s venture into the features to appreciate what the creators have brought to the table.

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What features does the Pocket Tripod® have?

Many gadgets have come and gone, offering a handful of features, but when it comes to tripods, none can rival the Pocket Tripod®. Its compact nature might initially deceive people, but it has plenty in store for something so small. Precisely, we are referring to the following:

Pocket Tripod Features

Ultra-Portable & Practical

The Pocket Tripod® is regarded as an appropriate stand for any pocket device, whether camera or smartphone. It takes up the size of two stacked credit cards, allowing it to fit discreetly into a wallet or purse. The Portable Tripod® is practical because it combines the features of conventionally sized tripods (and maybe more) with unparalleled portability.


The legs of the Pocket Tripod® are built of natural carbon fiber CNC, a material considered necessary for overall performance. More specifically, this material is robust and light while maintaining rigidity. It is also thermally stable, which means it resists corrosion (i.e., rusting or oxidization) better than other materials. The fact that it is a composite (made of carbon fiber and resin) must be highlighted, making it stand out even more. This also adds to the soft contact points in the Pocket Tripod®. In other words, individuals can anticipate a secure grip on their devices without causing damage to cases and screen protectors.

Increased Stability & Flexibility

The Pocket Tripod® is thought to be sturdy at virtually any angle. Therefore, the need to ask strangers to take pictures, which usually does not meet one’s expectations, will be behind us all. This tripod, in particular, includes an angle indicator, providing a precise reference for pointing to crucial angles with 5-degree minor and 15-degree significant divisions.

The creators made sure that the attachable adapter (which will be explained momentarily) links to the carbon fiber legs through radial rails to ensure that one’s smartphone device meets the angle of choosing. These rails revolve smoothly to achieve a specified tilt angle and keep the smartphone device stable as it tilts through 180 degrees.

Universal Fit

Each Pocket Tripod® purchase comes with adapters that can be swapped out to fit any smartphone device or case. These adapters’ openings were developed to follow a cross-section profile corresponding to the thickness of one’s smartphone device, ranging from 7.5mm to 10.0mm and 12.5mm.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What’s included with the Pocket Tripod® purchase?

A. Each purchase includes one Pocket Tripod®, seven adapters’ pairs, instructions, an organizer, one store credit for additional adapters, and a fit card. The fit card is used to measure the thickness of smartphone devices. It can also be used as a way to calibrate the camera’s white balance adjustment.

Q. Is the Pocket Tripod® suitable for use on all surfaces?

A. Yes, whether flat or not, the Pocket Tripod® has been deemed suitable on all surfaces thanks to its flexibility, rigidity, and angle options.

Q. How long will the Pocket Tripod® last?

A. The Pocket Tripod® has been tested to withstand over 100,000 uses.

Q. How to use the Pocket Tripod®?

To get started with the Pocket Tripod®, individuals must whip out their respective units, choose an angle of choosing, and the rest entails capturing the perfect shot. However, for more detailed explanations on how to fully use the Pocket Tripod®, the creators highly recommend scavenging YouTube for video demonstrations.

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Q. Will the Pocket Tripod® work with thick phone cases like Otterbox?

A. Yes, the adapters’ range captures Otterbox cases.

Q. Is it normal for the adapters to move too freely?

A. Some adapters may not have enough resistance to hold one’s smartphone device at angles between vertical and 45 degrees, which explains the lack of grip. If individuals try to reverse the direction of the adapters and swap the left leg with the right one to see a minimal difference, customer support must be contacted.

Q. Why are some adapters so difficult to rotate?

A. Some adapters might require more force than expected, making them difficult to install. Hence, individuals are asked to test three options. First, the adapters should be installed on the legs from the side that shows a small, engraved triangle. Second, it might be worth reversing the direction of the adapters. The final option is to swap the adapter on the left with the one on the right leg. Should all steps fail, it is imperative to contact customer support.

Q. Do customers need a special wallet to safeguard the Pocket Tripod®?

A. No, any wallet that holds credit cards keeps the Pocket Tripod®. Before attempting to push this unit into a wallet, individuals may want to do a test run with two stacked credit cards into a single slot. If it comes out quickly, it fits the Pocket Tripod®.

Q. Will the Pocket Tripod® block audio?

A. No, the Pocket Tripod® has been built so that the microphones are not obstructed as people choose between different angles.

Q. Is the Pocket Tripod® travel-friendly?

A. Yes, the Pocket Tripod® is travel friendly. Existing customers supposedly have never had issues passing through airport security. This isn’t surprising, considering the Pocket Tripod® design is free of sharp or metal components.

Q. What if the adapter size needed isn’t included in the Universal Kit?

A. If the Universal Kit doesn’t include a desired adapter size, the creators pledge to send one at no extra charge. In this case, individuals will receive a store credit that can be used toward the purchase.

Q. Is the Pocket Tripod® compatible with Android and Apple devices?

A. Yes, the Pocket Tripod® has been designed to be completely universal, making it compatible with just about any smartphone device. The only factor that matters is the device’s thickness.

Q. Does the Pocket Tripod® include a warranty?

A. Yes, the Pocket Tripod® is backed by a lifetime warranty against defects under regular use. In rare cases, parts might be defective or certain sections might snap off. If either scenario occurs, individuals are asked to email customer support a picture of the broken piece(s). After assessing the proof, customer support will decide whether a replacement is needed.

Q. Where does the Pocket Tripod® ship to?

A. The Pocket Tripod® ships from and to the United States and 180 countries worldwide. The only countries Pocket Tripod® doesn’t ship to include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and Russia.

Q. How long will it take for Pocket Tripod® shipments to arrive?

A. The expected arrival time for shipments to US destinations is between two and five business days. Otherwise, it could take up to 21 business days.

Q. Is the Pocket Tripod® protected by a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, the Pocket Tripod® has been protected by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If, within the first 30 calendar days, individuals change their minds about their purchase, customer support can be contacted for a full purchase price refund. For more information on the refund policy, contact customer support at:

  • Email: [email protected].
  • Mailing Address: Geometrical Inc., 4336 El Camino Real, Irvine, CA, 92602 USA

Purchase the Pocket Tripod®

At the time of writing, the Pocket Tripod® is made available on the official website at three different price points:

  • 1 Pocket Tripod® unit: CAD$41.48 each
  • 3 Pocket Tripod® units: CAD$32.26 each
  • 5 Pocket Tripod® units: CAD$29.03 each

The Pocket Tripod® Story: Inspired by Japanese Origami

Pocket Tripod® was developed by a product design company called Geometrical. Founded by Rambod Radmard, the existence of Geometrical is owing to Rambod’s search for a practical way to hold his smartphone hands-free anywhere he went. He aimed to seek a solution that doesn’t add to his everyday carry items, including his wallet, phone, and keys but instead joins seamlessly with them. Seeing the clear void, the team created what we now know as the Pocket Tripod®. What inspired its overall design and increased flexibility was none other than origami.

Pocket Tripod Origin

Origami is the Japanese folding of paper into shapes representing known items or the living. Using this technique as a foundation, Pocket Tripod® was born, allowing it to be folded small enough for storage and reopened for standing purposes. Rambod and his team raised approximately $460,000 through Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2016. What began as a vision rapidly became a reality that grew from there.

We believe that good design should make life simpler. Geometrical product designs revolve around practical function. We make innovative products designed for maximum functionality and portability.”

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Final Thoughts

Based on the analysis above, the Pocket Tripod® is a twofold tripod offering the convenience of capturing moments and safekeeping. We are not suggesting that tripods are useless; they paved a path for more innovation. With any product or service, there will be room for improvement. The same applies to tripods; the earlier versions were known for being bulky, making it difficult for people to carry around. As years passed, we’ve seen tripods become compact, but none matches the Pocket Tripod®.

Although advertised as a tripod to be carried around in one’s pocket (which fits), the goal was to illustrate to people that practicality doesn’t have to be complex. In this respect, the Pocket Tripod® is a universal phone tripod that is ultra-portable and durable, safeguards against damage to one’s smartphone device, and covers and supports photography from different angles. Individuals no longer need to get a support system or have strangers take their photos. The Pocket Tripod® works on most surfaces, flat or curvy, tending to all objectives and needs.

Our editorial team was also surprised to learn that each purchase includes a credit if people need help finding a matching adapter. This, along with the additions with each purchase, shows how well thought out this product is. Given the overall mechanism and list of features, we see tremendous value in investing in the Pocket Tripod®. To get started with the Pocket Tripod®, visit the official website by clicking here! >>>

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